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As the SPFL perform an unexplained backward somersault on their …

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As the SPFL perform an unexplained backward somersault on their previously stated position one is left to ponder on where we go from here.
Auldheid is, as always, performing heroics keeping us up to speed in general terms and to him I am grateful.
However, no matter which angle the matter is approached from or whichever aspect of the matter is found most egregious; be it the tax cheating, the lying, the concealment of documents, the inaction of authorities, the denials, the deflection, the spin, the fobbing off, the impact on other clubs, the extraction of fans’ money under false pretences, the Permarage, the ongoing sectarianism, racism and bigotry, the casual disregard for imperfectly registered players, the tolerance of certain individuals anywhere near the administration of a football business (other disgraces are available), certain things keep coming up.
At the risk of underthinking I view the matter as nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle. It’s not even a particularly difficult jigsaw. The only problem is that we’ve been trying to complete the jigsaw while a number of the jigsaw pieces have been deliberately withheld from us.
One of the pieces that is missing is that while the caravan has kept rolling the barking of certain dogs has been conspicuously absent.
I don’t think I have seen a reference to, far less heard a word from, Nicholas Stewart or Charles Flint in the last four and a half years.
These gentlemen it will be recalled, or perhaps some wish you would not recall, comprised two-thirds of the Commission chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith. It will be recalled that the Commission Decision on 28th February 2013 was unanimous and accordingly none of the three Commission members displayed the testicular fortitude shown by Dr Heidi Poon in proceedings in another place.
The question remains; no matter where we are is there anything to stop the three Commission members, all of whom hold/held the rank of Queen’s Counsel, from being asked to provide an Opinion on what they were told then and what we know now?
If they want a Fee pay it; it’ll be buttons in the scheme of the shape of things to come.
The learned gentlemen will know that one potential outcome, whether they wish to be amenable now or not, is that they may be cited to appear at a Judicial Review and be obliged to give evidence under oath when the same questions can be asked but this time the answers will have to be the truth, nothing but the truth and that oft overlooked part of the oath, the whole truth.
It might only be one piece of the jigsaw but it would put a lot of the “Lord Nimmo Smith said…” myth to bed.

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The Vice Closes
It looks like Kenny Miller isn’t the only one not going to that prestigious tournament in Canada next week.
The Ibrox Statement has more than a whiff of Chris Ze List’s crayon about it with a bizarre reference to Benfica losing to Basel in the Champions League midweek. One can only hope Benfica put out a Statement putting their side of the story and refer to the Ibrox club being unbeaten in the Champions League this year and in two games within a couple of days they held Partick Saint-Germain to draws over ninety minutes.
Does what might have happened in Ontario stay in Ontario?
The Kenny Miller saga should be interesting.
I note the mantra of no player being bigger than the club is being aired but is Mr Miller not permitted to say that he is? Given that Mr Miller is thirty two years older than the club he’s bound to be a tad more developed.

The Vice Closes
Press Conferences are going to be a breeze from now.
“So, Brendan, what are your views on the defeat the other night?”
“I’ve not got a clue what that word means and I wouldn’t know about anything to do with the situation that you’re talking about. Sorry.”
Voice Off (Possibly Interstellar PR):
“Incidentally, the club was not defeated. That’s quite wrong. And there’s no point in asking questions about that.”
And that’ll be the end of that.
Unless one club is treated differently.
Does anyone know who it was that asked an honest question/peddled a vile falsehood?
I’ve seen Keefs name being mentioned and it sounds like him but I thought he was banned from…well, everywhere. He’s certainly banned from my house.
Are we really at the stage that a guy from a paper which printed the fact that a club died is being told by the guy who wrote in the same paper that the club died that the club didn’t die?
I think we are now officially Through The Looking Sash.

The Vice Closes
I’m trying to think of a reason why the Scottish Champions were outplayed (and if it hadn’t have been for Neymar outclassed ) last night.
I keep getting told that the fact that opponents have spent vast sums of money, even if the source of that money is not lawful and allows an opponent to acquire players that they could not otherwise afford, confers no sporting advantage. So that can’t be the reason. It is hard to disagree with the argument that Mbappe would have gone to PSG for the petrol money. If it were later to transpire that the undeclared petrol money was of an amount sufficient to drain a couple of oil wells and was delivered to him in brown paper wheelbarrows I’ve been told this would only be an imperfectly registered learning. Similarly, if the source of the petrol money were The Great Train Robbery I’ve been told this happened a long time ago and we should move on. I think the source of this story was R. Biggs who said it was all a misunderstanding and he won’t do it again. Well, that’s good enough for me.
So what’s the reason?
If only this sport had some sort of governing body to provide guidance and supervision and adherence to rules and learnings and…

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Big Pink DECEMBER 18, 2017 at 02:37
I shall certainly waste no time visiting the new thread.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Pardon my language but sometimes only the ‘C’ word is apt.
Spoutpish is a Concomitant.
He’s read through something called ‘Insolvency Law’, don’t you know?
He sees nothing incongruous about posting his view on sending someone to the moon to howl at the flat earth. He did so at quarter past midnight.
A troll, no matter how thick and briefly amusing, is not just for Christmas. It’s not just for any time of year.
Will no-one rid us of this turbulent Concomitant?

Who Is Conning Whom?
Trisidium advised that if Spoutpish continued trolling past the Champions League group stages the Ethereal Bonkers OCNC Thread would probably be resurrected.
Since that deadline one whole day has passed.
In that one day I’ve had to scroll past ten, yes, ten (10), posts by the world’s worst hundercover agent as well as scrolling past any posts which engaged with his drivel.
The staunch, dignified, respectful, traditional practice of The Spouting Of The Pish continues without fear, favour or brain cell. I think that satisfies the “if” condition in Trisidium’s advice.
I believe the appropriate procedure can be found in Superman II. Spoutpish is entrapped in gyrating circles before being encased in a spinning rectangular glass and then banished to The Phantom Zone of an OCNC thread all the while shrieking “Niall Before Zod”.
Mark Twain was not a fan of Jane Austen. It was his view that any library is a good library that does not contain Jane Austen. Even if it contains no other book.
Much the same could be said of Spoutpish. If Spoutpish is absent from a site that one omission alone would make a fairly good site out of a site even if it didn’t have a blog, post, comment or anything else in it.
How many times do we have to flush to make this go away?

Who Is Conning Whom?
On the second day of Advent my true troll brought to me,
Two posts pishladen…
Only one more sleep (or night at the keyboard) until the fitting of the jacket with the fasteners at the back.

Who Is Conning Whom?
TRISIDIUM DECEMBER 3, 2017 at 03:09
So from Tuesday night Spoutpish is going to be sectioned.
About time.
If history is anything to go by we are about to be treated to a Three Day Advent Calendar with the slipping of the mask and some offensive (i.e. even more offensive than usual) opinions ending with full blown Spoutpishtardism.
The last time Spoutpish shapeshifted (I think BLUE was in that incarnation’s username) he was immediately identified and one or two posters pointed it out observing that his aim was to choke threads with interminable, inane, long disproven revisionism. The site’s response at that time was to shut down any criticism, put Spoutpish in cotton wool and treat him with kid gloves.
I recall that one poster (Hector?), who had always come across as reasonable and unobjectionable was either asked to leave or chose to leave because Spoutpish’s right to spout pish outweighed Hector’s right to point out that Spoutpish was not only spouting pish but he was doing so in a way designed to derail threads with an avalanche of delusional posts which would eventually turn into hissy fits.
And so it came to pass.
Spoutpish got the boot.
However the site also lost Hector who by my lights was worth any number of Spoutpishes.
In Spoutpishland that’s a victory for Spoutpish.
At least we now know that from Tuesday night Spoutpish will have a comfy, padded thread all of his own where he can “debate” with the no doubt throngs of devotees wishing to sit at his feet receiving his words of wisdom all of which will conclude with the ancient mantra:

I Am The Person.

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