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[McCoist] said: “I’m very disappointed. The team shooting with the …

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[McCoist] said: “I’m very disappointed. The team shooting with the wind obviously had a very strong advantage.
Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind?

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StevieBC says:
August 2, 2013 at 1:59 am
Just went to check the latest TRFC / Scottish football ‘reporting’ on The Scottish Sun, [I know !].
They now want me to pay £1 a month to view their website content ?!
That’s about £1 a month too much.
They should be paying us if they want us to read their drivel.

At the other end of the spectrum – Auldheid, great stuff.

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To Comply or not to Comply ?
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
He looked like his day was marred
And took that draw mighty hard
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
fan of footballJuly 21, 2018 at 12:02
IMO scottish football supporters are being softened up for another whitewash
Scottish football fans are by now somewhere between a jelly and the contents of an egg in terms of how far we have been softened up.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
While Mr King fires off salvoes in all directions to try to bring down the house on everyone’s heads, are the takeover panel STILL trying to get their ducks in a row with regard to enforcing any action against him? The much-vaunted ‘cold shoulder’ seems to be so far just the tut-tutting of city chaps towards a seasoned chancer, nothing but a feeble bluster. What’s the saying? Never bulls*t a bullsh*tter.

To Comply or not to Comply ?
It’s the 23rd of May. Is there a specific date when the Takeover Panel are due to end their hibernation, or does it just depend on the weather?

To Comply or not to Comply ?
What chance does your average Ibroxian have in keeping up with Mr King and his financial ways when even the Takeover Panel, who are presumably not short on financial nous or knowledge of the ways of the wide boy, are made to look like naive, ineffective patsies? King seems to be the first recipient of the ‘Slightly Cool Shoulder’. If the outcome so far represents the best shots in the TOP’s armoury, he’s going to be with us for many years yet.

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