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Tayred   I’m afraid I think that your views on this are …

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I’m afraid I think that your views on this are straight-down-the-middle support for encroachment on the right to freedom of speech.
We already have laws in Scotland to deal with (inter alia) breach of the peace, racist or sectarian behaviour and the like.  We even have the damnable (and incoherent) OBAF Act.
Although you’re singling out songs referencing IRA/UDA/UVF and similar, what you’re actually asking for is that songs you yourself (and, I would accept, perhaps many thousands of others) don’t like to be proscribed.
As you rightly assert, there are scores of songs sung by fans of almost every club which will be objectionable to their rivals or, indeed, to neutrals.
To take the point a wee bit further: here’s a wee list of songs sung by visiting fans at Celtic Park which I myself (a match-going Celtic supporter) strongly dislike …  but (while I lament those fans’ apparent need to sing such ‘songs’) which I understand and accept those fans’ have a right to sing:
Jimmy Savile, he’s one of your own
In your Glasgow slums
The sash my father wore
I was born under a Union Jack
Big Jock knew
Just for balance, here’s a selection of other ditties that are often heard, which seem to break existing laws (not counting any which may [or may not] fall foul of the OBAF Act), yet against which no action is ever taken:

The Famine Song
The Billy Boys
UDA all the way (Eff the Pope and the IRA)
No Pope of Rome (no chapels to sadden my eye, etc)

Living in a democratic country which enjoys considerable freedom of speech, I’m strongly against supporting any tack that would lead us down the OBAF route. 

But I would quite like to see the exiting laws being enforced.

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The Vice Closes
Big Pink @ 02:27
Good observations.
However, the elephant missing from the (S)MSM room you describe is the publicly-funded BBC Scotland sports department.   (Affectionately known by many in the bampot community as ‘BBC Shortbread’.)
How might one reasonably account for the absence of honesty and endeavour in Shortbread’s coverage of the Rangers (IL) saga?
On the face of it, the BBC’s sports coverage in Scotland is massively compromised by its wide scale employment of known EBT recipients and apologists.
This manifests itself by its (BBC Scotland’s) abject failure to report objectively on the whole EBT, Res 12, Continuation Rangers, SFA/SPFL obfuscation fiasco.
Since the BBC has no commercial imperative akin to that faced by the printed media, is their sports team in Scotland also beholden to ratings-conscious editors or senior managers?
In my humble opinion, they are plainly failing to serve the licence paying public by not encouraging informed debate and discussion; often even completely ignoring significant breaking news.  For example, on their piss-poor coverage of the Court of Session then Supreme Court rulings on the use of EBTs.

The Vice Closes
Can anyone explain to me why we (in Scotland) should need to wait till 11:30pm on a Sunday night – by which time we have already been presented with 3 diets of EPL fare – before we are permitted to see highlights of our national sport on our (publicly-funded) national broadcaster?

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
UTH @ 16:15

I posed a semi-rhetorical question a few weeks ago, wondering about the CO’s terms of reference and to whom he is required to report his findings.

I also wonder what he must (or should) do if he finds that the person (or persons/committee) to whom he is expected to report is implicated in any wrong-doing he might find.

If, for example, he is expected to report to (his boss) the CEO or the President, yet he finds either (or both) to have been negligent (or worse), who should he tell?

Who Is Conning Whom?
justbecauseyoureparanoid 08:53 said:
‘Anyone seen or heard of the SFA’s compliance officer recently?’

Good question, after all this time.

I may have missed it, but can I also ask: Has anyone seen his precise terms of reference; and can anyone tell us to whom he will report?

Enough is enough
I, too, have just had a listen to the fans’ survey podcast (available here

I presume some decision makers at the SFA will also have listened to it by now.

Although it is (almost) certain Mr Broadfoot would have been briefed on what tack to take during the on-air discussion, I wonder if those at the SFA involved in his commissioning for the task will be content with Mr Broadfoot’s contribution to the ‘debate’.

From this listener’s perspective, this was an ideal, early opportunity for the SFA to pour some much needed, soothing oil on the troubled waters thrown up by the fans’ survey.

Instead, what we witnessed was a mystifyingly sneering and disdainful SFA spokesman liberally sprinkling unnecessary petrol.

I must also compliment Paul Goodwin for keeping his calm throughout and being well-prepared for this ‘encounter’.

Enough is enough

Interesting thoughts.

I also wonder how the Celtic Board currently views the SFA, SPFL and all other domestic rival clubs at this time, given the shocking state of governance in the game as a whole and the singular lack of support for Celtic’s questioning of same.

It strikes me as highly improbable that (at this time and maybe at any other time, given the commercial realities) Celtic would gladly agree to give more of its prize money to its domestic rivals.

Maybe something could be worked on vis-a-vis TV income, but it would be small beer in comparison to the riches of the CL – which is where I think Celtic wants to see itself competing in the medium to long-term.

Enough is enough

See here for screen shot of the match stats:

Looks like a very even contest, statistically speaking.

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