Three Shakes … and a Twist


Oh I wish these folk on Twitter who apparently know …

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Oh I wish these folk on Twitter who apparently know what’s up with the FTT would just tell us all and blow the whole thing wide open! lol >:(

I’ve tried my earthly best to show the patience of a Jedi but alas the closer we get to the day of Hector’s judgement the more I slide towards the Dark Side!

I thought justice was meant to be swift?

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Three Shakes … and a Twist
Surely to god the Sevco fans will have learned their lesson? Just because the truth (yet to be confirmed or denied I realize) comes from a source they don’t like doesn’t mean it’s false! I cannot believe that there are not sensible Sevcovians who truly understand what is going on at their club yet they seem quite happy going along with Chuckles’ fantasy?

I highly doubt Chuckles share issue will go ahead in any case. Will be interesting to see if he breaks his silence this weekend, after all we all know he likes it when the microphones and cameras are in sight.

Three Shakes … and a Twist
Something tells me that the Daily Record will be claiming an exlcusive that looks awfully similar to Paul67’s latest on CQN, tomorrow.

Three Shakes … and a Twist
See Silvio Berlusconi has just got 4 years for tax fraud in Italy. Those pesky, corrupt foreigners.

It could never happen here……

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Can’t wait to see how the SFA try and explain this one away. Morons.

Everything Has Changed
Heartened to see Celtic make a statement outlining their “surprise” (I’m sure that’s putting it mildly!) at the LNS judgement. Getting increasingly disgusted at the way RFC’s actual GUILT is just being glossed over as if it doesn’t matter.

We know it, they know it, Scotland know it, and yes, probably even RFC (RIP) know it. They cheated. And we should never let the tribute act forget it.

Everything Has Changed
Scottish football signed it’s own death warrant today.

Utterly beyond saving. What’s the effin’ point?

2012 in review
At last, something from Chuckles we can agree with.

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out you odious turd.

Anyone else think Sevco might be in a bit of financial bother down the line?

The Real Battle Begins?
Hopefully Montrose don’t do the cowardly thing and sack their programme guy for merely pointing out the inconvenient truth.

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