Three Shakes … and a Twist

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So Motormouth has been sharing his words of wisdom yet …

Comment on Three Shakes … and a Twist by campsiejoe.

So Motormouth has been sharing his words of wisdom yet again with the peepil, and the rest of us poor mortals
I haven’t heard his latest PR piece yet, and judging by what has been said on here, I don’t know if I will even waste my time

Yet again, he is from what I can gather, saying that the game in Scotland is going to be reorganised, but only on terms that will be acceptable to Sevco with a gentle reminder to us mortals, that it has to be this way, as Sevco are the real power in the game

Not content with that, he has a fixation with the SPL, and the wrongs he perceives that it has done him, but apart from moaning continually about money that RFC(IA) were due, what else have they done to upset him ?
Go on Charlie, tell us what they have done, and while you are doing that, let us all know who is in your little black book and the reason they are there, or haven’t you got the balls for that

Frankly, I am sick to the back teeth of you, your ranting, and your threats, and the world will be a whole lot better when you and your mates disappear to wherever, to spend the money you will have persuaded the peepil to part with

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Three Shakes … and a Twist
The advantage of the paypal route, is that it might, just might discourage the trolls
If even 250 of us paid £10 per year, that is a reasonable sum for the upkeep of the blog
TSFM why don’t you have a TU/TD on the paypal proposal ?

Three Shakes … and a Twist
SouthernExile @ 22:30

Count me in on that idea too

Three Shakes … and a Twist
It is somewhat ironic, that in modern day Scotland you can be locked up for what some deem to be offensive behaviour close to and inside a football ground, but inciting the mob, and putting them on the streets, brings no action from Strathclyde’s finest, and a tickle on the tummy from the football authorities

It seems that causing fear and alarm by throwing tomato ketchup about, brings an appearance in court, but threatening decent members of society, either by word or action is completely ignored
The concept of justice appears to be somewhat skewed

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Peace – Not War
PORTBHOYNOVEMBER 25, 2016 at 15:02
The man is a fantasist
He can’t fund the current operation, but is talking about a massive stadium refurb
When will they waken up

The Offline Game
First of all congratulations to Hibs and all of their supporters
They won the game on merit, fairly and squarely
The pitch invasion however cannot be condoned or glossed over, and both sets of fans are equally culpable

The TRFC statement is a deliberate attempt, in my opinion, to place the blame entirely on the Hibs supporters, and video evidence, emerging via YouTube, appears to show that both sides carry responsibility for the post match scenes

Neither can the SFA escape criticism for what happened
This was their game, organised under their banner, and they to have a degree of responsibility for what happened

I await with interest the outcome of the various inevitable enquiries

The Offline Game

This is my final word on this subject
Can you show definitively where Rangers, who were already members of the SPL,  applied for membership of the SPL and subsequently the SFL

The fact that journalists refer to Rangers in their articles does not mean that was the reality, and was all part of the continuity myth

The only organisation that applied for membership of both the SPL & SFL was Sevco Scotland, who subsequently changed its name to TRFC
That is an indisputable fact ,as you well know, but you carny on with your denial

I won’t be posting on this subject again

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:56

Tommy there is no need for interpretation
Sevco Scotland were granted membership of the SFL despite meeting absolutely none of the criteria required for membership
No need for splitting hairs, as facts, however unpalatable some find them, are facts
I intend to drop this now, as it is detracting from the main thrust, which is the TOG report and Res12

The Offline Game
MAY 13, 2016 at 16:31

Lawman says Rangers were voted into the 3rd Division which is completely untrue, otherwise you are 100% correct

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