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RIFC Interims are out , Pedro interviewing RRM’s for his …

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RIFC Interims are out , Pedro interviewing RRM’s for his No.3 – everyone seems to be missing the proverbial in the corner of the room !

Someone for effs sake ask Dave what is he going to do re the Takeover Panel decision !

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Towards a More Professional SFA
AJ @ 15.05 – reduced PR outpourings – maybe that cost (PR) is being deemed expendable at the moment (isn’t Traynor closely aligned to Murray/King axis)

Towards a More Professional SFA
Re conjecture of TRFC’ future – on the assumption King does not make an offer , the future would seem to be open for a wealthy group of RRM to step up & buy King’s shareholding & work with the Easdales – there are a lot of wealthy people who have supported the club in the past through Club Deck Boxes , sponsorship etc , people like Jim McColl (I know he is now not interested in investing but might change his mind if working with people of a similar mind) or Billy Walker ex Burn Stewart Distillers who sold out for approx £75 m a couple of years ago . 

A new group with the Easdales could possibly re-negotiate a more productive deal with Ashley & keeping him on board at the same time – set up the club/company on a more sure-footed basis with transparency & honesty (for real this time) & work with Club1872 – then again I’m sure someone has thought about this scenario before looked at the numbers & ran a mile !

Towards a More Professional SFA
Re : King/Takeover Panel Decision

In to-day’s Times , Michael Grant asked DK for his reaction to the decision – his response included “I would have to make an offer & there would have to be 50% acceptance of that offer which means Ashley , the Easdales & Club 1872 would have to accept . I think the chance of it being accepted is really remote . I think it is pretty much a non-issue .”
There is no mention of an offer being prepared other than a quote of “I have to think what I want to do about it” , he ends up stating “I have to decide whether to appeal it or not” . 
I understand he has already appealed & the judgement was given on his appeal on March 13 , so really not much further on as to what he is going to do but time is not on his side , April 12 will come soon enough .

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A Lie for a Lie
Finloch @ 08.16 23 Feb

Re : SFA Statement on ICT's appeal


I'm with Mrs Finloch  ! I have read Maxwell's statement 3/4 times & I still don't understand it – it raises more questions than answers & only underlines the mediocrity/duplicity of the administration .

A Lie for a Lie
Hibs' Kamberi to The Rangers FC (on loan)

STV reporting this evening clubs "locked" in discussions – strange one – why the hell would Hibs help out a competitor – (forgot Ms Dempster was a former season ticket holder @ Ibrox) .

Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
Re : Shankland/The Rangers FC

As a DUFC supporter I would be apalled if the above scenario materialises but I would have to admit his style (a natural goalscorer rather than target man) would suit The Rangers' style of play (slick movement from defence thru midfield played on the ground at pace) & he would score a lot of goals for them in a "McCoist" way .

What the club have to weigh up is whether selling to a competitor your main asset makes sense – it is a test for the new American owners & it will be interesting to see how they handle the situation (given DUFC have a large debt) . I remember Jim McLean refused to sell Richard Gough to the now defunct Rangers FC & sold him to Tottenham instead (who ultimately sold him to Rangers in the end) for the above reason .

Allied to the club's position is the player's opinion , of course , where he envisages his future lies – not I suspect with QPR (mid table Championship) who are sniffing around – the player has his Scotland career prospect to think about also .

Time will tell us what his value is & where he ends up .

Resolution 12 & The Broken Bond
Allyjambo @ 11.59 2 Jan


re : King 

There is no doubt amongst the Ibrox support he (King) is perceived as a hero who saved their club & no criticism will be tolerated of "their saviour" with talk of statues being erected in recognition for all he has done . I was thinking while they are at it , why not have a statue of David Longmuir & Jim Ballantyne (ex the old SFL) whose proposal (& adopted) to/by the SFA "assigned" previous titles & Cups won by Rangers FC to The Rangers FC thus ensuring we have to suffer in perpetuity calls of "the world's most successful club" , "going for 55 " etc thanks to the dynamic duo (whatever happened to them ?) .

Their efforts surely must be recognised formally for all they have done for the Ibrox phoenix & the continuation lie .

Celtic’s Questions to Answer
Re : Squirrels

Could be several reasons why this HMRC deflection has been introduced – possibly decisions from the SFA re CAS as suggested above or maybe re King's Fit & Proper status after the cold shouldering –  who knows but I still find it astonishing The Times lead with it , its more suited to the back pages of The Record .

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