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John Clark says, “Keys is right up there with the Richard …

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John Clark says,
“Keys is right up there with the Richard Wilsons and Radar Keefs as wilfully ignorant scribes demeaning themselves and their ‘profession’.
John, people like Mr. Keys would be better to go and crawl back into the hole from which they crept out.
For the avoidance of doubt Mr. Keys,  Rangers cheated, both on and off the park. They stiffed the tax authorities and sundry creditors for in excess of £175 Million.
It should be noted that the previous owner Sir David Murray/ MIH also took the tax payer of this country for almost a BILLION pounds. He should be stripped of his knighthood for that alone.
Rangers are currently lying on a mortuary slab in a BDO repository awaiting final burial.
They were not demoted, relegated or otherwise sent to a lower division. They died!
An ethereal entity called Sevco, arose, in 2012, from the basket of assets purchased by Charles Green.
Sevco changed its name to “The Rangers Football Club Limited” and were allowed into the bottom division by a corrupt SFA and SPL.
The last five years history is the first five years history of this club.
Let us hope that they do not have another five years history.
Do your homework Mr. Keys.
You more than anyone should know what a cheat is.
Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and confirm it.

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Towards a More Professional SFA
Don’t know if this is appropriate but it gives you a measure of the type of person Mr. Keys is.

Towards a More Professional SFA
In my opinion King is going down and will not care whom he takes with him.
Neepheid says,
“At an average 50p, they got a good discount on the IPO price of 70p, but they (Blue Pitch as an example) are currently looking at a loss of 30p per share if they sell at 20p. On 2 million shares that’s £600k down the pan.That’s a pretty significant hit.”
Spot on the money as usual. If they do have to take a loss it will be exactly quantified, just as for Ashley and the Easdale brothers.
It should not be forgotten in all of the furore around the TAB decision that there is still lurking in the background the prospect of action being taken against King and others for deliberately attacking the share price and driving it down.
This is a criminal offence and it does not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to state that if they can prove they were acting in concert and King used illegally obtained material to drive the price down at the same time, then some sort of action will follow.
In short if people can quantify their losses and a case is subsequently proved against King then he stands to be pursued for the difference.

Towards a More Professional SFA
The so called “Accounts” for TRIFC are not accounts.
It purports to be a consolidated income and expenditure statement.
Is the statement “consolidated” because it attributes the income of the Football Club to the parent company?
Are there any proper accountants, without a bouffon, out there who could interpret this nonsense.
There is no profit and loss account or balance sheet and it tells us nothing about the state of the finances of the FOOTBALL CLUB.
It is the club who will have to apply for a license to play in europe and as far as we know they owe all the debt to the parent company.
How much debt do the football club owe?
I see it is being reported that King is to make a share offer. Is it real? Where is the money coming from and if it is from King surely SARS will be keen to know where he is getting it from?
In any event it looks like his board will recommend that you don’t sell.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Good morning
As expected a cop out.
QC Moynihan,
“applying the general principle of finality in litigation,”
Utter tosh it was never a litigation it was a flawed inquiry based on a false premise of EBT’s being lawful.
Just because someone has QC after their name does not make them infallible, with respect.
It is only his opinion after all. Many other will have different opinions equally or more valid.
What is needed is a complete clear out at the SFA/SPFL and the whole facts put before a Court.
Funny what a handshake can achieve

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Good evening,
Going to complete survey shortly and hope that this initiative will lead to change but won’t hold my breath.
Very suspicious of the involvement of politicians unless the come out publicly and demand the changes we want and don’t sit on the fence and seek self publicity as usual.
I have seen the disgusting self serving statements from Regan etc
I want to see title stripping but also the publication of the five way agreement and the removal of the present incumbents at the SFA.
At a minimum If titles are not stripped and the reason is that there is no point because Rangers went into liquidation, I want an unequivocal statement that Rangers(IL) died in 2012 and that the present team playing out of Ibrox is a new team and that they have zero history.
As far as the Green Brigade are concerned, their actions and subsequent statements are a disgrace.
When will they wake up to the fact that they hurt the club. How many fines need to be dished out before UEFA get fed up and kick Celtic out.
No one is asking them to change their politics, just keep them out of the club on match days.
Looking forward to the new season, the second without a season ticket because of the cheating which went on.

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
Good Evening
I do not often post nowadays but I, among many other posters, predicted a long time ago that Whyte would be found not guilty.
The purchase price was £1 and after you have paid your pound it is your toy to play with as you like.
So they think it is all over;not by a longshot.
This is only the beginning of a new chapter.
Watch out for Craigy boy going after the assets which should have rightfully been his until Green pulled the switcheroo.
For Sevco now to appoint yet another member of the cabal who were in charge at the demise of Rangers is just typical of their hubris.
Murray should now be disclosed for what he is – a jumped up barrow boy who took the taxpayers of this country for £1 Billion and still continues to lauded as a whizz kid.
Strip him of his knighthood
Get rid of Reagan and Doncaster and clean up the corrupt SFA.
Last year I did not attend a single game and do not intend ever to do so until these parasites have gone and Celtic Football club do something about the serial cheating of Rangers(IN LIQUIDATION)

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Reports are circulating that King flew in and met with Regan.

If this is true it is time the clubs got together and dealt with their CEO.
King is not, despite the media’s best efforts to convince the unwitting, the Chairman of the Rangers Football club, (formerly known as Sevco). He is chairman of a holding company.
Time for clubs to demand what Regan was discussing and to ensure that UEFA fair play rules are adhered to.
Regan must go soon

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
In my opinion the only way to stop cheating by diving is to make a points deduction against the club.
Also surprised that no one has picked up on the equally cynical and in my opinion malicious incident at or around 84 minutes when Sinclair was fouled and the Ross County player Davis, who was not involved in the tackle deliberately stood on Sinclair’s back. It was clearly picked up on TV.
As has often been said the SFA are not fit for purpose but it is the fault of the clubs, they have the power to call them out and vote them out.
Finally with reference to a Mr. G who is a director of Sevco. He is not the nice man that some people think he is. He is a bigot and was one of those who upset DD at last years semi.

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