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July 26, 2013 at 9:31 am

The primary reason given for non-publication of Charlotte by the MSM is that they suspect the material has been hacked. Charlotte denies this, but from what you say above, do the MSM people who believe the material to have been obtained unlawfully not have a duty to report it to the Police?

If so, maybe one of them has. Perhaps that is why the Police are now reportedly investigating Charlotte. Maybe someone in the MSM saw this as a possible way to breach the dam and get the material out by clearing CtH?

A very good observation – Roy Greenslade apparently now considers the dam partially breached.

Regardless of how any police enquiry progresses, I have a sense that CtH and her work is now starting to filter into the MSM as more of them do as Mr.Greenslade has done – make CtH the story rather than the material being revealed. Almost as a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the building of momentum through expanding coverage, the “public interest” angle will be established.
A point will soon be reached where the authorities cannot ignore or suppress the story, and a process to establish the veracity of the CtH revelations will follow.

Consider the various authorities who may be forced to recognize this “public interest”;
The police in regards to a number of basic criminal matters but potentially extending to the Serious Fraud Squad, the Financial Services Authority, HMRC, the Insolvency Practitioners Association, and BDO (on behalf of the court supervised insolvency). Then goodness help us, but potentially the Scottish Football Association, which given their partial public funding could extend to government agencies responsible for their grants.
This is not to mention the potential for civil action, as we are already aware of a number of parties who are making various claims ; Duff & Phelps against Collyer Bristow, Ticketus/Octopus against Craig White, CW against Charles Green (Sevco Scotland), and CG against …… (surely he’ll find someone to chase).
There are also those who have yet to make their mark, as surely Jack Irvine 😉 will want to defend his good name as may others in the cast of rogues.

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Their Master’s Voice
TSFM says:
July 26, 2013 at 12:43 am

The following legal opinion rests on the scenario as you have presented it. To the extent that the facts are not consistent with this, legal opinion may differ;

The unintended person who received the information has no fiduciary duty to keep anything private and arguably has a legal duty to report the crime, such that if he didn’t report it, he could be liable for the consequences that flow from the criminal/illegal behavior of which he now has knowledge.

Also, it is a foreseeable consequence that when one parts with a package through delivery, mail, email etc, the package/information will wind up in the hands of an unintended recipient who will disclose or have an obligation to thereafter disclose the contents.

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