The Real Battle Begins?


Now that the deadline has passed Shirley we must hear from …

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Now that the deadline has passed
Shirley we must hear from MBB ???…………been awfy quiet recently

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The Real Battle Begins?
immyshand says:
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 14:00
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NTHM…………are you surprised to see L&G and Insight in the mix ????


sorry, not really paid attention to the names and neither mean anything to me.

Thanks NTHM

Anyone else surprised to see these investment/insurance funds ???

The Real Battle Begins?
NTHM…………are you surprised to see L&G and Insight in the mix ????

The Real Battle Begins?
Good PR by Chuck, lets get the fans all talking about boycotts and the hatred of everything Arab, hoping they would not look too carefully at the AIM stuff……………..Shirley not

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The Existence of Laws
Oh Dear

Jon Daly broke the hearts of thousands of Dundee United football fans when he lined up a move to Rangers.

And the skipper has now come in for sickening sectarian abuse through the internet.

But the taunts haven’t come from Tangerines supporters — they’re from fans of the Irish striker’s new club.

Yesterday the Evening Telegraph revealed Jon Daly would play his last game for Dundee United on Sunday and is expected to sign for Third Division side Rangers next week.

One fan of the Ibrox club reacted to the news by posting on Twitter “**** off Jon Daly” and adding a sectarian slur.

The tweet has been shared dozens of times across social media sites and online football discussion forums.

The original poster then hit back at critics by defiantly repeating more sectarian phrases.

Another poster earlier promised to welcome Daly to Ibrox with a rendition of a song about the potato famine and said he was “not welcome”.

Daly’s Wikipedia page was also altered to state that the striker had “sold his soul”.

When the Evening Telegraph contacted Jon Daly the footballer declined to comment on the social media posts.

United fans defended Daly.

Mark McMahon, secretary of the Federation of Dundee United Supporters’ Clubs, said the tweets were “painfully sad”.

He said: “Jon has been a great servant to Dundee United. He has been a standout captain and represented the club really well.

“He’s won the Scottish Cup and led us into Europe and it will be tinged with sadness when Jon plays his last game for us on Sunday.

“I think it is painfully sad that in this day and age that a guy’s country of origin or religion matters a jot.

“I know certainly from a Dundee United point of view that we will be sorry to see Jon go.

“And the vast majority of supporters will join me in sending their best wishes to him and good luck for the future.

“Only Jon will know inside if he will be able to take that sort of criticism.

“It’s a shame.”Dundee United star targeted by bigots

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
Jabba , if your lurking, this is real journalism:

Alex Thompson, Channel 4 News tweets: #c4news #gaza Oxfam: “World leaders cannot sit by while civilian casualties in Gaza and Israel continue to mount.” But they can.

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
KTF Stuart

Charles Green – What Will Football’s Authorities Do?

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