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RyanGosling says: August 1, 2014 at 10:13 pm ‘This conversation will not …

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RyanGosling says:
August 1, 2014 at 10:13 pm

‘This conversation will not end. It will be whatabouttery on repeat until people get bored or so worked up the comments are moderated’

Ryan, you started this conversation, the one that ‘will not end’. You introduced the whataboutery. If you do not want these type of conversations here, don’t start them. But you have managed to steer the conversation from a very serious piece of online rabble rousing to an argument over ‘whataboutery’. Well done.

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The Way it Works
Although both the BBC and DR reports are clearly from the same press conference, their reports are markedly different, with the DR suggesting George Sorros, himself, is involved, although they do say ‘claimed’ to be involved, and the Beeb reporting it’s Sorros Fund Managers. Now both give more or less identical quotes from Green, who makes no mention of either George Sorros or Sorros Fund Managers. So where did they both get the name ‘Sorros’ from? Could it be that Green only mentioned the connection ‘off the record’ to them individually? I certainly can’t think of any other reason why both reports would miss such an important quote, if there was one. Clearly both reporters didn’t come up with the name themselves, so someone had to give it to them, probably with Chris McGlaughlin having the sense to ask if it was George Sorros himself they were (claiming to be) dealing with.

In truth, the story itself is more about the possible return of Green than George Sorros being interested in investing, with a similar ring to when he first appeared, as again he’s going to be the board representative of his consortium should his plan come to pass, with the combined voting power to do whatever he wants.

The Way it Works

According to the BBC, George Soros, the man himself, is not involved with Charles Green, but a firm of fund managers, bearing his name, is. How close the link is between the fund managers and the man, who knows? I’d suspect, that however close George Soros is to Soros Fund Management, he won’t be taking much interest in a proposal to enter a consortium seeking to raise the miserly, to him and his ilk, sum of £10m.

On the other hand, Green seems to have a knack of persuading normally shrewd fund managers to part with other people’s hard earned and, even though he might not be able to do it again in this country, the US might possibly be an unspoiled market for him.

Changing hands again, though, and we see from the Beeb’s report that, in Green’s words (would you accept the ‘word’ of Green?), he is ‘close’ to raising ‘up to’ £10m and Soros F M are only ‘interested’.

True to Green’s PR form there’s nothing concrete, there’s a big name to band about and he’s painting himself as some sort of reluctant hero by riding to the club’s rescue once again. Added to that there appears to be no attempt by his pet hacks to verify his claims.

Interesting, too, is the snippet that some ‘senior Rangers official’ has been involved in talks with Soros F M. Strange then, that this ‘great news’ should be released by a man most bears wouldn’t want near their club again rather than a spokesperson from a board desperate to win favour with their customers.

The Way it Works

So, according to the BBC, one of the interested parties is Soros Fund Management, not the man himself, but I suppose the name has a certain cache to it. Still plenty of time Stateside for the Beeb, or the Record for that matter, to contact Soros Fund Managers to find out if they have anything to say about their new found investment opportunity. They all seemed to forget that part of a journalist’s remit (check the facts) with Dallas Cowboys, so now’s another opportunity to try it out. You’d actually be doing the bears a favour to prevent another unfounded belief that a saviour is on the way, unless, of course, one is…

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Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
StevieBC 8th May 2020 at 12:54

I think your point was addressed in page 2 of the SPFL letter, Stevie, (sorry, can't copy and paste it) in the paragraph that begins, 'Several of us have also been asked…' where it ends by saying that they can't comment until after the EGM, which I think would naturally be the case.

Can I say that the SPFL board do not seem to have missed TRFC, and in particular Stewart Robertson, and hit the wall. It is also clear from the paragraph I refer to that some of the clubs, at least, share our view that TRFC's actions are/were 'bringing the game into disrepute'. There appears to be genuine anger within the ranks of the SPFL, though it looks like Robertson has been set up to be the sacrificial lamb (or lump under the carpet) and may be used to deflect the full repercussions from the club he was acting on behalf of. 

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
incredibleadamspark 8th May 2020 at 11:49 Allyjambo, all that’s a possible for sure but I just feel that for some fans it doesn’t matter if you wear the green and grey hoops or an orange away top you will fit your views around certain events in Scottish football to suit predetermined opinions/conspiracies. Scottish football is facing an uncertain future, as is our society, and the way Rangers have went about things has been an absolute embarrassment. I just can not see what they are hoping to achieve. Stay safe.


I agree that many/most supporters of all clubs (even ones who conflate grey with white) form their opinions around whatever suits their argument, it is more or less the same in every aspect of life, but as you say, TRFC's vindictive attempt at achieving goodness knows what is an absolute embarrassment, especially to thinking bears; and Celtic, whether through integrity or just having smarter people at the top, are extremely unlikely to ever make such a pig's ear of trying to 'encourage' others to facilitate their required outcome.

Hope you stay safe, too.

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
incredibleadamspark 8th May 2020 at 10:38

While Celtic may well have done their level best to ensure TRFC were not handed the league title I very much doubt they'd have come up with the amateurish 'dossier' type 'evidence' that TRFC have produced. For one thing, they wouldn't have had to try too hard to come up with some sort of leverage, such as Resolution12, or even threaten, privately, to raise the good old secret 5 Way Agreement. 

I'm pretty certain that Celtic could, if they so wished, end the Great Lie and finish off, not only TRFC, but also all those who aided and abetted them while involved in the game's governance in 2012 and for some time before and after. They could also just threaten to raise Financial Fair Play with UEFA showing how TRFC signed players they couldn't afford (even after they'd posted such disastrous, touch and go UEFA compliant, Accounts) that enabled them to go so far in the UEFA Cup.

It certainly appears that Celtic have little to fear from TRFC's vindictiveness in terms of honesty and rule breaking, while the opposite is true the other way round, which is why they, TRFC, have had to go after their erstwhile friends at Hampden.

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
Is there any posters on here that think TRFC's long awaited 'Dossier' was worth the wait, or does everyone agree that every doubt expressed as to the likelihood of it containing any 'smoking gun' evidence was right on the money?

I've not read it, and never will, but every critique I've read so far makes it clear that no one has found anything in it that should worry the two named SPFL board members, or anyone else involved (other than Stewart Robertson, TRFC's own man) and that it's nothing more than, at best, a list of questions to be answered, if anyone has the time.

Most notably, the distinct lack of any suggestion of 'bullying', far and away the most serious of the 'leaked' allegations, appears to be missing.

I have to say, though, that in my distrust of the game's governors I am a tad disappointed in it's patheticness*, as a can of worms once opened is very difficult to close, allowing more worms out that may at first have been sought. Anyone else feel the same way?

*Not an actual word, maybe, but then TRFC are not actually the club they claim to be either, so it's alright, see!

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
Tweet from Graham Spiers

"Key part of Rangers’ accusatory statement of April 11: “bullying”. That is a very serious allegation about #SPFL governance. I’m wading through this RFC “dossier” trying to find evidence of “bullying” but haven’t found it yet. But give it time."

I'm sure page 200 will provide the smoking gun and it will take some time for all who have the dossier to reach mail

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