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Oh for goodness sake Lugosi just listen to Roy Macgregor …

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Oh for goodness sake Lugosi just listen to Roy Macgregor saying it was nothing to do with him and he has no view one way or the other.

Or as Matt Lyndsay translates it – Roy says no review and its all vindictive Celtic’s fault.

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The Vice Closes
It seems so long ago now since we dealt with the basic tax impropriety at the root of all this.

Remind me, did the side letters provide any sort of indemnity to the recipient (the recipient of the loan funded by the investment sub trust put in place by the main trust for the ultimate benefit of the spouse or child that is 02) if HMRC were to come calling regarding back tax or did they only commit to making the initial non discretionary (oopsie)  payments to the trust? 

I seem to recall from the FTTT quite lengthy discussion regarding Mr .. (I forget the colour now but it was clearly McLeish) and the assurances his agent and advisors sought before accepting what was being proposed by Murray’s team.

The Vice Closes
A simply gorgeous moment for regular shortbread listeners tonight following on from the discussion above.  In a recorded interview with Johnathon Watson (I assume of only an excuse fame, I missed the start) he was asked, oddly, what his favourite (away?) game was.  He plumped for Rangers Marseilles in 92 and you could vividly imagine the producer settle into his armchair as the tales of wee Coisty, wee Durranty, wee Hatelyey spewed forth.  

As if required, my imaginary producer eggs on interviewer Macintyre “go on son, get to the cheating son, won the CL by default n’that…”. Kenny duly obliges and the conversation turns to Bernie Tapie and his indiscretions.

“Oh I quite agree” says Jonny and then launches into a quite wonderful tirade about stripping titles just like those cheating athletes…

GGARRRROOOOGAH goes my imaginary producers klaxon as he spits out his beverage launches himself from his seat and ushers Kenny onto Ian Macall discussing Ayr Utd vs QoTS.

Very funny.  One wonders if sidekick Tony Roper put him up to it.

The Vice Closes

sheeesh sheeesh sheeesh sheeesh (that was Mutley by the way)

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Fergus McCann v David Murray

reasonablechap 5th November 2020 at 08:24

I think that certainly in recent years, it would be much more accurate for it to read…

"When you pull on that jersey you are not just playing for a football club, you're playing for a PLC"

Sorry, me no understandy…

I thought the separation was an accepted given now no…?

Fergus McCann v David Murray
You have to remember Menace the “being out” and the positive test are not necessarily related.  As I understand it, Players 1-4 can be out and player 5, who is within just one of 1-4’s training bubble can test positive for the fan to struggle. 

Fergus McCann v David Murray
Agreed wottpi.  Aberdeen in a way actually called their bluff and said ok we’ll play.  The approach now seems to be that we’ll all simply avoid there being a repeat rather than address what I personally think is inevitable at some point.

and FWIW I still wouldn’t agree with giving “them upstairs“ executive powers to do what they deem fair.  They negated that possibility a long time ago.

Fergus McCann v David Murray
The issue would have been (I think) how does the SPFL order a game to be forfeit if “the offending side” is standing there ready to play? 

What will happen if for instance in the hypothetical match City versus Utd, 4 of City’s players and families are pictured in Dobbies having lunch in close proximity and the pictures hit the Rags websites?  Or, as is perfectly possible, 2 from each side?

i assume that’s the purpose of tomorrow’s zoom call with managers and captains.

Similarly I’m not sure on what grounds the SG could act.  They can order the postponement, as they did, not the forfeit.

and of course, if City happen to be top 5 premiership and Utd are part time, is it even fair to apply the play or forfeit rule?

Fergus McCann v David Murray
Absolutely Homunculus, particularly the last line. Which is what I suspect will make it completely unworkable.

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