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Allyjambo the negative press on other/any team will be apparent …

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the negative press on other/any team will be apparent tomorrow 😈

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It looks as if a bag of squirrels have been let loose,.Wow there goes another one 😮

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Mr Green and Opportunity Knocks— For Aberdeen?
Sorry o/t
I went to watch the fitbaw mostly in the 70s and I was very synical about the amount of draw,s in old firm ties in cup games, At the time the gate money was the important revenue raiser I believe. So it made me think a replay was always on the cards,any auld yin feel the same ( pardon the pun auldyin )or have any idea how many replays there were ? My memory might not be that good 🙂 tried a google search no joy.

Not in Front of the Children
Just a quick thanks for the replies to my questions last night ,I now know a bit more of the background to the transfers,Great site keep up the good work 😀

Not in Front of the Children
Bangordub says:
August 7, 2013 at 9:23 pm



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twoyearsanddone says:
August 7, 2013 at 9:15 pm

Good question. Answer: because they have a business model and a plan and it works.
Bangordub, I am not advocating the rangers model by any means 😀 , just the timing and the fact Neil lennon and his team are having to do clint eastwood 😀 and adapt and improvise.I always thought that Martin o’neil if given a wee bit extra as well as retaining his players he would have went on to even better heights ,celtiic have the money NOW ,just a wee bit more .

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I have my tin hat on here, but why are Celtic cash rich and selling ,hooper ,wanyama, and now wilson.I have to say Neil Lennon could quiet rightly go in the cream puff, its bad enough getting things right in europe without having to change your team in the early rounds.Just saying,bye the way I am a armchair supporter so i realise my opinion is only an opinion 😆

Not in Front of the Children
FIFA says:
August 7, 2013 at 2:35 pm
Charlies answers 😀

Questions that could have been asked…
– What are your yearly operating costs… £1
– What is the Puma Deal worth…….. £3m
– What is the Blackthorn deal worth £20m
– What is your predicted income this year..£500m
– What is your current bank balance .. £20,000,000,000,000

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