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Today’s bi-directional hurricane has made me forget something I was …

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Today’s bi-directional hurricane has made me forget something I was thinking about during yesterday’s tornado,

the magic 51% number, if CG wants to be on the board who can plausibly oppose it?

If he doesn’t want to for various reasons (AIM, Companies House, SPFLWhatever) has the 51% moved downwards over the last few weeks

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Their Master’s Voice
Has anyone else thought we haven’t heard much about Ticketus recently?

No? … me neither, probably a coincidence

Their Master’s Voice
Also, on the matter of Rangers having no access to credit,

it’s understandable Oldco having no access since they were up to their eyes in debt,

but Newco apparently have no debt, cash in the bank, and realisable assets – unless of course someone else already has claims against these assets?

Their Master’s Voice

“it is my belief there would be no creditors, I do not believe anyone is giving Rangers credit”

– anyone on a contract of employment from Rangers are potential “creditors” (and it appears there are rather a lot of them, at above market rates)

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Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!

google “Malky Murray” – lots of results

google “Malkie Murray” – very few results (most of them behind the FollowFollow firewall)

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
This may not be relevant, but most Scottish people I know shorten Malcolm to ‘Malky’ rather than ‘Malkie’

I always thought that the first incarnation of Charlotte had good knowledge of Scottish vernacular, ‘MalkieMouth’ seems like someone from further afield has taken on the Charlotte role

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
TSFM says:

More than happy to oblige with the TUs ad TDs, though definitely not for the reasons Phill450 outlines.

Fair enough, the 50:50 ratio probably doesn’t account for basic human manners (I’ve politely clapped music performances that I didn’t enjoy, I’ve never actively boo’ed someone 😐 )

One of the things though, that I’ve enjoyed most about your site, is that people post theories and ideas, other posters diligently research and analyse them, us non-experts then learn something that we would have never known from consuming MSM.

If the TU/TD system turns out to be a way of filtering what is worth investigating and what is not, it’s possible that some of the finer points will be missed.

This isn’t a criticism of your site, it applies to most of the internet.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
I’ve been thinking about Bartin’s ‘backslapping’ comments and wonder if it isn’t time to get rid of the thumbs up plug-in.

If a site is truly neutral and has a diversity of opinions you would expect the number of TUs to equal TDs, but that doesn’t happen here, (it’s still not as bad as the Guardian website and their ‘fishing for recommends’ culture)

Feel free to thumb-down this post to add some balance 😐

The Immortality Project
I’ve followed on and off the twitter account of BartinMain (SirBarold, SirBartin, Baroldhatchback?)

it’s very entertaining and informative most of the time, but he seems to share Goldsteins’s modus operandi of deleting his posts / account every so often (something Charlotte has started doing as well)

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