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The law lords that Regan did not want to reference …

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The law lords that Regan did not want to reference was the ones who cleared Craig White, liquidated Rangers and brought about the verdict in the COS that Rangers as they were known cheated the HMRC and their employees by failing to pay PAYE and NIC on their earnings. 
To me this wipes out his argument guilty on all counts bar CW.
1. Craig White was not the guilty party
2. Rangers were liquidated by the HMRC for unpaid taxes
3. Rangers used a tax scam which was proven to be a scam
Now this is evident CW inherited Murrays wee tax case. SFA issued a licence whilst they knew of this tax to be paid and players were inelligble to play as they were not properly registerd.

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The Vice Closes
LUGOSISeptember 22, 2017 at 09:10 However, no matter which angle the matter is approached from or whichever aspect of the matter is found most egregious; be it the tax cheating, the lying, the concealment of documents,

What would you think would be the case if this was in the workplace you have an incident you leave get set for say a tribunal and the last minute you are advised to settle and you do. Howver it materialises that you were not provided with relevant document there was as you say concealment, what do you think the outcome of this would be, do you think the the Union would be onto it in a flash,
so where is the players union to claim back lost revenue for players due to the cheating and concealment the Union is Fraser Wishart talk about conflict of interest.

The Vice Closes
DunderheidSeptember 17, 2017 at 22:28 
Can anyone explain to me why we (in Scotland) should need to wait till 11:30pm on a Sunday night – by which time we have already been presented with 3 diets of EPL fare – before we are permitted to see highlights of our national sport on our (publicly-funded) national broadcaster?
They either want our kids to fall asleep in school or they want then to follow English football since thats where the spend the money on duds like Stoke,Sunderland etc and thats what gets the most exposure. I might just be a cynic but at least its an answer.

The Vice Closes
John ClarkSeptember 17, 2017 at 22:02 
I’m labouring under techy difficulties: I’ve lost the copy and paste facility and all the usual buttons at the top of the screen and I’ve no idea how to get the machine back to where it was!
John with your mouse go to the beginning of the sentence you wish to copy. Hold in left mouse button and move along left to right of the sentence or from beginning moving downwards to take in more and simply along to right or back if you go to far in the paragraph and if you have enough text remove you finger from the left mouse button and when all highlighted text is blue simply, click right mouse button and from drop down menu choose copy.
Go to  the comment baox and click where you want your sentence, paragraphs to begin and  simply click right mouse button and choose paste.
if this is too uncomfortable then another way which is simple also.
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Hope this helps

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Questions, questions, questions

Interesting the new Therangers top does not include the 5 stars, More puzzling is if they claim to be the old that they do not display a star to signify the achievement of the European Cup winners cup star as like Aberdeen do with their two stars to signify European success.

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 16th May 2022 At 01:02

“Vernallen 15th May 2022 At 17:29
‘.., the club formed in 2012, would be level with Celtic on European trophies, not one up as Keevins writes.’
Ach, I wouldnae bother with what , to me masel and in my opinion, is a tiresome auld scunner of a football hack. He bought into the absurd nonsense that RFC of 1872 is not in Liquidation, ”

I don’t think a man of his intelligence bought into the lie, more I think he helped with others to create it in order to protect his wages and ensure that some sort of old firm is kept alive to protect sports hacks from been made redundant, The man is a snake oil salesman who looks down on people who are more intellegent and clever in their opinions reyling on facts and refuse to lie for the wonga.

Questions, questions, questions
If it was revealed that the SFA decieved the public which in turn had implications for shareholders, would DD not been in breach of his duties to his and the clubs shareholders, which would make DD gulty, IMO, within the companies acts regulations.

Questions, questions, questions
Toffee accounts

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 19th March 2022 At 22:41

I’ve just been reading the nonsense about TRFC being RFC of 1872 at this link

Official Site

That url link about this tournament and the printed contents within are the biggest load of shite i have read for a long while. 55 is a lie for obvious reasons. same team as old is a lie for obvious reasons , demoted is another lie as the club never existed after liquidation to be demoted unless it achieved a CVA.
If this was world war 2 and German propaganda you could understand the reason for the lies and the need for morale; but it’s not it’s peactime and this is simply football and the death of an incorporated football club, They died end of and the evidence is easily obtainable for anyone interested.

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