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TRFC are so big and important their “shock” result today …

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TRFC are so big and important their “shock” result today does not even warrant a mention on the BBC nationwide news. I put shock in inverted commas as I for one thought Forfar had a real chance today and put two quid on them @17/2. Of course, extra time does not count. TRFC only had six full internationals too, c’mon Forfar ffs!

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I have to say, Chapeau sir.

Forfar finally get the cup win over Rangers after coming so close in the late 70s and early 80s. Brilliant day for a cracking club. I hope the good folk of Forfar come out in greater numbers to back their local team.

As for Berwick beating TRFC, I can’t see it, they lost 0-5 at home to Cowdenbeath today. Rangers reject or should that be Ally reject Kane Hemmings scoring a hat trick.

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I notice that Coral are referring to our friends as The Rangers FC (Glasgow) tonight in the friendly at Dens Park. Oh, there will be boycotts no doubt!

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It always amuses me when followers of Celtic or TRFC suggest mergers when they would never tolerate it for their own clubs. No fan of any club wants their club to merge with a local rival. They would prefer dropping into minor football or even complete death of the club, as that is what a merger effectively is anyway.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
I haven’t posted on here for some time. I’m a Hamilton Accies fan of some 36 years standing. I contacted chairman Les Gray in 2012 and told him that I would stay away from games at NDP if he decided to lobby for New Rangers to be placed in the Championship. He did, he would explain to fans later he was under immense pressure from Accies sponsors to do so. I kept my word, kind of, only going to one game that season – a Scottish Cup quarter final against Falkirk, which we managed to mess up in typical Accies cup fashion. To get my fix of football I had a pleasant season visiting grounds of clubs who had voted to make New Rangers start in the fourth tier – Albion Rovers, Alloa, Clyde, Stenhousemuir, Stirling Albion, East Stirlingshire. I actually witnessed one of the best games of football I’d ever seen, an amazing 4-4 draw between Albion Rovers and Stenny, featuring two of the best goals I’ve ever seen!

Fast Forward to this summer and I’m one of the first in the queue for the incredibly cheap season tickets – only £180 (no discount for pensioners though, those old bastards get enough apparently!). Then the Supreme Court judgement happens. Brilliant! Oh, oh, seems the SPFL board, now featuring Mr Gray, have no appetite to see justice done and strip the biggest sporting cheats this country has ever seen of the honours they won from 1999-2010. Shite! I write to Les Gray enclosing my newly purchased season ticket. I keep it fairly brief but make it clear exactly why I’m taking this stance. No reply as yet, almost two weeks later, but I didn’t anticipate one. I feel like walking away from Scottish football completely. All the clubs are complicit so there will be no repeat of 12/13 for me. One more empty seat at NDP will make little difference but it’s all I can do. I would love to see empty stands up and down the land when New Rangers come calling – 400 at Accies, 1500 at Dens, 5000 at Hibs –  that would send out a message that couldn’t be ignored. But it won’t happen. More power to those setting up a Judicial Review, I will contribute to any crowd funding. We need to see The Asterisk Years. Then we can move on.

While I’m on, I see some comment again about the infamous (to some) Rangers-Dunfermline game in 2003. I watched this game live on TV. Dunfermline actually played pretty well for at least 45 minutes. Jason Dair scored a screamer to, I think, equalise. Rangers ran over the top of them in the final thirty minutes. I respect Chris Sutton very much now as a pundit but he went down in my estimation that day with his “lying down” comments. His team had just won by four goals away from home while Rangers had won by five goals at home. Nobody was suggesting Killie laid down, just as nobody would seriously suggest they would lie down in a cup to lose five goals to Celtic Reserves last night. When the Old Firm (sorry!) get the bit between their teeth in those situations, they can be unstoppable. Like in 1985/86 at Love Street. I once saw Accies lose 0-8 at home to Celtic. No lying down. It was 0-0 after 25 minutes then Celtic went up a gear and we were completely overran. We one the return 2-0 though. Typically I missed that one!

Journey’s End?
We may wish to keep an eye on up and coming teenage referee Russell Anderson, if his twitter timeline is anything to go by.

Strangely, he has a pie and bovril account as Im_Rodger, where he claims to be a Hamilton Accies fan, even starting the season thread for Accies last summer. On their politics forum he has said he’ll be voting Conservative/Conservative so it seems likely to deduce that they are one and the same person. His twitter, for those who cannot access it, is wall to wall Pro Rangers and Anti Celtic. Not a crime of course but a little thoughtless for a budding referee, who, from his Facebook, seems to already be well up the SFA ladder. 

LNS – A Summary
More and more it becomes apparent that the football fraternity in Scotland are just a bunch of shits. Chairman after chairman, manager after manager including our national team boss. They do not deserve us. Coming close to the tipping point for me and Accies don’t have many fans to lose!

LNS – A Summary
Allyjambo – Fair points. I suppose we just don’t have the strength of club further down the league set up that England does to make it an ideal solution (an 18 team league with play offs) but I’d still like to give it a try. You could get clubs like Dunfermline and Ayr making the step up and they could make a real go of it or it could be Alloa and Cowdenbeath and it would be a bit crap! No offence to those clubs, just being realistic.

As for the League Cup revamp, I still can’t get my head around it. Four games just to get to Round 2, how many folk can’t be arsed going to a one off Round 1 match as it is!

LNS – A Summary
Allyjambo – the old days of the 18 team league came before play offs had been heard of. If we had a top league of 18 with two down automatically and third and fourth bottom being a relegation play off place with the third and fourth top sides from the division below, interest would be sustained to the end of the season. Teams in mid table in February would have one eye on pushing for a European place while knowing that a bad run could easily see them drop down towards the relegation play offs. That’s my solution, maybe needs a tweak here or there but I don’t see a lot of meaningless matches. The English Championship and League 1 & 2 rarely has meaningless matches for both sides until maybe the last two weeks of the season.

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