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Excellent podcast again. BP comes across as, first and foremost …

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Excellent podcast again. BP comes across as, first and foremost a fan of Scottish fitba. Stuart Cosgrove also comes across as a fan. Both were knowledgeable. Hope the BBC have a listen and realise that the McIntyre and Wilson Rangers* love -ins are passe and drive real fans away. Nobody really wants to listen to or believes their crap.

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In the Service of Fools
Timtim 10th November 2021 At 19:46

Souness , Greig and Jardine may not have started out supporting the Ibrox club* but it would be hard to argue they didn’t end up being committed to the cause.

I would like to think that any player or manager at any club would be committed to the cause of that club.

I dont claim to know or have met any of the 3 personally, but believe all 3 would have given their all for for whatever club that they played for. Souness, a fine player (who I saw play for Middlesboro with Bobby Murdoch v Dunfermline. I suspect money was his main cause when he linked up with SDM. Greig and Jardine, I think were great players and servants at Rangers, and are correctly lauded as such. Liked the adoration of being a club ‘legend’ (who wouldn’t?), and whatever match day hospitality crumbs from the table, or dregs from the loving cup that came their way after their playing careers ended. No different than long serving ex players for any club from the 60s/70s.

In the Service of Fools
Timtim 10th November 2021 @ 11:56
Souness was not a ‘dyed in the wool bluenose’……neither were John Grieg or Sandy Jardine.

Sweet Little Lies
A wee bit of a distraction, this amazing puff-piece appeared in the England-shire edition of the Times on the 5th of May. Not sure if it made the Scottish edition. But looks like we have the ideal candidate to replace Doncaster as he has been a striker, and actor, now a radio pundit but hes also not a bad dad. 

It is written by Henry Winter, ex of the Telegraph and now Chief Football Writer at the Times. It contains this gem……. on 2011 when taking over from Walter Smith.  McCoist  '……It all went pear-shaped with the sale to Craig Whyte.' The bold Henry then informs his readers…… 

The Scottish businessman bought the controlling interest from Sir David Murray in 2011 but under his financial mismanagement Rangers tumbled into administration and into the Third Divison.

Interestingly Winters studied at Edinburgh University so  should have a good grounding in Scottish fitba, he was also the ghost writer of Steven Ge55ards autobiography.



A Lie for a Lie
upthehoops 15th March 2020 at 20:45

BBC supporting Null and Void Season

Driving north yesterday, instead of flying to Italy. I entertained myself with listening to Sportsound, not only Dodds and McCann, but Ryan Stevenson, Gerry Britten and Jack Ross too. I maybe didnt catch it all but that was not my recollection of the programme. I thought all of these guys gave reasonably fair summaries of the incomplete and ongoing story. I was especially heartened by the comments of Ross and Stevenson on the gravity of the situation regards journeyman players, end of contracts, paying mortgages, the health of communities, etc. Stevensons offer to return his pay to Stranraer as he is part-time and has alternative income was a credit to the man. Jack Ross was reasoned and articulate, and although Hibs chasing Europe/ top six, would not be as adversely affected as Celtic 9iar, Hearts relegation, Dundee Utd promotion etc.

They also discussed league reconstruction, summer football (or did I imagine that?). But overall I thought it was a fair attempt 'to fill airtime schedule' I didn't think, overall. it was in anyway supportive of  'null and void' season. In fact I believe McCann was of the opposite opinion of null and void, with comments that supported outcomes that benefited both Celtic and Hearts? (I remember saying to my wife that McCann will have upset a few Sevco fans there). We live in interesting times. and the situation could get a lot worst from a health point of view, however, my sense of fair play is that season should be completed by whatever means, be that dance offs, penalty kicks, tosses of coins, whatever. etc

The BBC get a lot of stick, but this programme was not the worst.


We’re Gonny Need Another Baw.
Oh dear, on tonights Mastermind 'which Scottish football club was relegated to the fourth tier for financial irregularities in 2012? The contestant suggested Celtic.

I wish I had been in the black chair, although I guess my response would not have been broadcast. Publicly funded and still peddling the lie smiley


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