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Looks like John James has decided to martyr himself on …

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Looks like John James has decided to martyr himself on his own ego. Shame.  I quite liked reading his stories of ‘carrion dogs’ that can sniff out murder victims from scent trails left mere seconds after their death, his SNP bashing diatribes overegged with clichés that have been disproved many times over, and his ‘honest mistakes, turned up to 11’ statement of facts regarding referees.
Mostly, I’ll miss the nonsensical reasons as to why it was the fault of someone else when he had to pull poorly considered articles.
Seriously though, he was good to begin with, but I don’t know whether he allowed the praise to go to his head or what, but his more recent stuff, certainly the last few months, has been risible. Hopefully taking a break from it might allow him to recoup and remind himself what it was that made people read in the first place.

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Accountability via Transparency.
Know what? I wouldn't mind McCoist in the Scotland set up in some capacity – assistant coach/social secretary maybe, but the SFA wouldn't dare appoint him as manager….would they?

The funny thing is, we all know it's not beyond the realms of possibility. We all know it should be Steve Clarke or Alex O'Neil, the two most progressive Scottish managers who are most readily equipped to improve teams through tactics, preparation and motivation, but we all know it won't be.  It'll be some old school dinosaur who thinks that we can win games simply through 'passion' alone, by beating our chests like a gorilla on Viagra.

Has anyone sent out the 'Walt Signal' yet?

Does Money Indeed Ruin Football?

Allyjambo 1st March 2019 at 11:00

For the record, I'm not making the point that one form of the game is better than the other, just trying to show how the influx of money has made a change to the game itself, and not just to the chances of the lesser clubs ever challenging the elite financially.


Sums up my feelings.  It's why I'd struggle to tell you who's been European Champions for the last however many years.  It used to be a special tournament, but it's been carved up to such an extent to favour the elites that it's now boring beyond belief.  The same teams play each other at the same stages every year, just the same long slow progression.

Same with the EPL – you've got probably 2 teams as genuine title contenders, and another 4 who will see themselves as Champions League qualification contenders.  The rest of the league's ambition is to finish anywhere between 8th and 17th.  Any lower, and they get relegated, losing their access to the cash cow.  Any higher and they risk qualifying for the Europa League, hindering their attempts the following season to finish between 8th and 17th.  That's it, that's the extent of their ambition.  FA Cup? No thank you. we'd rather concentrate on boring a 0-0 draw out of our midtable rivals.


JPP: Perverting Justice?
Mmm…prominent club chairman…anyone else thinking Romanov?

I know we're all meant to think it's Celtic, but Romanov, I think, is the only one who would actually have the balls to do this.

To Comply or not to Comply ?

slimjimJuly 3, 2018 at 09:28
….Strange how there is no comment about the supposed bid by Celtic for John McGinn, no coming in with a low bid of about 25% of what Garry Parker claimed Rangers would have to spend to buy him, no upsetting a player before the season starts. As i said strange.

Well, Slimjim, I think perhaps you’re missing the point of the ire towards your team in these matters.  It’s not the initial low bid, it’s the sustained offering of that same low bid for weeks at a time, combined with media pressure designed to unsettle.  I’ve not much love for Celtic, but if/when Celtic refuse to up their bid to a realistic value, but use their contacts in the media to conduct a ‘You’re stifling the boy’s career by refusing to accept our handful of beans’ narrative, on the back pages day after day after day after day after day etc. then you might have a point.

To Comply or not to Comply ?

wottpiApril 29, 2018 at 22:12

I’ll be honest, I was stunned that we even had a 39% win rate under Bazza, given that almost every game I was in attendance at, we lost.  Of course, maybe it was just that I’m a bit of a Jonah!
However, on taking a closer look at the stats, I can only assume that the majority of those wins were the season that we made the play-offs, and it made a bit more sense – he actually had a loss rate of 42%, so I had a broad sweep of games that I could have attended and still watched us lose!
Also, that stat doesn’t mention the number of players that Clyde went through during his tenure.  We used 100+ players in 118 games! Effectively, he’d ruin a set of players, jettison them, bring in a new set.  Once they failed to perform for him (which usually didn’t take *that* long), they’d get jettisoned, and the next lot would come in.
We stuck with him for almost 3 seasons.  He had his chance to ‘learn his craft’ (as professional motormouth, Ian Wright would have it), and he despite that, he was still an abject manager.  Initially, I would have said that it maybe didn’t work out because at our level, it’s basically brute strength in players that matters, rather skill or managerial nous, but having watched us under Danny Lennon, it’s obvious the difference it makes having a competent coach in charge. (BTW watch out for us next season – If Lennon stays, then I can’t see past us for at least the play-offs!) 
If Gerrard does come, he will NOT get that amount of time.  He won’t get his chance to make mistakes and learn from them.  3 defeats in a row, and it’ll be pitchfork-and-torch-time.

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