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Their Master’s Voice
Question for Steerpike. RTC and TSFM have been running for some time.Why so long to input your point of view?

Their Master’s Voice
Clearly the SFA have lied to UEFA. They have lied so many times to so many people,they wouldn’t know the truth if it came in a big new bus. Utterly disgraceful.

Their Master’s Voice
How long before they’re circling the wagons?
No wheels on my wagon
And I’m not rolling along
HMRC,have caught up with me……music fades,…….

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Enough is enough
Homunculus November 11 at 9:12
unfortunately, the Edmiston Drive shape shifters don’t do proper procedure.

Enough is enough
Just listened to the podcast regarding the fans survey. Whilst we all know where his allegiances lie,Daryl Broadfoot’s level of deflection,spite,and all round rudeness was a disgrace. This guy should not have been allowed near this programme far less the SFA.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
I haven’t posted for some time. Been lurking though. Only on a blog like SFM would you find words Like Impecuniosity and Avizandum. Every day’s a school day.
lurkers of the world unite!

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
Guys I know funds are tight but advertising the Sun? Disappointed.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
ALLY JAMBO April 25th.
I can hear some rather dramatic music in the background at this point…
Jaws theme?

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