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SPFL have just shown themselves to be as incompetent as …

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SPFL have just shown themselves to be as incompetent as the SFA. Time for Judicial Review.

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The Vice Closes
Thank you very much for the prompt and informative response.
Surely to goodness all reps from member clubs, and the rep from the SPFL should have voted for an independent Judicial review.

The Vice Closes
I’m a little puzzled here.
Regan has apparently issued a letter indicating that the SFA declines to take part in any Judicial Review.
I don’t think that he came to this decision on his own.
Can anyone advise whether such a decision would have been made by the Board of the SFA, and if so who are the members of this Board.
Would there have been any discussion with all clubs or representatives of a select few?
Any assistance in understanding this would be appreciated.

The Vice Closes
Long term lurker but very infrequent poster.
The publication of the letter in today’s Times is surely a massive game and opinion changer.
Time is surely quickly approaching when justice will be done, those responsible removed from office and unfairly won titles and trophies removed.
Up until a short time ago I had stayed away from my I pad whilst celebrating a rather high digit birthday with my wife and family who as usual had been very generous.
What an additional present when I clicked on the SFM website.
A special day indeed.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Well said bob cobb.
This person is totally destroying the site.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
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Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
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Who Is Conning Whom?
Please, please, please Mr Moderator.
please block this new chancer/ character Ernest whatever.
I have followed RTC since inception and have never in all the years scrolled past as much in my life.
When there is so much more of interest going on re The Rangers AGM, McInnes, Penaltygate, Impications of Resolution 11, Resolution 12 etc why ar3 we allowing this chancer so much air space.
I am a great believer in free speech etc but for gods sake gets this guy/ gall to f. 
Sorty but for the past few weeks he’s doing my nut in!

Who Is Conning Whom?
A complete and utter cover up if ever there was one.
It is patently obvious that the MSM, the current and former members of the SFA and some leading PR officers are up to their neck in it.
The Compliance Officer must be tearing his hair out trying to draft his decision which I am fairly certain will exonerate his current employer.
Then hopefully we will see the Resolution 12 men and Celtic take it on.
Judicial Review anyone?

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