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I can fully understand that to win a cup competition …

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I can fully understand that to win a cup competition would be good plan, considering the money that has been spent. But, Mr McCoist? I just don’t know.

Does he have a good record in cup competitions?

No, I don’t think he does. In fact, it is one of the worst in the history of Scottish football. For a football manager, it may even be a World Record.

Question of Sport anyone?

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Their Master’s Voice
The Neil Simpson tackle on Ian Durrant was a case where the Rangers press presented the tackle in the worst possible light. There is no doubt that it was a bad tackle, but it happens in football.

The press ripped Neil to pieces and his career was damaged much more than that of Ian Durrant’s.

I don’t think Neil ever got over it.

Mr Souness ended a player’s career, but the press merely presented that as part of his qualities.

Their Master’s Voice
Former Southend centre-half Bilel Mohsni has become the eighth new addition to Ally McCoist’s Rangers squad this summer.

He said: “I’m very happy to sign for Rangers. I have agreed for two years and I think it is a chance to prove that I can play in the top league and be a part of the squad.”

Top league? Poor boy hasn’t done his homework. He’s in for a wee bit of a shock.

Their Master’s Voice
I thought this was a nice touch from Aberdeen. Wee bit tongue in cheek. Wee bit of a wind up, maybe.

Only £375k for this baby and not quite the £500k that the Sevco Super Bus cost. I hope it does a few more miles though, before its useful life is over.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
I think the new site looks great.  Very fresh and clean looking.  Well done.
To get the new season off to a good start, I’m planning Ross County today and Aberdeen tomorrow.  A trip of over 500 miles.  We did Aberdeen vs Burnley last week, which was a real pleasure.  Bumped into lots of very friendly Burnley supporters.  One had travelled up from Bournemouth, which was impressive.  That’s about 1200 miles, round trip.
Not sure if anyone covered this, but staff costs last year at Aberdeen were £7 million against £61 million at Burnley.  There are some very well paid people at that club.  Good luck to them though.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
Given the proceedings that are pending on Mr King, then it would surely be a good idea for him to keep a low profile.
All credit to him, he just laughs in the face of normal thinking. 
If there’s one thing that has been evident during this whole farcical Scottish Football episode, then it is that crime pays, and that honesty, fair play and paying tax is for losers.
Congratulations once more to Celtic on being the Scottish Champions.  Barring a Scottish Leicester, then I think you can rest assured that you will always be the preferred honest Scotsman’s alternative team.
And, I agree with the SFM’s legend, that is John Clark, that Mr King intends primarily to get his lost £20 million back. Today, on the face of it, appears to have been a big step forward for him.  Give it up TRFC supporters, his wine cellar is getting low.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Jimbo – ‘At Celtic v Rangers games at Parkhead their fans would wave £10 notes at us.’

Yes, the taxpayer’s £10 notes!

Journey’s End?
Hi Cliffhanger
Thanks for that link.  Imagine a Scotland list, why, yes I can.  Imagine it on the BBC website or in the SMSM, no I can’t.
The supporters used to be told where the referees came from.  That was back in the 80’s.  Most of them came from Strathclyde and were lawyers or accountants.  I doubt that has changed.
There was one referee from Aberdeen at that time, but he would never referee an Aberdeen game.
Could a list of Scotland’s referees not be produced by the SFM?
10,000 hits a day is a lot of knowledge.
It would pass the time until something else happens.
Are there any referee’s in Scotland that are former players?  It would seem a logical progression for players to go on to become referees when they can no longer play at a high level.  But I doubt it would happen in Scotland as I’m pretty sure only a small percentage of Scotland’s population have any chance of ever refereeing a high level Scottish football match.
I could me wrong, after all most of my thoughts are based on very little real knowledge.

Look Back to Look Forward
Thanks Highlander for an excellent post @ 21:06 today.  I haven’t said much for a while, but Highlander moved me to tears and the keyboard.
For the large majority of Scottish football fans, since Rangers’ death and the birth of Scottish football’s fairly level playing field, there has been a much greater interest in football.
If The New Rangers FC come back and compete, while continuing to accrue unsustainable losses, then I think there will be a big reaction from the footballing public.  
Then, I think they will leave in droves.

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