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OCTOBER 24, 2017 at 18:41 
When is a Statement not a Statement?…and the Daily Record is running with the same text…

Yes, that is indeed a long-winded, rambling, emotional rant that Charles Green or Dave King would be proud to put their name against !

But it lost any credibility at the outset;

“…there were many aspects of the match which cause concern, both for player safety and the way in which we want to encourage players to play the game…”

IMO, TRFC and its previous incarnation lost the moral high ground many years before – and long before the EBT, match-cheating era.

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Time to Ditch the Geek Show
IMO, the Ibrox club is scared sh!tless that as time goes on they are deemed irrelevant.
Scottish football owes them nothing.
Ideally TRFC goes bust – but there is no way back.
A poorer, but more honest league would have a wider appeal.

A club like TRFC is stuck in the 17th Century. If it cannot evolve then it should die.

Scottish football doesn’t need a strong ‘Rangers’ … it doesn’t need any ‘Rangers’ at all !

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
OCTOBER 27, 2017 at 19:44 …
“so why will a strong Rangers affect those mid table games”“Tom, I know because I used to take players up in the car to see these games”“What games?”“Em…..old firm ones”

Sooperb!  10

Always wondered why it was claimed that football players had their brains in their feet…

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Extracted from Sky Sports, re: English FA race abuse claims.
Does the following sound familiar ?

The FA has lost the trust of the public, says chairman Greg Clarke
The Football Association has “lost the trust of the public” and must undergo a “top to bottom” cultural review, chairman Greg Clarke has said.

Equality and inclusion organisation Kick It Out…Chairman, Lord Herman Ouseley, said:
“If the [FA] wants to secure the trust of the public, they should be prepared to listen and involve people from different backgrounds across football…
“It is inconceivable that the people who botched the first investigation are still in their posts.”

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Moving On Time?
Cluster One 22nd December 2020 at 23:01

SPFL toast new sponsor as Glen’s Vodka backs Scottish football until 2023 SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster hailed the partnership…


I see there is some mild criticism reported in the SMSM, but Doncaster, IMO, is confirming he is tone deaf with his comments.

The game has been screaming out for Gov't. – i.e. taxpayers' – financial support due to covid, yet it continues to simply blank the opinions of its customer base / taxpayers.

I'd guess the majority (?) of fans are uncomfortable with the national team – and our clubs – being strongly associated with booze, gambling, fast food, junk food, etc.



Moving On Time?
Extract from the BBC:

shirley, Blatter wasn't planning on a return to football next year…?!


"Fifa has lodged a criminal complaint against former president Sepp Blatter over the finances of a museum in Zurich, Switzerland.

The complaint relates to the involvement of Blatter and other former officials in the Fifa museum project.

It is the latest allegation of financial impropriety against Blatter, who resigned from his post as president in 2015 amid a corruption scandal.

The 84-year-old has always denied any wrongdoing.

Blatter is currently serving a six-year ban from all forms of football."




Moving On Time?
Jingso.Jimsie 22nd December 2020 at 11:28

It was a terrible advert for Scottish football: a poor game which lacked any consistency of quality play from either team, poorly refereed…


I suppose 'beauty lies in the eye of the beholder', but I thought it was a great advert for Scottish football – especially for the neutrals.

Totally agree that technically, the footy on show wasn't the best – and neither was the match officiating.

But: 6 goals, a bit of argy bargy, controversial refereeing, individual mistakes, suspect goalkeeping – plus the drama of a penalty shoot out to make history, or not.

Too many times I have watched the technically gifted EPL 'big games' where the footy on offer was high quality… but boring as hell.

At least the Scottish Cup Final wasn't a typical, dour and overly defensive 1-0 game?


Moving On Time?
As this is the Scottish Football Monitor,

well done to the Buddies for their epic, totally unexpected Cup win last night.

Likewise, it's good for the game that Ross County also progressed in the cup with their own big win.

At least one piece of silverware will be leaving Glasgow this season – which is no bad thing at all, IMO.

Moving On Time?
J.J agreed: and who knows the full impact of covid on transfer fees – and the duration of any depressed transfer market.

I didn't read the full RIFC Annual Report or the full AGM notes, so may have missed it, but;

It makes sense for Robertson to state that a couple of players need selling each year: seems to have worked OK for CFC in recent years.

But, for a cash strapped club in the middle of a pandemic with few, young sellable stars in the squad – you'd think Robertson would be shouting loud about cost cutting…

except TRFC is desperate to stop 10IAR.

TRFC should be focused on short-term cost-cutting measures to counter the immediate Going Concern risks.

To state the bleedin' obvious.  indecision

Choosing to focus on winning the SPL title rather than focusing on survival is RIFC's choice to make.

…as our incompetent SFA blazers look on gormlessly… again.

If Robertson had an improved governance body as he claims to want, then the SFA would be asking searching questions of TRFC long before now.


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