Two wrongs and a right


The latest comments from Mark Warburton are interesting and slightly …

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The latest comments from Mark Warburton are interesting and slightly lacking in his famous “respect”. To say shopping for his wife’s Christmas present is his priority is insulting to Hibs and Alan Stubbs and sounds to me like a man under pressure.
Cue critical SMSM headlines tonight / tomorrow? Not a chance.
However his Presser and the reaction to the Falkirk defeat has been revealing.
My view of the penalty awarded to Falkirk on Saturday.
Was it outside the box? Almost certainly yes but at least Collum did not show a red card as arguable he should have.Was the penalty Rangers were awarded and missed a penalty? Well, only Willie Collum could have arrived at that decision. However that decision has been almost airbrushed away.
So two equally wrong decisions evening each other out in the same game. Our media reaction has almost to a man being one of outrage. Have not seen or heard the famous ” these things even things out over the season” yet from anyone.
What really interests me is that Warburton has been in touch with the SFA and has “received the right answers”. What the hell does that mean? I think we should be told!
Meanwhile Deila is being slaughtered nightly – second night in a row on Sportsound – and in every paper for being merely a point ahead with a game in hand no comment at all on Warburton having won only 8 points from the last 18 available. The media hypocrisy is staggering but so, so SMSM. I would agree hIs European record is appalling but the comments are so OTT as to be embarrassing – Chick was even speculating tonight that Stranraer could beat them in the Cup on 10 Jan for heavens sake with Spiers and MacIntyre revelling in questioning Deila’s troubles/ future. Immediately after the Deila discussion came an interview with the Rangers manager. Pat Bonnar asked Chick directly was Warburton under threat should they lose to Hibs? Wee Chick, having hammered Deila immediately prior, was unequivocal. Not a chance of him being under threat he declared.
You really could barely make this stuff up but I suppose it was ever thus.

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Two wrongs and a right
The SFA’s incompetence is truly hard to believe.Announcing a tie to be played at a venue where the announced host seemingly had not agreed to be the host.
Well, seems that there could be a solution that will suit the SFA. Offer the tie to Rangers/Ibrox to hostEK had complained of lost revenue due to low capacity. FIXEDAdded interest for TV and Press. FIXEDGroundsharing cash for a company in dire need. FIXEDGIRUY Celtic fans. Beautifully FIXED
Problem though is that once again Rangers received a home draw so need Ibrox the previous day so pitch could be a nightmare. Hey, this could be an an even better FIXED.Have to say that five days after venue announcement it seems Hamilton Accies are taking the P**s – and as a club I’ve long admired I have to say their behaviour is more than a little disappointing.
What a mess. It’s Burns night, not April fools day but at least the media have a handy wee excuse for not chasing up the O’Halloran borefest.

Two wrongs and a right
I think regular listeners to Radio Clyde are aware that they play to a particular demographic. However, even by their own amazingly low standards tonight’s Superscoreboard surely excelled itself in their wish to never knock Rangers; especially when Celtic would be the winner.
The host opened by asking who is the better striker? Leigh Griffiths or Martyn Waghorn – both on 27 goals for the season.
One of the guests, Chris Miller, current St Johnstone player contrasted the goals scored. He mentioned that while both on 27 Griffiths goals were all at the highest level, including Europe. Waghorn, on the other hand playing in the second tier plus 10 of his goals coming from the penalty spot. So he went straight for Griffiths.
The professional “journalist” Mark Guidi, on the other hand, just couldn’t make up his mind who was better. They both had differing qualities he opined and, he noted, to be fair to Waghorn he’s no had the chance to play at the top tier in Scotland. What? Even by Radio Clyde, often labelled Radio Rangers, this was quite an astounding comment. Proceeded to tell us the bold Martyn would sell for at least M£1 with Griffiths probably a M£2 player, ( Would suggest Griffiths more valuable, no?) Btw, how did he value Griffiths at just M£2?
How, in God’s name any professional football observer could, at this stage, not immediately opt for Griffiths almost defies belief but I guess there is an editorial agenda which seems to be ; cause no offence to the bears. Radio off. Silence in the car better than that tosh and shame on Guidi.

Two wrongs and a right
The SMSM are very consistent,As the build-up to litigation involving the Rangers Biard or their assorted former executives the tactic seems to be ignore, ignore….next to zero comment. Indeed without James Doleman, The johnjames site and phil mac we generally would not even know a hearing was being heard.
Actual coverage of the Litigation itself is, perhaps, too expensive or, more likely, too awkward and/or embarrassing fir the media to cover so the journos rely on James Doleman’s excellent Twitter feed.
However as soon as the news breaks of a perceived Rangers “victory” it’s all change.
Cue headlines of another Glorious triumph with immediate breaking news stories on the web, etc, etc.
All very strange and a sad reflection of our media.

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Good Try Mr. McKenzie

Some weeks ago the redtops went through a wallowing anniversary period with all sorts of nostalgic articles on the glorious return, 10 years ago, of Walter Smith to Rangers, as was, and the demise of Paul le Guen. Ah, such happy days!So I wondered what articles would appear today on the 50th anniversary of probably the biggest shock result ever in scottish football history? Berwick rangers defeated their Glasgow equivalents and perceived betters 1-0.I can still remember the shock today.
So in anniversary-land what’s been printed? From what I see absolutely nothing.Once again the SMSM shame themselves but that’s no great surprise.

Staying On The Problem
I see there was some comment earlier in Jock Stein being recognised for an awards, such as a knighthood.
The files released by the National Archive under an FOI request are revealing as it the original demand that the files should not be released until 2031!
There’s a fair amount of reading but the Civil Service speak is quite revealing and very Sir Humphrey like.

Make of the files and the decision/thought process witching Governement at the time what you will.

The Offline Game
Does anyone else remember the fuss kicked up by the SMSM when Alan Stubbs and Hibs did not provide a guard of honour when meeting Rangers immediately after the had secured their Championship win?It was petty, not the norm,spiteful and a hatful of other terms as I recall.
Isn’t it odd then that nowhere in the media is there surprise, comment or criticism that nobody from Rangers, be it their management or Level5, has had the basic courtesy to congratulate worthy winners.
Par for the course I suppose in Scotland where Rangers are concerned.

The Offline Game
RYANGOSLINGMAY 23, 2016 at 22:36
Why should both clubs be punished equally? How much damage was done by Rangers fans? How many Hibs players were attacked? How many back room staff? How many were spat on? How many had to be escorted from the pitch surrounded by officials for their own safety? How many Rangers fans ran to the Hibs end?
By all means punish Rangers for fans invading the pitch and singing prohibited songs, but to make out that they were, to coin a very popular phrase “as bad as each other”, is extremely disingenuous.
Good questions, Ryan, but ones you’ll never hear asked in our media. The agenda is set. Hibs fans were appalling. Some Rangers supporters braved the green tide and couldn’t walk away, and still not a quote from a single soul from anyone on the field about the trauma the endured on the pitch. Were any Hibs players traumatised by Rangers fans? I suspect not but it’s a closed question to our media. Not a word on David Weir’s fly kick from the touch line as the melees developed.
Thank heavens for a classy display from Kenny Miller congratulating Hibs – and his missus with heir tweets saying Kenny had not been attacked.
Level5 and the SMSM at their horrible worst. Rangers, as ever the victim.
what a tasteless lot they are.

btw, the Hibs fans were out of order but the media rewriting of events is every bit as bad.

The Offline Game
If Oldco  and Newco Eangers are one and the same who dis the SFL think were Club12 were when publishing a fixture list a few years ago? Why were thry not continuity Eangers?

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