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Just a thought. If Charles has such great connections what …

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Just a thought. If Charles has such great connections what stopped the Soros guys from investing first time round?

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The Way it Works
“Invest in Rangers you say. Did you Soros comin doon ra Clyde in a bananae boat?”

I”all get ma coat!!

The Way it Works
Now Green claims he has investors ready to stabilise the club financially.
One of the interested parties is Soros Fund Management and it is believed the US-based group have held talks with a senior Rangers official.


Lest we forget

RANGERS are on the brink of sealing a deal with strip manufacturing giants adidas to produce the Ibrox club’s kit from next season.

Chief executive Charles Green and director Imran Ahmad revealed to fans in Canada that the club hopes to announce the partnership with the German giants, who will take over from Umbro, next week.

Green and Ahmad are on a whistle-stop tour of four cities – Toronto, New York, Orlando and Houston – in four days to speak to North American supporters’ groups and discuss commercial and sporting partnerships – including a potential link-up with NFL giants Dallas Cowboys.

“We have been in talks with Dallas Cowboys about commercial partnership and we are looking to start an academy in North America.”


IIRC Peter A Smith of STV is still waiting to see that copy of the Cowboys email Green assured him he had while on camera.

Oh Charlie you are a laugh.

The Way it Works
As discussed earlier the Celtic board have a duty to their shareholders and the potential to reach the lucrative group stages is still there.

My guess is that despite all that has been said about sporting integrity etc Celtic will remain silent until after UEFA have heard the appeal and will just accept the end decision either way saying it had nothing to do with them.

If they go through a nicely worded statement along the lines of adhering to UEFA rules, acknowledging they got humped by the better team and wishing Legia Warsaw all the best will probably do the trick.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
HOMUNCULUSDECEMBER 28, 2017 at 13:48

Indeed. And that was my other thought.
Even if Mark Allen does a good job T”Rangers wouldn’t see any cash for any upcoming talent (internal or bought in)  for a god number of years.
To date a good few lads showing talent have been allowed to leave to keep the lights on.
At present the only prospect they have is McRorie who I think has stepped up and performed well when asked.He certainly has confidence and could develop into a decent centre back playing with the likes of Souttar for Scotland.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I am sure the thought will have crossed other’s minds but will say it anyway.
Celtics ‘free money’ from the VVD  transfer is more than T’Rangers stated  loan requirements to keep the lights on for the next year or two.
Thats the size of the gap between Celtic and the rest of us.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
DECEMBER 22, 2017 at 12:56

Lets just call it 14 February for old times sake and serendipity. 21

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Statement O’clock but on another matter.

ClydeSSB tweeting Murty appointed until end of the season.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
EASYJAMBODECEMBER 22, 2017 at 10:33

Thought that may be the case but was wondering if someone would be trying to get ahead of the game.

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