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I totally agree with Ally’s comments about CG but I …

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I totally agree with Ally’s comments about CG but I do not agree it affected team performance, it is Ally’s job to motivate and organize players under any circumstance.

“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions–as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all.”

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Their Master’s Voice

I do not think the link is working, can you double check ?

Their Master’s Voice
“Now, as Rangers has been climbing on to more solid ground …. It is surely no coincidence that they waited until the signs are positive and strong.”

From my perspective I do not believe he would be waxing lyrically about ” solid ground ” and ” positive strong signs ” if the trading position was untenable, season tickets are sold and the accounts are not far enough away to plead ignorance.
My best guess is a 10.6 million first year trading loss, 4.2 million projected loss this year and break even next year on a 25 million turnover. Not exactly as planned but nowhere near financial meltdown, don’t think this will please original short term investors and maybe by Christmas they will take their profit and run. If cash flow becomes a problem in a years time then I have no objection to another small share issue to tide things over, most investors will be locked in if they do not sell early.

Their Master’s Voice

“Something Steerpike mentioned in a post caught my attention, but in the limited time I’ve got on here I can’t put my mouse over it – something to do with only respecting the people who actually put their own money into the club, alluding, I’m sure, to David Murray as opposed to CW, CG, IA et al. ”

Good afternoon, I don’t believe I said ” respected “, but I did mention there is no difference to bankrolling Rangers with securities or cash, I am under no illusions how SDM operated his finances and it would not surprise me if he took out more than he put in, at the expense of others. I have never met a ” good ” businessman, only successful ones, and I prefer to respect people for their goodness.

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Spot the difference?
Scottish football needs to flip the switch on the life support and move on.

Scottish football would not move on,just down,anyone who thinks sponsors,advertisers and SKY share the above view is seriously deluded,i know Celtic do not,maybe they should take out an advert.

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” On a daily basis he posted on Paul’s blog and not a single word of condolence for him. ”

Incorrect and unnecessary.

Past the Event Horizon

I suggest you do a bit more research before you try and assassinate my character, my relationship with Paul began in March 2012 and I resent your implication.

Past the Event Horizon

Your comment is in very poor taste.

Past the Event Horizon

“As you say, the board has discretion to override its own stated rules, and yet there is a seeming reluctance to admit that “Rangers” were given exceptional assistance by the footballing authorities in 2011 through to 2013. Because that is what exercising discretion actually means for “Rangers”. ”

The SFA did not override any stated rules, the membership was granted with conditions, this is within the stated rules,, the heading does not alter the meaning of the statement, it is unambiguous.
Latching on other claims of ” exceptional assistance ” to invalidate membership is called a non sequitur, the reluctance of the SFA to admit anything is logical, conditional membership is within the rules.

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