The Real Battle Begins?


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Current position.

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The Real Battle Begins?
Hope HMRC have remembered to post their filing against the appeal. Last date to have it at the tribunal given Xmas etc will be Friday.

I’ll get me stamps.

The Real Battle Begins?
The question of how much money bankable by the various tentacles of Pretendgers in its many guises is kind of by the bye if its been “loaned or borrowed” dontcha all think.
IE wheres the P&L folks.
On a similar note 2 weeks and 5 days late on the “share IPO” joke thing.

The Real Battle Begins?
TSFM says:

Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 20:55

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I can’t help thinking that many of the doomsayers (with respect to the Rangers IPO) are indulging in as much wishful thinking as those who talk it up.

My own sources, who I believe are utterly reliable and have no axe to grind, have been telling me for weeks that Rangers do not have cash-flow problems, and that CG still has around £7m in the bank

Im not doomsaying Im being rational. The historic Aim market appetite for this type of offering is around the zero percent mark.

Plus the guy has not even followed the recommended path to offer.

Hes got money but no bank. its in cash. Good but not good.

The IPO will be funded by the fans to about 12mil I guess, enough to get to April 2013

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