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Interesting discussion on here tonight over EBT legitimacy (or lack thereof). We’ve been holding off on a new blog in the expectation that there may be something to report on the JR front, however a resolution has remained frustratingly elusive thus far.

Also noticed some very disingenuous (well childish actually) statements on Twitter on the origins of the WhatsApp story that Phil wrote about a few weeks ago. 

Emboldened by Trump’s success in telling barefaced lies and ignoring the actual elephant in the room representing truth, one self-styled ‘real’ journalist keeps repeating on Twitter that Phil stole the story from Keith Jackson (yes, that right – no giggling at the front).

Another reminder that the Rangers saga has only served to throw a spotlight on the real problem in our national game – the complete moral and professional bankruptcy of the press, and the systematic failure of leadership of the SFA and SPFL. 

It also highlights the desperate – losing – battle for survival the MSM is waging with alternative media outlets.

For the playground bullies of the the MSM on Twitter, a serious problem lurks behind the arrogance, the condescension, and the bluster. That is the terminal decline of trust in the media, and the commensurate fall-off-a-cliff ratings disaster which has seen ‘restructuring’ of newsrooms take place almost as regularly as print editions.

There are those in the media who would like to tell the other side of the story, but they are denied the opportunity to do so by ratings-conscious editors. There are some who would like to elevate the debate to include dissenting voices, but clearly the line which has been agreed is to mount personal attacks on dissenters. 

One would have thought that encouraging debate and discussion would be a healthy thing for the media, but in fact the only reason I even know that (for example) there is a debate over whether or not Rangers cheated their way to several honours, or whether or not the SFA helped them get away with it, is when people deny it on TV, on radio, and in the papers.

The war between alternative media outlets and the dinosaurs in the press is all but over. In five years there will be no print media in Scotland. Tighter the money becomes, the landscape becomes denser with Chris Jack types, the circulation dries up even more, and money becomes tighter. Rinse and repeat.

Sadly, people are losing jobs, and will continue to do so, because the press can’t do their jobs, because they refuse to tell the truth, because they are desperate to become part of the establishment that they should be holding to account.

Maybe a better, more honest print media will emerge, Sevco-like, from the ashes of the old. A quick browse through the adolescent e-tagging on Twitter from those ‘real’ hacks does not make me hopeful.

The Vice Closes

… and speaking of updates, I feel pretty confident that, bearing in mind Tris’s Tweet last week about the impending JR, there will be some movement very soon on that front.

As we said at the outset of this process, there are no certainties, but the feeling right now is that there is a case for the SFA to answer, and that there is a way of achieving standing to take the case forward.

That is what needs to be done next. The clubs have by and large let us down. Right now we have fans’ groups representing four clubs who have indicated their wish for a review publicly. It is important to widen that support base considerably to show unequivocally that fans of Scottish football are not as phlegmatic as the money-men in the face of cheating.

One small request. Does anyone have any reliable figures with the total ST sales in Scotland this year?

The Vice Closes

Have been on to the ad guys about the bloated stuff being served. Will get back to everyone asap with an update.

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