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Auldheid, September 20th 2017 14.16 hours
I don’t think you have answered Homunculus’s question, which is: “Does the SFA have the (legal) power to obtain confidential taxpayer information from HMRC?”  It’s a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
I am not familiar with Inland Revenue rules and regulations, but I believe the taxpayer has to officially appoint an agent, and that agent has to be properly registered with HMRC, before it releases any of the taxpayer’s information to him or entertains him acting on behalf of his client.
For the SFA to obtain information of the taxpayer’s affairs, would the taxpayer not have to authorise it in writing to do so, and would this extend to all aspects of the taxpayer’s affairs?  If this were the case then the SFA would have to seek and hold a mandate from every club in the country as a matter of course.
  I am sure HMRC will divulge relevant documents and information to law enforcement agencies in response to search warrants or court orders, but I doubt it would do so simply at the request of a third party including the much respected Scottish Football Association.

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The Vice Closes
I see that the SFA is recruiting for a commercial director:

” . . . With revenue growth central to the successful delivery of their strategy, the Scottish FA are seeking an experienced and ambitious Commercial Director who will lead and direct all activities across sponsorship, retail, ticketing, business development and broadcasting. Overseeing a broad and influential portfolio and as one of the 4 members of the Operational Board, you will directly contribute to both the strategic and operational decision making process . . . “

Can you imagine some one like Regan heading the panel that determines whether the candidate has all the right attributes required by the governing body?  I would still like to know how Regan himself was headhunted for the top job and who the members of his interview board were.

The Vice Closes
Thank you, Jean, for that link.
This morning, as if on cue, Aberdeen’s chairman, Stuart Milne, gave an interview in the Daily Record expressing his desire to move on and not rake over the coals.  I smiled at the timing of this helpful voice on behalf of the beleaguered SFA.  Is this part of a rearguard action by the SFA, courtesy of Darryl Broadfoot’s chums in the media?
Regan must be sitting in his office on the 9th floor feeling like Richard Nixon did in the days before the Watergate dam burst.  However, I must reiterate what I posted on here yesterday.  At the end of the day poor little Stewart is merely a hired hand and will go with the flow.  What concerns me is the cabal at Hampden behind him who are determined to resist the review at all costs.  They know that their shenanigans might no longer be kept ‘in-lodge’ and have already resorted to the dirty tricks as evidenced by the leaked Celtic letter to ‘The Times’.  I would not be surprised if there is a sudden flurry of document shredding in the coming weeks before any commission can get its hands on them.
With the Celtic / SFA correspondence now in the open it is essential, more than ever, that the whole issue is not allowed to become merely an Old Firm spat.  The SFA will no doubt be briefing the SMSM to regard it as such in the desperate hope of dividing the fans.  In my view it will take more than the cabal and their brand new PR chappie to put one over the fans, particularly as we have truth on our side.

The Vice Closes
I am inclined to believe the John James assertion that the Celtic letter was leaked by Darryl Broadfoot on behalf of the SFA.  I was suspicious when Broadfoot, having left the employ of the SFA to set up his own PR company, was quickly appointed by the SFA as its PR arm.  It was as if it had all been nicely arranged in advance.  Why Broadfoot when there are a number of good established PR firms in the city to choose from?
Broadfoot’s role should be to portray his client in a good light regarding national football matters and club governance as well as giving advice on handling the media.  I don’t think he was hired for crisis management, but that’s exactly what he is doing right from the off.  In my eyes Regan is no more than a weak puppet, and we saw this when Ogilvy was president.  I’m sure it was the then president who urged him to tell the nation that Armageddon was imminent.  When Broadfoot was the SFA’s press officer he was given perhaps too much licence as an employee, particularly where disgruntled fans were involved. John Clark’s meeting with Alan McRae typically illustrates this where Broadfoot (“I am the SFA “) was the mouthpiece and the president was the nodding donkey.
The one thing about Traynor at Level 5 is his deviousness and ability to pull the chains of the media.  Dirty tricks and cunning are his bread and butter.  That is acceptable if you are representing a private client who has a vested interest in achieving certain undeserving aims.  It is certainly not acceptable for a public funded body whose function is to oversee fair play in our national sport.  The SFA has now backed itself into a corner and will no doubt be hoping that Level 5 will rally round to support it in the propaganda war.  I think Broadfoot is going to be disappointed, as there is no love lost between the Blue Room at Ibrox and Regan – and, of course, two can play at Broadfoot’s game!

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Sorry, the Sunday Mail extract I posted (above) omitted the Mark Allen article – now attached 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Homunculus December 24, 2017 at 12:15
Does anyone else suspect that  Mr Allen may see his future elsewhere.
It looks as if there is a whispering campaign against Allen within the Blue Room.  The Sunday Mail article (attached) suggests Mark is getting his retaliation in first before he becomes the next club official to ‘resign’.  Even the Herald feels the need to give its tuppenceworth on his role in this latest saga.  I wonder who has suddenly turned the spotlight on the esteemed Director of Football?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Does impecuniosity trump concomitant?

” Given the circumstances put forward by the respondent in support of his supposed impecuniosity they are of no significance. His impecuniosity is entirely self-generated….the Trusts have been willing to provide money for the purchase of Rangers shares when the respondent wished them to do so. Now, suddenly, when the respondent does not wish to comply with the terms of Rule 9 the Trusts no longer are willing to provide any money. “

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
WOTTPI Dec 20th 2017 at 16.56
As an aside it is obvious Lord Bannatyne wants things off his desk before the festive break.
If indeed His Lordship promulgates his judgment on Friday 22nd then I for one would be highly suspicious of the baffling delay in doing so.  Lord Bannatyne was required to make a comparatively simple ruling on whether he “may” or “must” decide.  It is not as if he was tasked with safeguarding the constitution of the realm.  Even sending a felon to the gallows would not entail the length of time this matter has sat on his desk.
With the recent flurry of activity down Ibrox way, I wonder if Lord Bannatyne has deliberately waited until certain moves have been completed so that any ‘cold shoulder’ process against King becomes superfluous.  Time and truth will tell.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Sour grapes or just some mischief making?  I heard on Radio Scotland’s sports slot this morning that Chris Jack is reporting there’s more to the McInnes appointment saga than meets the eye.  Apparently, progress talks even got as far as Derek selecting the Ibrox side for the Ross County game on Saturday.  Has the Concomitant King instructed his PR guru to stir the pot? 

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