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Just thought we should remember it’s not just up here …

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Just thought we should remember it’s not just up here that dodgy football club owners are at it:

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The Way it Works
RyanGosling says:
August 8, 2014 at 11:02 am
First we can’t be sure where all the information was coming from. Some could have come from inside Ibrox, for instance, we don’t know.

Second the way the article is worded it pretty well suggests HMRC leaked material deliberately for which there is absolutely no evidence. Now it is just possible that an employee in HMRC leaked some evidence – as well as other folk elsewhere but that does not equate to an HMRC plot as is implied by those quoted in the article and is indeed implied by the article as it just lumps this accusation in with the general HMRC were persecuting Rangers accusation.

The Way it Works
This from the Herald:

I see they don’t mention that Rangers admitted several instances of “guilt” (repeated regularly on here) or that it is quite common for HMRC to pursue such cases all the way as far as they can go.

In other words it’s an article that (not blatantly, but subtly) to my mind anyway that HMRC are being unfair. If you put one side of a case strongly and say little for the other side I’d say you’re putting one side’s case. In fact a few other accusations are made against HMRC with no comeback by them (e.g. HMRC supposedly leaked Rangers tax details).

The Way it Works
scapaflow says:
August 3, 2014 at 6:34 pm

upthehoops says:
August 3, 2014 at 6:21 pm
He is a buffoon. On the other hand, he is a good example of yet another problem that Rangers have: the caliber of their advocates. With friends like these, Rangers actually have all the enemies they might wish for

That’s true but even truer is upthehoops’ point that such a person should not be working for the BBC – one can only assume they continue to employ a buffoon who is patently prejudiced towards one team because they feel they themselves share such a prejudice (and can’t find anyone better to express it). Personally I feel that (although some departments, like documentaries, still do good work) the BBC both UK and Scottish have really declined in quality and neutrality in recent years.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One

JIMBODECEMBER 19, 2017 at 16:17

Thing is, some folk – in fact many – can be smart and talented in one field but quite dumb when it comes to other fields.  Even university professors.  It’s all about what you bother to learn about and how you apply what you learn (and it can be affected by laziness, arrogance, prejudice and so on).

These folk get the attitude that because they know a lot about one thing they have an attitude that their expertise automatically transfers into other spheres of which they know very little.  Of course Lambert knows about football – about playing it and coaching, but he doesn’t know anything about what been going on in Scottish football these last couple of decades and no doubt has given no more than a very superficial effort into trying to find out. 

Who Is Conning Whom?
Just had a quick browse through sheepish fan forums.  Seems a general inclination to back McInnes.  Also seems that statement from Rangers will have been very helpful to McInnes in getting continued backing from AFC fans.

Who Is Conning Whom?


While I think you may be right about this, the question is how do you prove it and who will pursue it even if some proof is found
The Football authorities will be unwilling and the thing is Rangers have always been able to “tap” people they want without using the usual under the table methods.  They have the whole SMSM to do that for them.  
My own feeling is while McInnes may have been a wished for target they may have already decided they can’t afford him, however the process has undermined a key opponent.  An official approach (one in which apparently they were unwilling to upfront the money as required) can be seen as them justifying what they did retrospectively. 
They may even believe there’s an outside chance with the SMSM help they can force Aberdeen to drop their demand for all the money upfront and that McInnes will jump ship.  But their main object will already have been achieved regardless.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Could this refusal by Aberdeen be not down to annoyance at TRanger’s unsettling their manager but due to TRangers’ being unwilling to show evidence of of ability/willingness to pay the compensation due.  (E.g. put all or large part of money due into 3rd party account??)

Enough is enough
@ JOHN CLARKNOVEMBER 8, 2017 at 11:22
I must really add that while what you are saying is absolutely true your particular emphasis seems to suggest that the BBC is reliable outside of football reporting.  I may be quite mistaken, if so apologies.  But I think it’s worth saying here that the BBC (and other media outlets) are very much establishment biased and not just in sport. 

For instance there’s a  bit of a rammy just about tax evaders in the MSM but this will pass quickly and the media will move on to other things.  On the other hand every week for years not only do you regularly see stuff about benefit cheats there are whole TV programs appearing about them creating the impression it is a massive problem when in fact the figure estimated by government for this is about 2% of those claiming benefits – and in fact many for various reasons don’t get benefits they are honestly due.   

Now if the papers had been filled every day for years with articles criticising tax dodgers and there was a weekly TV program on folk dodging tax I bet government might feel pressure to do more about it.  However the MSM know they can get away with brief attacks on the powerful creating the impression of even handedness when over a longer period they are anything but.  

I’d better stop here as I’m wandering way off-topic. 
Apologies if I bored some of you.  But to try to tie it to on-topic, don’t just think the pro-Ibrox bias is a purely a football thing, it’s part of a more general attitude in the MSM.

BTW JohnJames site has …well … a rant on this. Has a real go at the BBC.

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