The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !


The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !

Good Evening.

As we ponder the historic vote to create a new Governing body to oversee Scottish League football, I cannot help but wonder what brilliant minds will be employed in the drawing up of its constitution, rules, memorandum and articles of association?

Clearly, Messrs Doncaster, Longmuir and even Mr Regan as the CEO of the SFA will be spending many hours with those dreaded folk known simply as “ The Lawyers” in an attempt to get the whole thing up and running and written down in the course of a few short weeks.

In truth, that scares me.

It scares me because legal documentation written up in a hurry or in a rush is seldom perfect and often needs amendment—especially when the errors start to show! The old adage of beware of the busy fool sadly applies.

It also scares me because the existing rules under which the game is governed are not, in my humble opinion, particularly well written and seem to differ in certain material respects from those of UEFA. Even then, adopting the wording and the approach of other bodies is not necessarily the way to go.

I am all in favour of some original thought– and that most precious and unusual of commodities known as common sense and plain English.

Further, the various licensing and compliance rules are clearly in need of an overhaul as they have of late produced what can only be best described as a lack of clarity when studied for the purposes of interpretation. Either that or those doing the studying and interpreting are afflicted with what might be described as tortuous or even tortured legal and administrative minds.

If it is not by now clear that the notion of self-certification on financial and other essential disclosure criteria necessary to obtain a footballing licence (whether European or domestic) is a total non-starter — then those in charge of the game are truly bonkers.

Whilst no governing body can wholly control the actions of a member club, or those who run a club, surely provisions can be inserted into any constitution or set of rules that allows and brings about greater vigilance and scrutiny than we have at present—all of course designed to do nothing other than alert the authorities as early as possible if matters are not being conducted properly or fairly.

However, the main change that would make a difference to most of the folk involved in the Scottish game – namely the fans— would be to have the new rules incorporate a measure which allowed football fans themselves to be represented on any executive or committee.

Clearly, this would be a somewhat revolutionary step and would be fought against tooth and nail by some for no reason other than that it has simply not been done before—especially as the league body is there to regulate the affairs of a number of limited companies all of whom have shareholders to account to and the clubs themselves would presumably be the shareholders in the new SPFL Ltd.

Then again to my knowledge Neil Doncaster is not a shareholder in The SPL ltd– is he?

I can hear the argument that a fan representative on a league body might not be impartial, might be unprofessional, might be biased, might lack knowledge or experience, and have their own agenda and so on—just like many chairmen and chief executive officers who already sit on the committees of the existing league bodies.

Remember too that the SFA until relatively recently had disciplinary committees made up almost exclusively of referees. I don’t think anyone would argue that the widening of the make up of that committee has been a backward step.

However, we already have fan representation at clubs like St Mirren and Motherwell, and of course there has been an established Tartan Army body for some time now. Clubs other than the two mentioned above have mechanisms whereby they communicate and consult with fans, although they stop short of full fan participation– very often for supposedly insurmountable legal reasons.

As often as not, the fans want a say in the running of their club, but also want to be able to make representations to the governing bodies via their club.

So why not include the fans directly in the new set up for governing the league?

Any fan representative could  be someone proposed by a properly registered fan body such as through official supporters clubs, or could be seconded by the clubs acting in concert with their supporters clubs.

Perhaps a committee of fan representatives could be created, with such a committee having a representative on the various committees of the new league body.

In this way, there would be a fan who could report back to the fan committee and who could represent the interests of the ordinary fan in the street in any of the committees. Equally such a committee of fans could ensure that any behind the scenes discussions on any issue were properly reported, openly discussed, and made public with no fear of hidden agendas, secret meetings, and secret collusive agreements and so forth.

Is any of that unreasonable? Surely many companies consider the views of their biggest customer? This idea is no different.

Surely such a situation would go some way towards establishing some badly needed trust between the governing bodies and the fans themselves?

If necessary, I would not even object to the fan representatives being excluded from having a right to vote on certain matters—as long as they had a full right of audience and a full right of access to all discussions and relative papers which affect the running of the game.

In this way at least there would be openness and transparency.

In short, it would be a move towards what is quaintly referred to as Democracy.

Perhaps, those who run the game at present should consider the life and times of the late great Alexander Hamilton- one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and who played a significant role in helping write the constitution of that country.

Hamilton was a decent and brilliant man in many ways—but he was dead set against Democracy and the liberation of rights for the masses. In fact, he stated that the best that can be hoped for the mass populace is that they be properly armed with a gun and so able to protect themselves against injustice!

Sadly, Hamilton became embroiled in a bitter dispute with the then Vice President of the nation Aaron Burr in July 1804. Hamilton had used his influence and ensured that Burr lost the election to become Governor of New York and had made some withering attacks on the Vice President’s character.

When he refused to apologise, the Vice President took a whacky notion and challenged him to a duel! Even more whacky is the fact that Hamilton accepted the challenge and so the contest took place at Weehawken New Jersey on the morning of 11th July 1804.

The night before, Hamilton wrote a letter which heavily suggested that he would contrive to miss Burr with his shot, and indeed when the pistols fired Hamilton’s bullet struck a branch immediately above Burr’s head.

However, he did not follow the proper procedure for duelling which required a warning from the duellist that they are going to throw their shot away. Hamilton gave no such indication despite the terms of his letter and despite his shot clearly missing his opponent.

Burr however fired and hit Hamilton in the lower abdomen with the result that the former secretary to the treasury and founding father of the constitution died at 2pm on the twelfth of July.

The incident ruined Burr’s career (whilst duelling was still technically legal in New jersey, it had already been outlawed in various other states).

In any event, in Hamilton’s time full and open democracy in the United States of America would have met with many cries of outrage and bitter opposition. Yet, today, the descendants of slaves and everyone from all social standings, all ethnic minorities and every social background has the constitutional right to vote and seek entry to corridors of power.

In that light, is it really asking too much to allow football fans to have a say and a presence in the running of a game they pay so much to support?


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beanosPosted on4:28 pm - Jul 11, 2013

excellent summary of events by newtz earlier.

got me thinking, the whole Rangers business is a money launderers paradise. its structured so secretively that even with the best intentions and intelligence of all on this blog we still can’t say for sure who owns what, where money arrives from and where it goes too.

No wonder frausters and tax avoiders are so attracted to it.

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Celtic ParanoiaPosted on4:35 pm - Jul 11, 2013

y4rmy says:
July 11, 2013 at 2:59 pm

30th July 2012

Rangers will be financially stronger than Celtic in a year, claims Charles Green

And at Christmas, things were even rosier!

That’s right: 10million + 20million quids’ worth of STs – 0 running costs = 30 million to spend on players.
It’s a competitive field, but this has to be my nomination for stupidest headline in the history of journalism.
Can anyone do better?

And why would any remotely competent manager need to spend £30million in a January transfer window to get them out of the Scottish 3rd division whilst already maybe half a dozen points clear??

That would be more than the spending of the rest of Scottish football put together, including Celtic, and then some.

Madness. It really is a fantasy world of epic proportions up there with moon landing deniers and alien abductees

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schottie59Posted on4:43 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Wow! NewTZ….you certainly are in a New Time Zone ! …quick question …are you Alex Thomson@Graig Wyhte,s lovechild? :mrgreen:

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Sugar DaddyPosted on4:45 pm - Jul 11, 2013


I imagine Ally will be telling the accountants the exact opposite!

Unless they’ve underpaid his £60k+ monthly of course.

Ally didnt know if Goian or Boca were coming or going. He talks about asking Mather for support on transfers. If he’s been a given a budget he is not telling anyone nor is he managing it. I think Ally is just spending as much as he can get away with and will play dumb on money matters when the brown stuff hits the fan.

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wottpiPosted on5:00 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Captain Haddock says:
July 11, 2013 at 4:14 pm

The question might actually be why are the mysterons and spivs still actually there?
Ally on £750k and his buddies on good salaries – They stay put
Players on good money – take it while they can – They stay put
Backroom staff and admin etc all reportedly on good money – They stay put until forced to go.
Board and Non-execs all getting paid over the odds – They stay put

Last reported burn rate means money is most probably running out.
Season ticket prices frozen but probably a bit extra cash from the three new strip sales.
No sugar daddy on the horizon and top flight ticket prices and euro cash years away.

So Captain you are correct. You have to wonder what pie the spivs have got their fingers into and why they can’t let go. What or where is their payday?

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StevieBCPosted on5:03 pm - Jul 11, 2013

To go from a value of GBP 900K to GBP 12.5M in 2 short years is almost ‘Boumson-esque’…! 🙄

Great piece of business / return for any Scottish club.

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StevieBCPosted on5:11 pm - Jul 11, 2013

You would think with all the recent turmoil and rumours swirling around TRFC, the Chairman would issue a statement or even grant a ‘friendly interview’ to reassure the fans – and investors ?

I am guessing here that the longer Lord Cardigan remains quiet, then the more likely it is that the next announcement emanating from the Board will be significantly more negative for TRFC…

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ShooperbPosted on5:16 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Is it not strange that an on-the-run money launderer would invest money in club/company (delete as appropriate) that is making massive losses, with only his bought-at-well-under-market-value shares to keep him warm at night?

BTW, I’m not doing a Phil and suggesting in an ‘on the QT and very hush hush’ way that I actually know anything about this. I don’t. I’m just hoping that someone with a bit more experience or knowledge of this area can tell me whether it’s possible or not.

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beanosPosted on5:26 pm - Jul 11, 2013

areyouaccusingmeofmendacity says:
July 11, 2013 at 5:16 pm

i don’t find it strange at all. its a way easier way to do it than through financial instituions.

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Sugar DaddyPosted on5:34 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Capt Haddock

The 1p shares my friend, the 1p shares.
As Gaz stated previously selling at 30p would be very tasty. If you had 1m shares that £300k.
No criticism anywhere ‘cept us bampots. Lamb dispensed. Rangers men bought.
Keep your nerve, await the end of the lock in.
Who is gonna buy? I believe the Easdales are already locked in to Charlie’s retirement fund.

Such an investor may already have clean cash. They could pay an intermediary the cash, get a % back in clean cash from the intermediary who then invests the original sum in an interesting sports AIM flotation with a side letter to split the profits.

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FIFAPosted on5:52 pm - Jul 11, 2013

AIM flotation with a side letter to split the profits , I would be getting slightly concerned that the finish line is starting to look a wee bit away as the price comes down ,one of these days there will be a significant drop in the Sevco share price that will have them investing in the quilted soothers that some puppies advertise ,lots of it,August is definetely squeaky bum month,.
As a side issue ,does Mr Lunnie start the season with a clean sheet for all clubs,just asking .

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Sugar DaddyPosted on6:09 pm - Jul 11, 2013


The price only dropped to 50p when Prior bought 400k shares. A spiv somewhere has done very well already. The price will drop further when tranches of 1p are sold, probably on pre-agreed deals. There is an orderly trading condition so it wont happen in one big spending spree. It will take a little time.

The shares are not worthless as RIFC is essentially a property company that happens to own a loss making football club. Ditch the club, your shares definitely retain value.

My best guess is the Easdales will have a controlling share in RIFC by pre-agreeing purchases with the spivs. Selling on the club for a nominal sum or putting into admin (more likely as would probably control the CVA & would get more money than £1 nominal sale) would make sense to retain value.

Cue Blue Knights 2, cost cutting and a rental deal to remain at Ibrox suits everyone. 1st year rent free or some such introductory deal will be struck.

Perhaps even the chance that a team at Ibrox might live within its means.

As I say just guessing.

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taxman comethPosted on6:27 pm - Jul 11, 2013



Let’s be absolutely clear here: The Rangers Football Club plc (In Administration) contrived – with the acquiescence, approval or assistance of the Rangers Charity Foundation – to divert £358,940 to itself that should have been due to the Foundation and the AC Milan charity.

Of course, had the Rangers Charity Foundation taken proper professional advice then it might have foreseen this turn of events because The Rangers Football Club plc (In Administration) were legally prohibited from donating any funds to charity under the 1986 Insolvency Act (as amended by the 2002 Enterprise Act) which explicitly states:

“A payment may not be made by way of distribution under this paragraph to a creditor of the company who is neither secured nor preferential unless the court gives permission.” [Schedule B1, Paragraph 65(3)]

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jimlarkinPosted on6:29 pm - Jul 11, 2013

RANGERS will be unseeded when the first round draw of the League Cup takes place at Hampden tomorrow.

And that means they will draw one of the 10 First Division sides or the top five in the Second Division from last season.
The draw takes place at 2.30pm with the first round scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 3 – a week before the beginning of the league campaign.
So Rangers will face one of the following:
Partick Thistle, Morton, Falkirk, Livingston, Hamilton, Raith, Dumbarton, Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline, Airdrie, Queen of the South, Alloa, Brechin, Forfar, Arbroath.
The Light Blues produced their finest performance of last season in the League Cup when they knocked out Motherwell with a 2-0 win at Ibrox when the Steelmen were top of the SPL at the time.
They had eliminated East Fife and Falkirk before that victory over Stuart McCall’s side but they came unstuck in the quarter-finals against Inverness Caley Thistle.
Rangers, of course, have won the competition a record 27 times with the last victory coming in 2010/11 when Steve Davis and Nikica Jelavic scored in a 2-1 win over Celtic


sevco again claiming to be the “old” rangers, when it comes to the competitions/prizes

can you tell me sevco (spokesperson), who’s gonna pay the debt?
errrrrrrrrrrm, sorry…nothing to do with us, we’re “the rangers”

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twoyearsanddonePosted on6:54 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Not The Huddle Malcontent says:
July 11, 2013 at 4:27 pm



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Sugar Daddy says:
July 11, 2013 at 3:45 pm
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torrejohnbhoy(@johnbhoy1958) says:
Ally will spend every last penny he’s allowed to and ask for more. If he doesn’t smell a fiscal rat then he is just building a big squad to win trophies. If he does smell a rat, he is building big squad to ensure on field success and will use this along with a “duped” defence to ensure the bears’ anger is forced elsewhere.


pretty sure if I was Ally, I’d be very pally with the head honcho accountant who runs the day to day management accounts.

I’d be asking him for projections based on wages and general overheads – I’d want to know the cash at bank status and if cash was been taken out of the company by any other parties (legitimately or otherwise – such as a repayment on a loan made to TRFC by RIFC plc)

Shouldn’t be too hard for him to get clarity on it – indeed, he could have sat round a table with the Waistcoat, MM and even Chuckles and Imran when they were there and demanded to see these numbers or he’d walk and demand fans didn’t renew until the numbers were published

Wouldn’t be too hard to do – would ensure his legend status if he walked and tried to get the truth out to the fans

if it goes under now and Ally claims he was duped – you’d have to say he was talking utter keech and didn’t do all he could have. Or worse, he was complicit in the cover up.

I know if I was one of the “Rangers men” that the fans cherish, I wouldn’t want to be associated with the death (again) of a club. Ally has a long time left to live in Glasgow, I don’t think he wants to spend it in a gated community, never leaving his house or being able to attend a supporters function/sash bash/swally with the boys in the pub


For me I could hazard a guess if ally did approach the in the know I would think he would be told ” you do your job and leave the business stuff to us ” Seriously apart fron fergie don’t think the manager has much influence in business matters. Think of Cloughie at Notingham Forest. Only my opinion.

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paulsatimPosted on7:12 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Seeing as how Mr Murray mentioned it……………………..

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DuplesisPosted on7:15 pm - Jul 11, 2013

@the taxman cometh at 6:27pm

I know the article isn’t actually yours, but in fact the administrators weren’t prohibited from making a payment to the charity in my view:

paragraph 65 is qualified by the paragraph which follows it:

“66. The administrator of a company may make a payment otherwise than in accordance with paragraph 65 or paragraph 13 of Schedule 1 if he thinks it likely to assist achievement of the purpose of administration.]”

accordingly, as long as D&P could credibly suggest that the payment was likely to assist the purpose of the admin, they could make it.

I would suggest D&P could justify the payment in this case by suggesting that the match couldn’t go ahead unless there was some payment to charity – given it was originally supposed to be a charity match, and given the involvement of Milan Glorie – and that the additional income generated by the match for the company justified that payment, since the additional income could be used to further one of the purposes of administration, i.e. rescuing the company as a going concern.

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ForresDeePosted on7:22 pm - Jul 11, 2013

the taxman cometh says:
July 11, 2013 at 6:27 pm

I stand corrected, but the whole thing reeks from top to bottom, a simple case of using the law where it suits and only where it suits!

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upthehoopsPosted on7:35 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Can’t work out whether I was fortunate or unfortunate this morning, but I’ll err on the side of fortunate given the abject nonsense I heard which was truly laughter inducing. I happened to switch quickly to Sky Sports News just before I left for work, and there was Sally uttering the words ‘…it’s time for everyone at this club to…’. Then I just switched off and left for work. I didn’t need to listen to any more because it was clearly a ‘lets all pull in the same direction’ plea. So that’s it, that’s all they have to do and everything will be fine apparently. Of course, with the Board they now have in place I’m sure they might just all be pulling in the same direction, but where does the journey lead to? No point in asking the Chairman because they might not even have told him.

It’s pathetic, it really is.

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StevieBCPosted on8:13 pm - Jul 11, 2013

What a difference 18 weeks makes on the TRFC Board
From Interim Results
Malcolm Murray, 4th March 2013.

“Chairman’s Statement
This has been a period of extraordinary progress for the Club … the Club is successfully rebuilding…

The acquisition of the trade and assets of the then Rangers Football Club plc by a consortium of investors was completed on 14 June 2012 and heralded the end of a traumatic period for the Club …

the Rangers brand and facilities provide tremendous opportunities for commercialisation and expansion.

In my thirty years investment experience, I have never seen a business move from the liquidation of one company to another’s successful flotation in such a short space of time…

The Company’s performance to date will give further encouragement … to ensure the Club enjoys a successful future.”

[N.B. In his full statement – not one negative comment or cautious tone about any future uncertainties at all.]

….18 weeks later

Malcolm Murray quoted via PA statement on 10th July

“…The reason we went down the flotation route was to guarantee transparency, whereas ownership by mysterious individuals does not…”

Mmm…either a lot has happened in 18 weeks, or Murray produced a rather misleading statement in March about possibly the operations / investors of TRFC at that time, e.g. re: transparency.

And Murray was the experienced ‘city type’ to add legitimacy to the IPO and the Board ?

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FIFAPosted on8:21 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Can anyone update on what the Sevco sites are saying at the moment ,anything slightly refering to the changes at the top,I suppose not ,they have not understood anything thats went before them so I suppose why understand now,has anyone spoken with a sevconian in their work ,pub or local transparency shop or are they not talking about their club at all,what about the excitement usually generated at this time of year with the new signings,how many cup games are included in the season ticket and what are they ,we should be told,will there be a weekly raffle and the winners get to travel on the super bus,whats the role out time frame on the Wi-Fi deal ,what stands are getting it first ,when is the tour of America starting,when are the financial results being posted ,c’mon guys lots to talk about ,it’s good to talk so lets get talking,c;mon Walter you start the ball rolling,I’m bored

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taxman comethPosted on8:37 pm - Jul 11, 2013

ForresDee says:
July 11, 2013 at 7:22 pm
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the taxman cometh says:
July 11, 2013 at 6:27 pm

I stand corrected, but the whole thing reeks from top to bottom, a simple case of using the law where it suits and only where it suits!


No argument there

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rougvielovesthejunglePosted on8:37 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Regarding all the “everyone has to pull in the same direction” cliches that Ally is famed for (he must produce a world record amount of cliches per interview), has compensation ever been agreed with Sandaza for his unfair dismissal?

Surely that’s another circa 500k payout that Sevco will have to meet, unless they can quickly arrange another administration escape route prior to Fran getting what he’s due.

The burn rate on that pile of cash that Yorkie once boasted about is astonishing!

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ianagainPosted on8:40 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Well you did ask. this a flavour from Rangers rumours: Note Walters watching the money. No worries then!

11 Jul 2013 10:40:11
Good Morning bears, a wee question for you all.
Can your club sustain the level of spending you currently have?
Let’s look at some of the figures.
Money coming in. Season Tickets £9/£10m
Sponsorship £1m a season (Blackthorn)
Replica shirt income, based on shirts sold £2m?
Television revenue/advertisments £1m? (generous)
Roughly about £14m coming in.
Money going out.
22 Players on average £5k weekly £5.5m approx.
Coaching staff Ally/Durrant etc. £2m
Directors and others £2m (probably more)
Other paid employees £1m+
Repairs to stadium £2m (maybe more)
General running costs £2m
I make that £14.5m so already a loss of £500k
I know this is just conjecture but honestly are you all confident your club has the money to keep you afloat? Let’s hear all your views Timalloy


1.) Your figures are generous. The Blackthorn deal is around 300k for one season. Shirts are split with Ashley who owns 49% of any sales. You have also forgotten the unique bonus system at Ibrox which is quite ridiculous.


2.) Timalloy surely the fact that your figures are all estimates, like us you just don’t know. We need answers and at the moment they are in short supply, an AGM due and hopefully some awkward questions by the right people should clear all this up. PB


3.) Firstly the average wage is not £5k a week. Only Black, Temps ane Jig will be on more than £5k. The youngsters, approx 8 will be on £2k a week.

You are guessing at shirt sales and Sponsorship. Even if your figures are correct, and they lose £500k then show me another club that is losing £500k a year. You have forgotten the wifi, the catering, the hospitality. So we are in profit with your figures.

Let’s see what Celtic lose this year if no CL which is a distinct possibility. With £100 off season tickets (supposedly 125 year discount, with the real reason being that they are selling less). Less money in, with league reconstruction. I bet Lawell would take a £500k loss right now.


4.) No I am not confident Timalloy, it was clear we had to build a team to progress through 3 leagues before were in the top flight, it’s all fair & well saying sign SFL players with Ally at the helm what if we failed? I do not agree with some of the wages being thrown at players like Black, Cribari etc when there exactly key players McCoist is buying his way out rather than using pir superior talent & fitness along with tactical knowhow to progress.

The bonuses disgust me a small bonus I would accept but not the amount they’re on I fear Green has us stitched up so that a percentage of all income will go in his coughers, I never trusted the man & I always believed Duff & Phelps/Whyte had a big part to play in how he was “the only show in town”. Rangers well & truly is the biggest Cash cow in football at the moment, but hey from one fan to another can u say that u wouldn’t support them however you can?
I’m purchasing my ST tonight Govan rear & I’m extremely excited that I can get back to the footy every other Saturday I missed it so the past 5 years due to work on the weekends but thanks to the new M74 I can make it no problem now.

There’s turbulent times ahead for the Rangers and I really hope the fans can unite against the Powers that be before it’s too late this time if it comes to that. Rangers is my team & I will support the 11 players on the park through thick & thin, we deserve better & hopefully the loyal fans will be repaid with a Club that not just us but Scotland can be proud of as our game needs a strong Rangers & Celtic I don’t care what anyone says. I may not agree with the way the clubs being run but I can’t make change alone I hope we can oust Stockbridge, Ahmed, Green & the Easdales & cut all ties from Ashley but I just cannot see it hopefully the fans eyes will open a little wider so action can be taken.

To some up your question just like Eds been saying its always going to be tough to sustain the club while we are not in the top division & just maybe when we get there we can be back to our best fair & square with Honesty, Pride & transparency throughout.
(Apologies for poor punctuation I think my spellings atleast ok lol)

Larky Bear


5.) @2 any questions the fans want answered will will not be or they would have already been answered so the agm will make no difference us as fans had the chance when it came to st renewals but all those fans chose to buy and bury their head in the sand again


6.) £0.5m/year aim listing
running repairs to ibrox £2m/year


7.) Timmy, that is not a small question, its a huge question! and if everybody thinks last years accounts are going to answer it they are wrong!

The accounts about to be published are for last years operating revenue and expenditure and will include exceptional one of costs associated with the start up of a new company.

The year end accounts will tells us how we performed last year (we know we have made a trading loss) and how we are sitting financially, but the accounts will not confirm if this years revenue will be greater than our expenditure or the other way round.

It is the duty of our finance director and other board members to make sure we balance the books



8.) Green stated accounts would be better than Celtics. is that still possible?


9.) In short Timalloy, no we can’t.
I’ve said all along we’re being mugged off and admin no 2 is just around the corner. Sad thing is its quite blatant yet the majority are more concerned with denial and being seen to be a ‘true Rangers supporter? Whatever that is? I’ll still be there on a match to match basis supporting the troops but I refuse to be part of this fiasco supplying the spivs with my ST money.



10.) All UK clubs run an operating loss living out of an overdraft rather than use a bank they are using the Clubs bank account. There are lots of other corporate investment returns unaccounted for in your list. Sick of all the paranoia the club is healthy you sound like the great unwashed back the team trust Walter to watch the money.


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EKBhoyPosted on8:47 pm - Jul 11, 2013

The spivs better watch out dealing with Rangers who in fact started the spiverry. Any deal to rent the ground to real Rangers men will result in the real Rangers men , paying a small deposit then welching on the deal. I am sure that the Scottish courts / judges will be all too willing to find some obscure late 17th century law which will accommodate the Rangers requirements. This will be accompanied by an MSM frenzy resulting in mass protests outside Ibrox and the SFA chipping in declaring the Rangers Rental agreement invalid and it will simply lapse.

They will go bust again then the game of bluff and double bluff will begin; it would not surprise in the pentangle , sorry triangle of Scottish football , if the broad brush end-game has already been worked out with Walter being operated from the back , the favourite being Mr King.

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Billy BoycePosted on8:52 pm - Jul 11, 2013

July 11, 2013 at 8:21 pm

tut, tut, you missed out the very lucrative cross-bar challenge.

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ianagainPosted on9:11 pm - Jul 11, 2013

And they expect audited accounts and an AGM. Oh dear even AIM don’t. All too late:

11 Jul 2013 09:54:29
Malcolm Murray ousted after putting a six figure sum into Rangers to ‘keep the lights on’ last year. This is a disgrace. There are far too many fingers in the pie at Ibrox. This upcoming AGM could and should turn into a real grilling for answers. What are Walter and Ally playing at? Walter in particular as he is the ideal person to lead the fans in truly cleansing Rangers


1.) Walter isn’t interested in what the fans want! So stop kidding yourselves on that he is! He is no better than any other person who has led the fans on with this”I am all for the fans” garbage patter! I thought people would have wised up by now but obviously still blinded by the “he a real rangers man” garbage!


2.) Surely there’s going to be proper audited and certified accounts at least six weeks before the AGM? For all shareholders to digest.
Of course all the suspects won’t be there.


3.) Green usually leaves before audited accounts, or closes subsiduaries before they need to release accounts.

odd he done this in several previous companies which all collapses loosing all shareholder investment money. how does he do this so often, and still get liked?


4.) Can anyone find the 6 figure sum for electricity bill and prove this. ?

Hate to think the best Chairman has been removed due to enjoying a drink and being framed doing so.

guy was genuine fan and put his own money in, how much did green put in. £25,000 (which he may have got from whyte and imrans mum). ? that a 5 figure sum

did green get 8% of rangers fo6 £25k and Murray get 1% for £450,000??

no wonder murray upset. he ripped of by gansters and thieves

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Not The Huddle MalcontentPosted on9:22 pm - Jul 11, 2013

seems topical right now

Football clubs can easily be used as stealing machines. Here is an instruction manual. The stories are real, but most details are concealed

A NEW football season approaches, and with it new players, overpriced replica kits and unsavoury club owners. If you are one of them, most observers will wrongly assume that you are laundering only your reputation, and that you are willing to lose millions on a philanthropic sporting folly to do so. That is too kind. Your new asset will not just help you wash your dirty money. It will make more of it too.

It is a good time to enter the football racket. Banks are less generous and sentimental about loans. Tax officials are less lenient, too, as Rangers, a big Glasgow club, discovered: it was forced into liquidation by tax arrears, afterwards being reconstituted under new ownership. But hard times mean clubs are desperate and going cheap. Set up a holding company (or a nest of them) in a discreet jurisdiction, as many owners do, and you have a money-laundering and embezzlement machine at your disposal. The authorities are unlikely to bother you (see article).

Start with ticket revenues. Exaggerating the attendance at matches lets you run some of the dirty takings from your previous career through the turnstiles, turning them into legitimate income (this particular ruse works best if you buy a middling club, where games are not routinely sold out). Conversely, if you need some petty cash you can siphon off the gate receipts—a tactic that some of Brazil’s football kingpins, the cartolas (“top hats”), are rumoured to have employed in the past.

The market in players, between clubs and across national borders, is another golden opportunity. Time was when the scams were simple: bent coaches would take “bungs” (backhanders) to buy a player with the chairman’s wallet. Now the tricks are more complex—and some owners are in on them. One aim is money-laundering. Transfers involve huge and largely subjective sums (since a player is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for him). With agents or other intermediaries involved, payments pass through multiple hands and jurisdictions: perfect for concealing the origin and direction of the cash. Sell a player to a friendly club that publicly overstates the true price, and you can supplement the real fee with a couple of million ill-gotten euros of your own: that money is now clean and in your club’s accounts. Pull the trick in reverse—inflating the value of a player you are buying—and you gain a usefully overvalued asset on your balance-sheet, which will help your club to borrow.

Transfers can also help you privatise club revenues and defraud minority shareholders. With the help of a co-operative agent, the fees, commissions and even parts of players’ salaries can find their way back to you (and away from the taxman). Agents who are personal friends may be safest. The regulations which govern transfer deals are easy to circumvent.

Another wheeze—annoyingly banned by some national football associations—is third-party ownership, where the rights in a player are owned (or part-owned) not by his club but by an outside consortium. So you can secretly invest in players whom you then rent to your club, trousering the proceeds. Or sell your club’s star man to your front company for a depressed fee, then sell him on at full price. Naturally you will award the club’s construction and catering contracts to your own firms.

Matches made in heaven

Most outsiders reckon that, when games are rigged, infiltrators are to blame: Asian criminal gangs and Balkan gangsters are the usual suspects. But the surest fixes are inside jobs. After all, you pay the players’ salaries, so you are in the best position to suborn them. You can decide who is picked or dropped, or who goes on the transfer list (or doesn’t). That gives dodgy owners plenty of scope to influence players’ behaviour. Footballers who are paid badly or erratically, as they often are in eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union (see chart), tend to be most susceptible.

But match-fixing happens in big and supposedly reputable European leagues, too—and because bookies assume the games are clean, you can lay big bets inconspicuously. If you or the players balk at losing on purpose, you can still arrange—and bet on—in-game details, such as the timing of the first corner kick. When the fix is in, consider emulating the Macedonian chairman who sold on the details of a thrown game to mafiosi. Betting syndicates will even buy intelligence on players’ injuries, nervous breakdowns and so on. Happily for you, match-fixing is hard to prove, and most police forces aren’t interested.

These are only the basics: after a season or two you can go in for more extravagant scams. Be inspired by Arkan, the deceased Serbian paramilitary who is said to have used his football club to traffic arms and drugs. It might be best, however, to stay clear of Russia, where the game has an alarming death rate, and where warlords from the North Caucasus (sinister even by football’s standards) have recently started buying into the business. Caution is also advisable in Bulgaria: 15 football club bosses have been murdered in the top football league just over a decade. An American diplomatic cable written in January 2010, and published by WikiLeaks, said “allegations of illegal gambling, match fixing, money laundering, and tax evasion” plague the Bulgarian game.

Some national associations do a spot of due diligence on new owners, but this is unlikely to interfere with your plans. Having a criminal record can be a bar to acquiring a club—but if you made your money in a place where the law was flexible and the courts accommodating, such inconvenient details can be scrubbed from your record. Enjoy the beautiful game!

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ianagainPosted on9:37 pm - Jul 11, 2013


Portentous or what! Good spot

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scottcPosted on9:43 pm - Jul 11, 2013

On the subject of electricity bills, do I remember a hint given a few moths ago (perhaps by Charlotte) that the Ibrox electricity bill was in the name of Sevco 5088 and this gave the lie to Green’s claims of it never trading as it had a signed contract with the electricity board. Would this perhaps be why MM had to stump up the money? TRFC Ltd refusing to pay a bill for another company? Thoughts? Anyone else remember that? :slamb:

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upthehoopsPosted on9:57 pm - Jul 11, 2013

EKBhoy says:
July 11, 2013 at 8:47 pm
You are almost certainly spot on in everything you said.

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FIFAPosted on10:02 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Re a celtic loss in the comming season ,I believe that is already covered with the Wanyama deal ,equivelant to qualifying for the group stages minus the expediture that would be required to participate ,alright if you can get this once a season.

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upthehoopsPosted on10:04 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Can I pose a hypothetical question to those on here who have extensive knowledge of financial / tax matters.

Suppose that Sevco are running short in a few months and are struggling to pay their taxes. Will HMRC plough straight in this time with a W.U.O or will it be allowed to go on for months like the last time? Or perhaps I’m simply running away with myself at the thought it might happen.

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MICK DERRICKPosted on10:12 pm - Jul 11, 2013

After reading Newts post today I’m convinced TSFM is back on track and on par with RTC. This post encapsulates the enthusiasm and doggedness of the anyone looking for the truth. In my opinion it’s as watertight a summation of events as you could get from the jigsaw of leaked information.

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ianagainPosted on10:13 pm - Jul 11, 2013

scottc says:

July 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm



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On the subject of electricity bills, do

Maybe daft but searched all her docs cannot see that anywhere.

I think he may have meant the Orlit bill i.e. keep the lights on.

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john clarkePosted on11:20 pm - Jul 11, 2013

Not The Huddle Malcontent says:
July 11, 2013 at 9:22 pm
‘..seems topical right now’
Well spotted, indeed.

Thank goodness for the men of integrity who administer Scottish Football!

Thank goodness that concepts such as ‘EBTs’ are so abhorrent to our football knight that he protected the best administrator in the world from even seeing them mentioned in the accounts he submitted

Thank goodness there are no eastern European brothers involved in Scottish Football!

Thank goodness that there are no recordings of extremely suspect plotting and planning by men interested in nothing but the future well-being and glorious past of a football club

Thank goodness for our free, vigorously independent, truth-seeking , fearless, incorruptible journalists, risking all by asking hard questions of organisations which get government ( i.e. your and mine) cash!

Boy, are we not the happiest of bunnies living in the best possible bunnyland!

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john clarkePosted on11:43 pm - Jul 11, 2013

upthehoops says:
July 11, 2013 at 10:04 pm
‘Will HMRC plough straight in this time with a W.U.O or will it be allowed to go on for months like the last time?..’
Not a tax expert, of course.
But HMRC virtually sold the pass as far as a readiness to treat Sevco 5088, Sevco Scotland, The Rangers FC ( God, I get bloody tired typing a’ these names..).. RIFC, as being the same shameless, intent -to-evade-tax body as RFC (IL)
Some relatively low-level officer ( in the HMRC hierarchy) made it difficult for HMRC to treat RIFC as anything other than a new taxpayer, and therefore, perhaps, entitled to seek a negotiated deal , a period of grace etc etc. in the event of tax arrears.

There will be no steaming in! ( And fondest memories of Jimmy Reid)

Unless, of course, HMRC were able to pin down CG as having been a de facto director of RFC(IA).

As the SFA ( helpfully for HMRC) appeared to treat him , in the 5-ways deal.

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CastofThousandsPosted on12:06 am - Jul 12, 2013

Not The Huddle Malcontent says:
July 11, 2013 at 11:44 am

“Administrators being sounded out?”
Have I missed something. Pray do elucidate.

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SamPosted on2:29 am - Jul 12, 2013

newtz says:
July 11, 2013 at 9:34 am

Newtz, excellent post.

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SamPosted on3:00 am - Jul 12, 2013

6th July 2013;
Apache Capital Partners LLP
7 Curzon Street, London W1J 5HG

China Real Estate Fund

The Board

Chairman of the Board and Hill Capital Investment Management
Mr Sayer’s reputation has been built over a 45 year career in international property market. Between 1968-1990 Mr Sayer was a board member of DTZ and Chairman of the international board. Since 1990 Mr Sayer has been an Executive Director/Chairman of a number of companies in the UK and abroad specialising in investment and development in real estate

Key External & Professional Appointments
Chairman of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) London branch,
Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London)
Member of the RICS Disciplinary Board and Member of the RICS Governing Council

Non-Executive Director of Her Majesty’s Court Services

Past Chairman of Property Greater London Magistrates Association
Past President of Lionheart (RICS Benevolent Fund)

Rafat Rivzi
Member of the Board
Rafat Rizvi has over 30 years extensive experience in corporate finance and investment management
Prior to establishing First Capital Ltd, Rafat was Head of Middle East for Kidder, Peabody & Co, in London before being appointed Managing Director of PaineWebber Asia. Based out of Singapore Rafat managed the firms non-Japan Asia business after it acquired Kidder, Peabody Inc. Rafat was a senior executive in the Treasury Division of Saudi America Bank, at the time a Citibank affiliate, in Riyadh. Rafat is also the CEO of Boston Holdings & Finance, a diversified investment holding company, through which he manages his personal investments.

Surely the Non Executive Director of HM Court Services can pick up the phone to Interpol?

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StevieBCPosted on3:01 am - Jul 12, 2013

SFA have failed the fans again

So immediately after the TRFC ST’s have been sold the club mentions the change in NED’s and NOMAD.

Could be viewed as a cynical plan: negative news released after ST’s sold – especially wrt to the appointment of Easdale.
So what has the SFA got to say about all the turmoil and uncertainty down Govan way?


Hopefully if TRFC does go bust soon then this could – finally – be the catalyst for revamping a thoroughly non-communicative and corrupt Scottish administration.

As mentioned previously: the SFA is a disgrace.

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Long Time LurkerPosted on5:33 am - Jul 12, 2013

Regarding the economist article – 2 things came to mind:

How many free tickets did Sevco print and issue last season? Every week a record breaking attendance; and

Were there not recent rumors that the auditors were not in a position to sign off the accounts.

I am not saying that there is money laundering occurring at the Club. However, given the apparent ease in which this could happen if the conditions within a club were right – does this not mean that the SFA should take a more active role in financial supervision to protect clubs from becoming targeted by criminals who may seek to exploit such an environment?

The SFA appear to struggle to apply the rules of the game without fear or favor. Inconsistency and lack of transparency create doubt that good governance is in place. Does that not create an environment that is potentially attractive to those criminal elements who would seek to take advantage or their own ends?

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scottcPosted on6:00 am - Jul 12, 2013

ianagain says:
July 11, 2013 at 10:13 p

scottc says:

On the subject of electricity bills, do

Maybe daft but searched all her docs cannot see that anywhere.

I think he may have meant the Orlit bill i.e. keep the lights on.

:slamb: :slamb: :slamb: :slamb: :slamb:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for doing that. I realised it was not Charlotte early this morning as most of her posts consist of docs and we would all remember an electricity bill. It was, however, definitely related to utilities bills for Ibrox and not Orlit. Maybe just a PhilM tweet/hint or someone responding to one.


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jonnyodPosted on6:45 am - Jul 12, 2013

If I remember correctly the Leccy bill story was from Phil
Why did CG walk away when it seems he still wields the power over Govan way ,are we still to believe he walked for an out of the blue comment about IA .I did not believe it then and certainly don’t believe it now .

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briggsbhoyPosted on8:04 am - Jul 12, 2013

Jimlarkin 11 jul @ 6.29pm

Re: Rangers being unseeded in cup

Says what we know really in the first line and it’s the reason they are unseeded. They Are NOT The Team that have won it more than anyone else. Simples

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torrejohnbhoyPosted on8:39 am - Jul 12, 2013

Craig Mather announced as permanent CEO.

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Flocculent ApoideaPosted on8:47 am - Jul 12, 2013

Briggsbhoy, surely the only thing relevant to seeding is where clubs finished last season? Even with the “same club” view, previous cup wins are irrelevant. I haven’t checked the rules so may be wrong.

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AllyJamboPosted on9:03 am - Jul 12, 2013

torrejohnbhoy(@johnbhoy1958) says:

July 12, 2013 at 8:39 am

Craig Mather announced as permanent CEO.
For the meantime, at least 😆

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newtzPosted on9:27 am - Jul 12, 2013

Long Time Lurker says:
July 12, 2013 at 5:33 am

The SFA appear to struggle to apply the rules of the game without fear or favor. Inconsistency and lack of transparency create doubt that good governance is in place. Does that not create an environment that is potentially attractive to those criminal elements who would seek to take advantage or their own ends?

Corruption takes more than weak governance …… it also needs facilitators
Silence by those in authority facilitate corruption and could be deemed collusion

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HirsutePursuitPosted on10:16 am - Jul 12, 2013

Flocculent Apoidea says:
July 12, 2013 at 8:47 am
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Briggsbhoy, surely the only thing relevant to seeding is where clubs finished last season? Even with the “same club” view, previous cup wins are irrelevant. I haven’t checked the rules so may be wrong.

4.2 For the First Round the thirty lowest placed clubs of The Scottish Football League and The Scottish Premier League at the end of the preceding season, which are not participating in the UEFA Club Competitions, will play a single tie on the ground of the first named club. This Round will be “seeded” and the “seeds” will be the fifteen highest placed clubs at the end of the preceding season. The fifteen winning clubs will qualify to play in the Second Round.

This was the position last year:

SCLC First Round Draw Format

Friday 20th July 2012

The Scottish Communities League Cup 2012/13 – First Round Draw

The Draw for the First Round of the 2012/13 Scottish Communities League Cup competition will take place within Ochilview Park, Stenhousemuir today, Friday, 20th July, 2012 at 12.30 p.m. and will be announced here shortly after.


30 Teams – 15 ties

(15 Seeded Teams)Scottish Communities League Cup

Hamilton Academical
Partick Thistle
Raith Rovers
Ayr United
Queen of the South
Airdrie United
East Fife
(15 Unseeded Teams)Scottish Communities League Cup

Forfar Athletic
Brechin City
Albion Rovers
Stirling Albion
Alloa Athletic
Queen’s Park
Elgin City
Annan Athletic
Berwick Rangers
East Stirlingshire

Sevco’s Rangers as a new club with no history – and specifically no record in the previous season’s leagues – were ranked lowest of all the entries.

Somewhat ironically, the new Rangers played East Fife in the 1st round – who only became the 16th lowest ranked club (and therefore “seeded”) because of the new club’s admission into the SFL.

All of which sits somewhat uneasily with the new Rangers club page on the SFL’s website, which portrays the shiny new SFL club as the same old club that finished second in the SPL in the previous season.

Go figure!

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Exiled CeltPosted on10:46 am - Jul 12, 2013

More expenses being loaded onto the ever growing payroll………..headline is a bit weird……….

Lumsden returns Albion Rovers with Coaching role

Thursday 11th July 2013

Former Albion Rovers boss Todd Lumsden is set to return to football with Rangers after being offered a coaching job with their under-17 side.

The 35-year-old former Stirling Albion, Hamilton Accies and Raith Rovers centre-back was a player, Assistant Manager and boss of the Coatbridge club before being dismissed at the end of last season.

After dreading the prospect of his first pre-season in 18 years without a pre-season Lumsden has been given the opportunity to work with the future stars of the Ibrox club and he will take up the role when he returns from holiday in a fortnight.

Lumsden said: “It is a terrific opportunity for me and I am looking forward to getting started. The first teams of Albion Rovers and Rangers meet each other in the Ramsdens Cup at the start of the new season and that will be a strange game for me.”

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newtzPosted on10:50 am - Jul 12, 2013

Sam says:
July 12, 2013 at 3:00 am
RICS is incorporated by Royal Charter, and operate to ‘gold standard’ of integrity.
They operate to five professional and ethical standards that are listed here …

It is worth while drilling down and reading these standards.

An enquiry seeking clarification has been sent

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HirsutePursuitPosted on10:51 am - Jul 12, 2013

As a comparator to my last post…

In season 2008/09 Livingston finished 7th in SFL1.

Due to ongoing insolvency proceedings, the SFL disciplinary committee voted to have them removed from SFL1 and placed in SFL3 for season 2009/10.

In round 1 of the 2009/10 League Cup, Livingston lost 3-0 to Albion Rovers. Livingston were the seeded team (ranked 24th from lowest on the previous season’s league placing) and Albion Rovers were unseeded (having finished 3rd bottom of the 3rd division).

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bad capt madmanPosted on10:51 am - Jul 12, 2013

chancer67 says:
I noticed on the SFL website that they were also offering the entity that plays out of Ibrox free advertising,in regards of hospitality and ticket services
I wonder if any other clubs have approached the SFL asking for their sales information to be published for free. I’m sure if I was on the Board of any club I’d be asking, and also asking why such a request could not be granted.
Go on guys! Give it a go! Test out the transparency of the new regime!

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Not The Huddle MalcontentPosted on10:58 am - Jul 12, 2013

Exiled Celt says:
July 12, 2013 at 10:46 am
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More expenses being loaded onto the ever growing payroll………..headline is a bit weird………


actually, as well as lumsden, there were 2 other youth coaches and a GK coach added to the backroom

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PhilMacGiollaBhainPosted on11:52 am - Jul 12, 2013

Morning 🙂
The electricity bill story.
If I remember correctly I was given this by an excellent source at the time and I out it out on a tweet.
It was at the time that Charlie’s Sevco had major cash flow problems as they had not convinced the RFC ST holders to TUPE over.
I don’t envisage the same problems this summer-however early next year may well be a different story…

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Long Time LurkerPosted on12:01 pm - Jul 12, 2013

newtz says:
July 12, 2013 at 9:27 am

Agreed – is there not a special place on hell for those who know, yet who stand back and do nothing.

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scottcPosted on12:04 pm - Jul 12, 2013

58. Phil MacGiollaBhain (@Pmacgiollabhain) says:
July 12, 2013 at 11:52 am

The electricity bill story.

:slamb: :slamb:

Thank you Phil. I knew I was not imagining it.

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GazPosted on12:21 pm - Jul 12, 2013

So, now the dust seems to have settled the Rangers Board as I understand it is now.


Walter Smith

Mr. Walter Smith has been appointed as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Rangers International Football Club PLC., effective May 30, 2013. Walter joined Rangers in 1986 after a spell as Assistant Manager at Dundee United and fulfilled the same role at Ibrox as second in command to Graeme Souness until 1991 when he took on the role of Manager. Subsequently he guided Rangers to 21 trophies either side of being manager at Everton on the English Premiership and was national team manager of Scotland from 2004 – 2007.

Craig Mather

Mr. Craig Mather has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC., effective April 24, 2013. Craig is currently a director of Simply Cartons Limited, Simply Cartons Holdings Limited, Simply Racing Limited, Simply Sport Management Limited, Puki Limited, One Partners Limited and Little Big Shot Limited and has been a director of IP Logik Limited, Simply Rigids Limited and Spirit Sports Entertainment and Media Limited in the last five years.

Brian Stockbridge

Mr. Brian Stockbridge is Finance Director, Company Secretary, Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC. Prior to joining the Company, Brian was Director of corporate finance at Zeus Capital Limited and before that, spent 15 years working for the nominated advisor teams of Grant Thornton, Noble & Company and Allenby Capital. Brian trained at The Panel on Takeovers & Mergers 2000 to 2003 where he was primary case officer for over 150 transactions valued up to and over £1bn and is a qualified chartered accountant.

James Easdale

Mr. James Andrew Easdale has been appointed as Non-Executive Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC., effective July 9, 2013. He is an entrepreneur and a director of several businesses including McGill’s Bus Service Limited, a independent bus operator in Scotland. He is currently a director of Arranglen Limited, Bayfleet Limited, Clyde Metal Recycling Limited, Devonhill Limited, Inverclyde Local Limited, Loch Lomond Bus Services Limited, McGill’s Bus Service Limited, McGill’s City Connect Limited, Smoothie Cruisers Limited and Sportsco Limited.

Ian Hart Mr.

Ian Hart is Non-Executive Independent Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC. Ian has a broad knowledge of Scottish business and has worked for a number of charities in Scotland. He was appointed Senior Partner in Hacking and Paterson in 1990 and still contributes to this operation, as well as being on the Scottish Committee of Barnardo’s.

Bryan Smart

Mr. Bryan Smart is Non-Executive Independent Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC. Bryan is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years of financial management experience and from 1996 to 2006 he worked as Finance Director for DaimlerChrysler (UK) Ltd. Mr Smart is an executive director of Tradelinens Ltd, a joint venture established with a Chinese importer, as well as Brooklands Museum Trust, where he has a financial management role which also involves some project management and fund raising activities. He is a non-executive director of AIM-quoted Greka Drilling Limited, SCOTTY Group SE and is a trustee director of Mercedes Benz UK Pension Fund. Prior to working for DaimlerChrysler (UK) Ltd, Mr Smart worked for Deloitte Touche as an external auditor/management consultant for six years.


One wonders if there is still some division there, and what position Hart and Smart are taking. If they have any influence at all. (I exclude Smith as he is a non-entity, his role is at best titular).

In reality Green now has the CEO and Financial Director / Co Sec, the real power. The rest of the board is made up of a worthless chairman and a few non-execs. One of whom Green was pushing to get on the board (one wonders why).

Can Smith, Hart and Smart make any real difference. It is difficult to see it.

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ianagainPosted on12:36 pm - Jul 12, 2013

The market sure doesnt like all these announcements:

Time/Date Code Headline Source Impact
07:00 12-Jul-2013 RFC Appointment of Chief Executive Officer RNS 0.00%
13:12 09-Jul-2013 RFC Appointment of Director RNS -2.65%
11:12 09-Jul-2013 RFC Appointment of NOMAD and Broker RNS -2.65%
07:00 09-Jul-2013 RFC Directorate Changes RNS -2.65%
07:00 06-Jun-2013 RFC Update re General Meeting RNS -2.70%
11:20 05-Jun-2013 RFC Share Transfer Agreement RNS -3.57%
15:13 30-May-2013 RFC Board Change RNS -1.77%
07:00 30-May-2013 RFC Conclusion of Independent Review RNS -1.77%
18:13 16-May-2013 RFC Requisition of General Meeting RNS 0.00%
10:32 16-May-2013 RFC Comment re Press Speculation RNS 0.00%
07:00 24-Apr-2013 RFC Directorate Change RNS -4.49%
07:00 24-Apr-2013 RFC Response to media speculation RNS -4.49%
07:00 22-Apr-2013 RFC Director Declaration RNS -4.89%
16:55 19-Apr-2013 RFC Directorate Change RNS -3.74%
07:00 15-Apr-2013 RFC Response to Media Comments RNS -9.44%
07:00 02-Apr-2013 RFC Rangers Wins League RNS -0.37%
07:00 04-Mar-2013 RFC Interim Results RNS -0.50%
07:00 01-Mar-2013 RFC Sponsorship Agreement with Blackthorn Cider RNS -0.50%
16:04 28-Feb-2013 RFC New Kit Deal RNS -0.50%
09:42 20-Dec-2012 RFC Director/PDMR Shareholding RNS +10.38%

Nett result:

Value At Risk % 3.15
Performance (weekly) -3.74 %
UK FTSE All Share (weekly) 1.95 %
Performance (YTD) -42.46 %

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SamPosted on1:16 pm - Jul 12, 2013

$440 million Statutory Demand!
😯 😆



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newtzPosted on1:41 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Completely OT
Got a hint to check out RM post titled …. Duff or Phelps Responsible?
Its not normally a source of info for myself, but hey ho ……

If you manage to get all the way to the Marks & Spencers link and are not palpitating …. How ?
Warning – Not advisable for those with heart conditions

And yes, I deserve to be put on the naughty step by TSFM
Apol’s to our Bluenose readers in advance

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john clarkePosted on1:51 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Sam says:
July 12, 2013 at 3:00 am
‘………Surely the Non Executive Director of HM Court Services can pick up the phone to Interpol?.’
Every day an education on this blog!
The Interpol link is extremely interesting- I had only a very hazy idea of what Interpol actually is. Now that I’ve read what it says about itself and how it works, I’m quite impressed.
I’d be really impressed if they arranged to have a word with some football club directors in Glasgow about their knowledge of the whereabouts of one of their wanted criminals.
Oh, and I must memo Wee Eck about his plans to ensure that on Independence, Police Scotland will join Interpol and have its own Interpol National Central bureau.
Can’t have a safe haven here for international fraudsters and potential charity scammers.

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valentinesclownPosted on2:19 pm - Jul 12, 2013

The DR today states that Walter gives C Mather new CEO the thumbs up, just like a royal seal of approval.
As if Walter had a say. Love the DR no end of fun, or should I say great fun until the end.

Or maybe he was hailing a taxi as the bus has passed him by.

Heard Craig Burley on BBC Scotland earlier today. He was asked if Wanyama was worth the fee to which Burley replied “not really” Then he was asked if NL would get some of the money to spend? Burley “No as there is no rangers and therefore no need and the chances of Celtic getting into CL groups stage are very slim”

This pundit really helps promote our game in Scotland.
Who pays this man?

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Not The Huddle MalcontentPosted on2:30 pm - Jul 12, 2013

valentinesclown says:
July 12, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Heard Craig Burley on BBC Scotland earlier today. He was asked if Wanyama was worth the fee to which Burley replied “not really” Then he was asked if NL would get some of the money to spend? Burley “No as there is no rangers and therefore no need and the chances of Celtic getting into CL groups stage are very slim”


why are chances of Celtic getting into CL group slim? managed it last year and did well there too.

whether Rangers exist or not is of no concern to Celtic, their are trying to win both the SPL and, probably more importantly, qualify for CL groups.

So, if we have sold Wanyama – then surely makes sense to re-invest that money, at least partially, in bringing players to strengthen the team so that they DO qualify for the CL


Celtic are badly needing a left back, they have signed a centre half and a striker, we have options in midfield, but I reckon we need a creative wide/central midfielder.

so, Celtic pocket half the fee – in case they DON’T make the CL groups and spend half on a left back and creative midfielder

job done.

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tomtomPosted on2:31 pm - Jul 12, 2013

If brain cells were explosive Burley would struggle to blow his nose.

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john clarkePosted on3:29 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Here is the text of an email I fired off to our Minister for Justice

Mr Kenny MacAskill, MSP
Minister for Justice,
Scottish Government

Dear Mr MacAskill,

May I ask, please :

a) does Police Scotland currently have a representative on the Interpol UK National Central Bureau?

b) on Independence, will Scotland specifically sign up for membership of Interpol and create its own National Central Bureau?

I ask these questions having read a disturbing piece in ‘The Economist’ about how easy it is for international fraudsters/drug dealers to use football clubs as money-laundering operations.

And, like many people, I have been startled in recent times at how lax the Scottish Footballing authorities appear to have been in applying ‘the fit-and-proper person’ checks on potential owners/directors of football clubs in Scotland.

The last thing I would wish for is for Scotland to become any kind of haven for international fraudsters.

It would seem to be common sense to ensure that we were signed up to share in the pooling of criminal intelligence across the world.

Yours sincerely,

I of course sent it using my own real name and email address.

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GazPosted on3:51 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Celtic can also make money out of the Europa League if the group stages can be achieved.

This whole idea of no money being available in the Europa is only really true if teams cannot draw a crowd.

Celtic would get some TV money and some prize money, however more importantly there would be three home games. Given decent opposition, and that is available in the Europa, that could be lucrative. Say 40,000 at £100 for the three game package is not a bad bit of business.

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SamPosted on3:57 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Circle Oil – The Undersold Success Story

Circle Oil was incorporated in September 2003 and listed on AIM in October 2004. Over the last four years the company has amassed a geographically diverse portfolio of assets, expanding its portfolio from Oman to North Africa and Namibia. Most recently the company has entered into a different phase of development with the acquisition of acreage in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt and the completion of a farm-out in Namibia on attractive terms.
The company has also secured a significant shareholder in Libya Oil Holdings.

Management Team:
Circle Oil

Rafat A. Rizvi, Non-executive Director
Mr. Rizvi is co-founder and Managing Director of First Capital Management Limited, a Mauritius-based asset manager, where he is primarily responsible for the management of the ‘First Global Funds’ family of funds. Mr. Rizvi is also the CEO and Chairman of Boston Holdings and Finance a diversified holding company through which he manages his personal investments. In December 2006, Mr. Rizvi was appointed to the Board of the Dubai headquartered Signature Group, a financial and investment company operating in the Middle East, South Asia and Sub Continent in the fields of real estate, energy, infrastructure and media. Before establishing First Capital Management, Mr. Rizvi spent several years in London and Singapore with PaineWebber where he was Managing Director and Head of non-Japan Asia Fixed Income business where he established a significant Asia fixed-income franchise. Prior to that Mr. Rizvi was a senior executive in the treasury Division of Saudi American Bank (Citibank) in
Mr. Rizvi has a B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry from the University of Essex and is a UK national.
He is a member of the Singapore YPO chapter.

Board of Directors
Thomas Anderson, Non-executive Chairman
Mr. Anderson has over twenty five years direct executive experience involved in running a private group in the leisure, entertainment, advertising, forestry and property development business in Ireland. He has focused on risk management, corporate finance and portfolio diversification. After graduating in Commerce and Economics, he subsequently completed a Master of Business Administration Degree at University College Dublin. He joined Circle as Non-executive Chairman in April 2004.

David Joseph Hough, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Hough, a co-founder of the company in 2003, is an explorationist with over thirty years experience. He was Chief Executive of Ivernia West, Inc. from 1988 to 2003. In 1990, his team discovered the Lisheen zinc lead mine, the sixth largest in the world, which was developed with partner Anglo American at a cost of $350 million, achieving its first production in 1999. David is practiced in management and financing in the natural resource sectors of the London, Toronto and Dublin Stock Exchanges.

Professor Christopher Green, Chief Operating Officer
Professor Green is an explorationist and qualified Geophysicist with over thirty years industry experience including twenty five years at Shell, where he held various senior positions leaving in 1998 as a Principal Geophysicist and a Global Shell Group Advisor. From 1998 to 2001 Professor Green was the Director of Strategic Development and Geosciences at Racal Electronics Plc, from 2001 to 2004 he was the Chief Technical Officer of Thales Geosolutions Group Ltd. and concurrently from 1996 to 2004 he was Professor of Geophysics at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. Professor Green has a Bachelor of Science (London), a Masters of Science (Wales), and a Ph.D. from the University of Dundee. Professor Green was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a Fellow of the Geological Society, a Member of the Institute of Petroleum and the European Association of Exploration

To date the company has embarked in four fund raising rounds

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helpmaboabPosted on4:00 pm - Jul 12, 2013

The hypocrisy of the mainstream media knows no bounds. It was not so long ago that they were berating(rightly so) Regan Doncaster et al for selling our game short yet they give credence to that clown Burley whose nose is out of joint because of the perceived slight to him from Celtic and the treatment of his relative,George. Craig Burley will jump at anything which demeans our game in order to get into the limelight.The media will print this joker’s mince as it sells copy unfortunately.

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jimlarkinPosted on4:04 pm - Jul 12, 2013

cup draw

forfar v sevco

why are ardrie utd allowed to change their name to airdieonians? [didn’t they go bust]

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SamPosted on4:16 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Gaz says:
July 12, 2013 at 12:21 pm
Bryan Smart
Mr. Bryan Smart is Non-Executive Independent Director of Rangers International Football Club PLC. Bryan is a Chartered Accountant with over 35 years of financial management experience and from 1996 to 2006 he worked as Finance Director for DaimlerChrysler (UK) Ltd. Mr Smart is an executive director of Tradelinens Ltd, a joint venture established with a Chinese importer, as well as Brooklands Museum Trust, where he has a financial management role which also involves some project management and fund raising activities. He is a non-executive director of AIM-quoted Greka Drilling Limited, SCOTTY Group SE and is a trustee director of Mercedes Benz UK Pension Fund. Prior to working for DaimlerChrysler (UK) Ltd, Mr Smart worked for Deloitte Touche as an external auditor/management consultant for six years.

Gaz, is the info about Greka Drilling Limited correct?

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LoamfeetPosted on4:55 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Ignore Burley. He is a troll.

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newtzPosted on5:13 pm - Jul 12, 2013

Sam says:

July 12, 2013 at 4:16 pm
seems so Sam, he is listed as NED not sure of any significance yet though. Hav’nt had time to check Circle Oil out teyt other than no ICIJ hits

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justshateredPosted on5:21 pm - Jul 12, 2013

jimlarkin says:
July 12, 2013 at 4:04 pm

I think it is because the liquidation process is now complete so effectively their no longer is an Aidrieoneans ‘holding company’ no longer exists!!!!!

This is another part of this scandal which has irked me. Why HMRC or someone did not step in to stop the name switcheroo I thought was shocking. It was a clear attempt to continue a company which had gone bust owing millions by transferring all assets out of the reach of creditors and then also virtually swapping names prior to the liquidation process beginning.
Perhaps someone with a greater insight into this environment could tell me if this is common place in such circumstances?

Incidentally was Craig Whyte not banned from being a director for putting assets beyond the reach of creditors?
To my mind this is exactly what the Duffers did.

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