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Link to the STV reporting of Mr McCoist’s comments. “I’ll tell …

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Link to the STV reporting of Mr McCoist’s comments.

“I’ll tell you, that would be bad luck — to have the worst Rangers team in history and the worst chief executive in history at the same time. That’s downright bad luck.

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In case anyone is interested, here is the “article which replaced Mr McCoist’s attack on Mr Green.

It was written by Andrew Dickson

ALLY McCOIST insists Rangers will improve after seeing them blow a number of opportunities to kill off Forfar and ultimately crash out of the League Cup to the Loons.

The Light Blues had more possession than their Angus opponents in today’s first round tie at Station Park and created several scoring chances.

But they only took one of them through Fraser Aird nine minutes from the end of regulation time as he cancelled out Gavin Swankie’s opening goal.

And all that did was delay a famous win for Dick Campbell’s team as Swankie struck again five minutes from the end of extra-time to notch a 2-1 victory for the hosts.

Gers played without any of their eight summer recruits, all of whom were prevented from featuring due to competition rules regarding non-use of unregistered players.

Ross Perry, Kyle Hutton, Emilson Cribari and Dean Shiels were each sidelined too by injuries as the Ibrox side turned out minus 12 squad members.

Once the club’s transfer embargo finishes at the end of the month, McCoist will finally be able to pick freely from his pool and the first XI will be much stronger then.

In the meantime, he has to rouse his troops after this afternoon’s setback for Tuesday’s home friendly with Newcastle then the League One opener against Brechin a week from now.

McCoist said: “I’m very disappointed. The team shooting with the wind obviously had a very strong advantage and conditions weren’t ideal. Forfar adapted better than us.

“With that said, once we did get the equaliser I thought we had chances to win the game and we should have done. It was a moment of slackness that cost us and we just switched off.

“Let’s put things into perspective though. It was last year’s team playing – which did well for us last year – and we had eight lads in the stand who couldn’t play but who’ll feature.

“For long periods of the game, we had the ball and we had great chances to score but we couldn’t convert and we’ll congratulate Dick and his team on their win.

“Now we look ahead to the Newcastle game, which will give us an opportunity to play lads our new chief executive has stood by me and allowed me to bring into the club.

“We have to remember we’ve brought in good players, people who have played in the Premier League, and I’ve no doubt they will make us better.”

Their Master’s Voice
redlichtie says:
August 3, 2013 at 8:07 pm

Remember this is the same manager who basically said his squad from last year (the players he played today) was rubbish and he needed to replace the vast bulk of them.

That must have went down well with the players.

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iamacant says:
August 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm

In all of the time in charge of Rangers and all of the competitions he has had teams in Mr McCoist has 1 “achievement”, winning the lowest division of a league in Scottish senior football with a team which would have a salary cost second to one SPL (as was) club. His budget for everything would have been higher than every other club in that division put together.

His embarrassing removal from competitions, including the Ramsden’s cup, and incredible loss of a 15 point lead in the SPL is the stuff of legends.

You couldn’t mark his neck with a blow torch.

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Podcast Episode 1
Regarding tv coverage.

As I understand it the tv companies had the contractual right to show a number of games from the different stadiums.

They were naturally going to use two of those from Celtic Park when Rangers visited and two at Ibrox when Celtic visited. The bottom line for the other grounds is that the biggest draws were when that teams on natural rivals were visiting (say Hearts at Hibs) or when either Celtic or Rangers were there.

The tv companies have to try to maximise viewing figures and that was simply the best way to do it.

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A nice precedent for Craig Whyte if these recordings are admissible.

Particulalry Charles Green saying “You are Sevco” several times in the same meeting.

It’s small wonder he wouldn’t object to things like that being made available.

Podcast Episode 1
RIFC actually did take on some of the debts of their predecessor and paid them.

From the accounts

“There were also substantial payments of £2.4m made to clear football debts to other Clubs incurred
pre-administration which the management of the Club was committed to addressing”

As I recall the football authorities also withheld money owed to Rangers, which should have gone to the administrators and used it to pay football debts.

Between them Rangers and the Scottish Football Authorities they created an effective preference for one group of creditors.

Podcast Episode 1
It’s an entirely different World nowadays with regards the press and access to information and opinion.

The internet and in particular social media has totally changed the landscape.

Several decades ago people really only had newspapers, the radio and Saturday night highlights to go on. Sports reporters and broadcasters had an enormous influence on public opinion, whether it be positive or negative.

That has been totally overturned for a lot of people. Particularly with places like this, where what they say can be challenged and often be demonstrated to be little more than propaganda and press releases.

For example for years most people really believed that Sir David Murray had actually been putting his own money into Rangers and financing their success. This was put about and supported by the “succulent lamb” journalism of the time.

Things have changed for the better.

Podcast Episode 1
For McCoist to “value” the players registered to the team at that time as if they were employed by a vibrant healthy club is disingenuous anyway. That is not the reality of the situation. It was a club in administration from February and as such any transfer fees would have reflected that position.

I know they didn’t think the normal rules of administration applied to them, they even tried to bring a player in. However as clubs who have been through the process know players are sold at a fraction of their “normal” value simply to bring money in and get them off the wage bill.

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