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I get the feeling the recent activities from ‘new’ posters …

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I get the feeling the recent activities from ‘new’ posters and the re-introduction of Charlie’s Lying Circus isn’t accidental but anyways, that aside…Isn’t it great to have the clown back at Ibrox? I suspect the state of perma-rage must be at evaporation point now after the Forfar result and I’m hearing Ally has quite lost the plot too. Green – haha – barely back in the place a couple of days and he’s already managed to upset poor Alistair to the point of almost crying live on radio. Dignity, eh? I remember when they used to hide behind that self-delusional façade whenever stuff like their fans rioting occurred, now the directors and management have gone feral too – reduced to fighting with each other live on radio and I hope it eventually drags Sandy Bryson and Campbell Ogilvie into the cess-pit too – I think it will because with that lot all at loggerheads, the sparks are bound to fly and when you add the Easdale’s into the mix – well, i’m sure they’ll all get on like a bus…err…a house on fire!

It will end up one whole big stinking mess and the very ‘peepil’ the SFA corrupted themselves to actually assist will just throw it all back at them when Ibrox is lying derelict and home to only tramps and pigeons – In case anyone is in any doubt, the zombie reincarnate are there to facilitate a very short term cash flow and when Charlie et-al are through with them, it really will be left to the fans to sustain the football equivalent of Frankenstein, which will mean that the club will cease to exist in no little time. Will Dave the shameless glib liar return? Would Ibrox really make a decent laundrette for his dirrrty cash?? Does Dave really have enough ££ in any case???

Nah, They are finished. There is no person or organisation that is willing to throw the required ££ to provide and sustain the perceived stature the Ibrox ST buyers have for the team on the park, they really expect to be the top club but barely any one of their fans actually understands the most rudimentary ideals of business practise – It’s unbelievable but it’s a pathetic fact that the overwhelming majority of TRFC fans simply haven’t a clue about their clubs financial workings and how things are actually paid for – most thought the good times came courtesy of ST sales and Minty’s pockets and probably still do, they don’t know that HBOS via Gavin Masteron paid for most of it all because they are the most ill and uninformed collective of people on the planet – they really have to be best at everything…even when it comes to being ignorant.

It’s over though and no amount of SFA skulduggery will get them out of the mess that’s going to be left when it’s gone, no team in blue at Ibrox. No team whatsoever at Ibrox and nothing but pigeons flying about and signs outside suggesting a land sale, or a new Lidl development perhaps…what a fall from dignity if ever there was that would be…but guess what? The SFA are going to get all the blame for it.

Karma really is a b’stard. You’ll soon learn that Messrs’ Ogilvie and Bryson, just ask Alistair.

So what for Jack and MH? Does anyone think the police have been in contact with HMRC (or vice versa..) about those pictures – including their menacing intent? I think there is a real case for – at the very least – a police investigation and a public statement from either organisation re in respect of public concerns of corruption and apparent intimidatory behaviour suggested towards government officials as-per CF docs clearly show. What the eff are people in public office doing about this?!! What has to actually occur before Jack and his brethren over-step the mark?? Perhaps this is one particular issue we should try and put to out local MP’s / MSP’s, or a Scottish parliament representative as a community – I don’t have a clue who or what to contact but I will figure something and if anyone has suggestions – I’m all ears.

I guess for now we can sit back and enjoy the show – I got a tenner on Charlie:)

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that Ally’s side remain the 2nd most expensive squad ‘constructed’ in the country and regardless of whatever ‘pressures’ Chuckles Green has put on him, Alistair’s side should still be disposing of Forfar quite easily one would imagine…but at least it gives Alistair yet more dog-whistling excuses – only this time the dog-whistling is directed against Charles Green and I think Ally will be out the door soon. Funny but I haven’t heard anything from Walter ‘Sir Cardigan Of Dignified Brown Brogues, Lord Of Ibrox, Govan, the River Clyde and all it’s creatures’ Smith in a while…

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Their Master’s Voice
tomtom on July 25, 2013 at 4:13 pm
Ahh…please excuse and forgive my plagiarism TT – I didn’t see you’re earlier comments re this – I’m currently playing with my blasted iphone and its dodgy Maltese wi/fi connection as I’m wasting a few days on this lovely island:)

I see Jack (the greenock one:) is devoting a lot of time mitigating certain aspects, as is one or two other seemingly well learned posters – I smell something rotten is in the works for ‘Sur’ Dave….and Jack too of course…here’s hoping anyway!

Their Master’s Voice
Chatting to a colleague who lives in the same wee village as the fabled coach garage and I am reliably informed there were a total of 3 coaches set ablaze – and one of them – interestingly the Sevco one, which had been decked out at a fair old cost was not being paid for by SevcoTRFC in any case! They didn’t want it apparently…

Any MsM lurkers…ask TRFC if they reneged on the coach deal last week…ask the coach company too…and while you’re at it, ask them about their insurance policy.

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Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
willmacufree says: (217)

October 28, 2013 at 1:35 pm
And where was the support from fellow referees, I seem to recall them all going on strike in support of something else around that time…’Dallas, we have a problem’…

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
p.s. TSFM, apologies for the overly gratuitous descriptions of Chick Young that had a previous post sent to internet hades.

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
Greenock Jack says: (110)

October 28, 2013 at 10:56 am
That’s a bit surprising and I wonder just where the editorial of the DR sit right now – But keep on chasing Keith and while your at it, phone up minty and ask him what he knew of Craig Whyte and his dad prior to him giving Craigie those deeds and the thing that upset poor bomber so much that he literally ran away from Charlie’s office and almost tripped down that marble staircase in his haste to phone auld hairy chops Findlay. The QC (who has seemingly lost more cases than won) presumably advised bomber to shut his mouth and likewise did the same himself.

That has to be a better place to start, Keith and much easier and surely more productive probably than cold-calling crooks who are highly profiled on Interpol’s most wanted list.

Or even better, cold call Campbell Ogilvie and ask him why Minty gave him 95 grand.

Funny how the seemingly easiest and most apparent things are completely blanked. I don’t know if Keith Jackson has woke up recently and suddenly realised what a reporter actually is (maybe he had a dream where he and Keevins were in the shoes of Woodward and Bernstein) I doubt it myself…but you never know…but back in reality, it’s probably a question of just how far will a PR battle be taken.

Next move Jack I suppose…well, it is always sort of funny seeing the dirty laundry of the fallen-out being aired and now auld pee-stained Leggat has had to call the polis. Dear dear…would be enough to drive anyone to…ahem…drink :mrgreen:

The real issue is just how crucial is Campbell Ogilvie to the feasibility of Sevco/TRFC and how important has Campbell’s actions been throughout the shameful disaster of the dead club. That would be the 95k question Keith.

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Broadswordcallingdannybhoy says: (116)

October 23, 2013 at 11:53 pm
And I agree with pretty much all you say, especially with regards to the team itself but all we have to compare is with Craig Leveins awful orchestration and other past managers fixations with playing utter lumps all over the pitch – I am the sort that cringes at the sight of tartan clad guys celebrating getting beat, its as though being successful would be too much like being on a par with decent European nations and lose our ‘loveable tartan army’ their (deluded) perceived charm of being relentless followers of a useless team – as though its some badge of honour even…

That’s not for me. I might not exactly go on a frenzied rampage after my team gets beat but I don’t really think its cool to be famous for being…well, what we are and have been for eons. We are an utter disgrace at national level and have been since day one and its all been thanks to the SFA.

Yes – GS has got them actually attacking teams, with 2 strikers! But its not about him or his side, its about humiliating Campbell Ogilvie and Stuart Regan and the teams management and players will know that.

But sunny days do look closer. I’ll give you that:)

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
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