The Vice Closes

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It’s looking more and more like it’s down to Celtic to push this matter. If they don’t it would appear to be done and dusted.
Call me yee of little faith but St Peter is not going to push this I can’t help thinking that he is playing to the fans and doing different in private. Hope I am wrong.

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The Vice Closes
The Dam is leaking.

The Vice Closes
Ach I don,t know what Regans worried about regards a review, all he has to do is follow the instructions of a very honourable chap here.

The Vice Closes
The history,might be of interest.
Scottish Football AssociationNot to be confused with Scottish Football Union.The Scottish Football Association (also known as the SFA and the Scottish FA), or Comann Ball-coise na h-Alba in Scottish Gaelic, is the governing body of football in Scotland and has the ultimate responsibility for the control and development of football in Scotland. Members of the SFA include clubs in Scotland, affiliated national associations as well as local associations. It was formed in 1873, making it the second oldest national football association in the world. It is not to be confused with the “Scottish Football Union”, which is the name that the SRU was known by until the 1920s.
Scottish Football AssociationUEFAScottish Football Association Logo.svgFounded 13 March 1873; 144 years agoHeadquarters EdinburghFIFA affiliation 1910UEFA affiliation 1954IFAB affiliation 1886President Alan McRae[1]The Scottish Football Association sits on the International Football Association Board which is responsible for the laws of the game. The SFA is also a member of FIFA and founder member of UEFA. It is based at Hampden Park in Glasgow. In addition, the Scottish Football Museum is located there.
The Scottish Football Association is responsible for the operation of the Scotland national football team, the annual Scottish Cup and several other duties important to the functioning of the game in Scotland
 Following the formation of Scotland’s earliest football clubs in the 1860s, football experienced a rapid growth but there was no formal structure, and matches were often arranged in a haphazard and irregular fashion.
Queen’s Park, a Glasgow club founded in 1867, took the lead, and following an advertisement in a Glasgow newspaper in 1873, representatives from seven clubs – Queen’s Park, Clydesdale, Vale of Leven, Dumbreck, Third Lanark, Eastern and Granville – attended a meeting on 13 March 1873. Furthermore, Kilmarnock sent a letter stating their willingness to join.
That day, these eight clubs formed the Scottish Football Association, and resolved that:
The clubs here represented form themselves into an association for the promotion of football according to the rules of The Football Association and that the clubs connected with this association subscribe for a challenge cup to be played for annually, the committee to propose the laws of the competition.[3]
Chief executive 
The chief executive of the Scottish Football Association oversees the development of football in Scotland and the administration of disciplinary matters, and is also responsible for the general organisation of the national side. One of the most prominent roles of the chief executive is to hire and dismiss Scotland national football team managers.[4]
There have been eight chief executives since 1882:[5]
John McDowall (1882–1928)Sir George Graham (1928–1957)Willie Allan (1957–1977)Ernie Walker CBE (1977–1990)Jim Farry (1990–1999)David Taylor (1999–2007)Gordon Smith (2007–2010)[6]Stewart Regan (2010–present)[7]National teams
Scottish FA regions
Club competitions
Club licensing 
The Scottish Football Association encourages quality of governance in football clubs through a system of club licence awards. All SFA member clubs are assessed annually in four areas (grounds, first team support, youth team support, and governance) and, if appropriate, awarded a licence at gold, silver, bronze or entry level. As of January 2015, gold-level licences have been awarded to only two clubs, Celtic and Hibernian. All clubs in the Scottish Professional Football League are required to be licensed at entry level or above, this has been extended to the Highland Football League and Lowland Football League.
Member clubs 
As of January 2017, 88 clubs are full members of the Scottish Football Association, comprising:
All 42 clubs in the Scottish Professional Football LeagueAll 18 clubs in the Highland Football LeagueAll 16 clubs in the Lowland Football League2 clubs in the East of Scotland Football League: Burntisland Shipyard and Coldstream5 clubs in the South of Scotland Football League: Newton Stewart, St Cuthbert Wanderers, Wigtown & Bladnoch, Threave Rovers and Edusport Academy3 junior clubs: Banks O’ Dee, Girvan and Linlithgow Rose2 amateur clubs: Glasgow University and Golspie SutherlandAffiliated associations
National associations The Scottish Football Association has affiliated to it the following six national associations:
Scottish Amateur Football AssociationScottish Junior Football AssociationScottish Schools Football AssociationScottish Youth Football AssociationScottish Welfare Football AssociationScottish Women’s FootballLocal associations EditThe following nine local associations are affiliated:
Aberdeenshire and District Football AssociationEast of Scotland Football AssociationFife Football AssociationForfarshire Football AssociationGlasgow Football AssociationNorth of Scotland Football AssociationSouthern Counties Football AssociationStirlingshire Football AssociationWest of Scotland Football Association

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
HAYWIREDECEMBER 23, 2017 at 18:16 9 5 Rate This
OK!! So where are all the green & white charlatans who refer to the second oldest (my) team in Scotland as ‘Ayrshire Rangers’ tonight? Humble pie anyone
I am not a green and white man but I hold my hand up and say I thought Boyd would not have tried a leg. Well done Killie.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
DOM16DECEMBER 21, 2017 at 15:13 5 1 Rate This
Interesting to note the John James last two blogs are only accessible via a payment and pin method
Dom 16
that takes away the temptation to pop in and see what the nutter is ranting about.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Jim Spence article on cheats.

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
Prepare to lift your jaw back off the floor should you decide to read this guff.

Enough is enough
John Clark
12 The Aberdeen pie stuck out for me too.

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