Three Shakes … and a Twist

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Layman00 says: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 09:18 This aint the type …

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layman00 says:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 09:18

This aint the type of governance you would expect from the custodians of the big hoose, is it? And a jolt in the the arm to those rangers defenders that blamed SFA solely for allowing CW to complete purchase as a fit and proper person.

No doubt the supporters will turn a deaf ear to this and continue to blame those outside the rangers family.

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Everything Has Changed
I have not posted for months as I had hoped that justice and integrity would naturally prevail through the FTT and the SPL commission.

From a purely common sense approach and looking at a level playing field if Rangers had employed and paid their staff and players using the same methods and rules as all the other teams in the SPL over the years from 2001, then they would have had to source and pay an additional £47million in PAYE and NIC. We know from the findings of both the FTT and LNS that Rangers FC deliberately concealed theses payments known as EBTs from both HMRC and the football authorities.

When I read my own statement out loud again and again, i am bemused at the comments by people who are at a higher pay grade than myself that Rangers did not gain any sporting advantage over their rivals.

The score at the moment is:

Sleakit Rangers 2 : Morality, Justice and Integrity 0

Hopefully the second leg at the UTT might allow Morality, Justice and integrity to get back into the game. I am not holding my breath though. 😉

Of Assets and Liabilities
essexbeancounter says:

Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 20:09

In relation to forthcoming IPO, this would be corporate fraud and not really money laundering. It would be interesting if RTC gave a little bit more flesh on his gathered intelligence.

Of Assets and Liabilities
Agrajag says:

Sunday, November 4, 2012 at 19:44

Yes. But this method is becoming more difficult with Money laundering reulations. Proof and source of funds required.

Of Assets and Liabilities
Re discussion of placing illegal cash proceeds through ticket sales as a vehicle for money laundering. There is no doubt this could happen but it is unlikely, The ticketing sales/receipts process would have to be extremely weak with poor controls in pricing, distribution of tickets, entrance to stadium, non-automated ticket system.

Just say hypothetically this was happening, in what manner would the illegal sourced money come back legally (cleaned) to the beneficiaries of the scheme? Through payroll, expenses or suppliers?

The only situation where i could see Money laundering been used is where investors use trusts or shell companies where the source of money is not known together with identity of the beneficial owners.

Of Assets and Liabilities

It is good to see the change shift in the reporting of old rangers and new rangers. Watch out for more letters, emails, phonecalls in the form of threats and slurs to the BBC.

“The Scottish Football Association later approved the transfer of the licence held by the old club to the new club started by Mr Green’s consortium.

It has since started life in the Scottish Third Division.”

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