The Real Battle Begins?


Araminta Moonbeam QC says: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 13:22 Oh …

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Araminta Moonbeam QC says:
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 13:22

Oh no, just noticed the time. Looks like I’ve missed the boat on the investment opportunity of the year. Better transfer that £8m back to my bank in Zurich.


Don’t worry yoursell….there are some institutional investors that will happily punt you a few at a reasonable cost…hing oan i’ll get Charlie’s number fur you!

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The Real Battle Begins?
ianagain says:
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 13:10

The London stock exchange appear to have the wrong nake for the football club listed?

The Real Battle Begins?
angus1983 says:
Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 12:32
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From RM … how to quickly double the money you extract from simple bears:

“No biggie . . . but i went through the online payment there to make a £500 payment, when i got to the end it said ‘payment was unsuccessful, please return to Rangers website’ (or thereabouts)

so i did it again, this time it took me to the final page and payment was accepted, all good.

just checked my bank there and it looks like it took £1000 (fly bassa Charlie) but my email confirmation is just for £500 (confused), don’t mind if it ends up being £1000 but i’d like some sort of confirmation.”


Maybe explains why Green is uncertain as to the final take…

It’s been unsuccesful try again…
It’s been unsuccesful try again…
It’s been unsuccesful try again…

£2k later…thanks

How many will ask for their cash back?

The Real Battle Begins?
Charles blaming HMRC and the printers for a lack of committment from the bears is quite simply bo**ocks..

Minty managed to squeeze £1 million from the SEVCO fans on the last attempt at a share float….and that was when times were good…no recession…no Christmas on the horizon…not a 1 week shotgun style offer…

He has with all his might tried to sell this share issue and get as much cah he can with as many persuasive comfort blankets as possible…

Operation cash for nowt..

Present as many big investors as possible…(forgetting to mention they all have links in one way or another to Octopus)

Not convinced..

Roll in the cardigan…(tell everyone he is now a director…although legally he isn’t and knew he wasn’t)…he’s one of you guys…big smilie Yorkshire face…

Still not with it…

Arrange an STV interview with staged questions from social media…provide any old cobblers in response to the questions…said cobblers goes unchallenged and left as fact by STV interviewer..

Shares still not shifting…

From way out in left field…a statement suddenly appears from a private members club called ECA…that states despite the legal facts they will still believe its the same club but under Swiss law you need to apply for a new membership? (who else thinks the original was massaged with prefered wording by the time it arrived at the STV?)

Why are these shares not shifting?

Right Traynor get Jangles on the case….cue cover story but try and imply a thought process that calls into question their supremacist beliefs with how only £1.5 million worth of shares sold…and look at Celtic their fans bought £10 million…and if you can add a bit of spice about certain dishonest applications all the better…

In short if only 1200 fans care enough to cough £500 from a worldwide fan base of 500 million why bother?

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We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
It has been a very long time since I last posted anything; but having watched the performance of the match referee between the Two Glasgow sides on the 29th I just had to comment.

It is always best to allow a few days to pass before expressing any comments on a game of football to ensure all emotions are out of your system and you can reflect on the facts in an objective way.

The media have focused on 3 main discussion points of the match, however there was 4 out with a lot more in the game to be concerned about.

I have said before on this site there are 3 things as a supporter you must consider when looking at a decision of a referee and his assistants, speed, distance and angle of the incident. All 3 contribute to getting it right or wrong

On the first major call, the kick out at Mr. Brown within the first 5 minutes of the game starting. On reflection it was petulant and warranted more than just a free kick. If he had been booked, it would not have been harsh, but would have made the game far more challenging for the referee with 85 minutes to run. The Referees distance, speed and angle are perfect to get this correct, with a clear view.

On the second incident, the deliberate studding of Mr. Ralston. Absolutely no debate here, it is and always will be in any professional game of football a Red Card offence. The offence is clear, intentional and intended to cause injury. It is violent conduct, there can be no other course of action to follow. The referee’s distance, speed, angle and clear view of the incident allow a correct decision.

On the third incident, again this is an act of violent conduct, regardless of its petulance. To strike an opponent in the groin, is deliberate and intended to cause harm. A Red card should follow, but I can understand why a referee might issue a yellow due to its petulant nature. Again distance, speed, angle and clear view are perfect for the referee to make a correct decision.

The fourth incident which does not appear to have been considered. In the process of Mr. Christie clearing the ball from his own box, Mr Morelos attempts to block the clearance with the aid of a follow through with his forearm to the head of Mr. Christie. The referee may not have had a clear view of this, however his assistant referee did.  

Now, if we look at the whole game, there is also a very unusual number of minor decisions, with varying degrees of importance that were either ignored or resulted in odd decisions, again that appeared to favour one side only.

One such incident that highlights some of the other minor issues in this match, is Mr. Forrest running towards the penalty box with the ball about 7 yards outside the box in a central position. Mr. Worrel I believe has a full grip of his top, not a snap tug, but a full hold that lasts 2-3 seconds, thus deliberately denying a clear advantage to the attacker. The referee’s distance, speed and angle (no more than 5 yards from the incident) has a clear view. There is no indication of advantage as Mr. Christie then collects the ball and moves forward, then loses the ball very quickly, there is no call back for the original foul on Mr. Forrest, no booking, play is just allowed to continue, very odd. The game is littered with such incidents in favour of the same team?

Having reviewed the whole game, you are left with a couple of conclusions.

With so many major and minor decisions wrong in 90 minutes, the referee has shown himself to be completely incompetent to officiate a professional game of football at any level and certainly not a category 1 match and should be removed from the list.

This becomes difficult as he is a FIFA listed referee,

However, the alternative possibility with so many decisions wrong in favour of one team is, that it could be viewed as cheating.

Cheating carries a far more significant concern.

When decisions are so consistently wrong in a single game by a match official and his team, you have to consider if this has been designed to favour a particular outcome of a football match, it is then not a such a big leap towards thoughts of match fixing, which as we know in professional football is a criminal offence due to the vast sums of money that is wagered on football. Such a situation would bring a whole new dimension of investigation.

I am not suggesting match fixing has taken place, but one could see how this could become a consideration.

I honestly believe Mr. Beaton thinks he is above scrutiny of any sort, and clearly on past decisions this season by the SFA would support his belief in this.

If Mr. Beaton is saying he saw all the incidents in all their glory, which appears to be the case based on the SFA’s announcement, then on the first incident he has a defence, on the other incidents two, three and four, he has none and that I am afraid leaves him and the SFA open to the points I raise above unless there is a clear an unequivocal explanation by both on this.

Whilst court action is unlikely, it would be interesting to hear both parties version of events and at the same time put the fear of God into the SFA and all match officials regarding the consequences of their actions. 

The Elephant in the Room
I would be interested to know the maximum number of Loan players that can be fielded in one game and or at the same time in the same game…currently the home team at Ibrox have 4 on the pitch?

The Vice Closes
Having watched a number of games over the last 2 months…it has to be said…the standard of refereeing in Scotland is utterly appalling.
It is appalling for all teams.
Andrew Dallas? Willie Collum? how on God’s good earth do they continually get appointed to the most senior professional games in Scotland?
More than this…they are FIFA listed???
The game on Friday night defies explanation other than to say the referee is utterly incompetent as a professional match official.
Willie Collum at Celtic Park…he should be drug tested…his decisions went beyond the bizarre. There were decisions he made that were wrong under the laws of the game…wrong in application…wrong in execution…and yet I would love to know what the match assessor report detailed. That performance would and should get the official demote.
If there is no fear of punishment for a referee…then what you get is what we saw with Collum and Dallas on Friday…individuals who can carry on being accidentally or deliberately (which is a greater concern) incompetent 
These and other performances by match referees I have seen this season are…to be blunt…not fit for purpose.
It tells you all you need to know about the SFA’s referee structure when the Championship, Division one and two have no 4th official on the game?? That is what you would expect at amateur level football.
Thomson and McLean are the two who are better than average…I have yet to see any other Scottish referee who has performed above amateur ability and that sums up the SFA.
As for Mr. Madden…he seems to fall into the deliberate category.


Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Having just checked….the Linfield v Celtic match is the only CL 2nd round qualifying game with no match delegate listed/appointed only a referee observer…who was an Austrian…Konrad Plautz?
So who knows what will be reported in terms of crowd behaviour?

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Regards the comments from Mr. Topping…concerning is an understatement.
Since when did cheating, corruption, dishonesty and criminality appear to be an accepted business model.
If Scottish clubs are not willing to challenge this, then one must ask…what are THEY hiding? What is to say it is not still happening? What is to stop criminality using Scottish football as a vehicle for their own purposes in the future?
If there is no accountability or open discussion or challenge on such things…then the game in Scotland is in a very dark place.
To ignore it, is to accept it, to accept it means you are part of it.  

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