Two wrongs and a right


Seems to be some truth in what JJ says but …

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Seems to be some truth in what JJ says but figures not always getting top marks and content a wee bit too close to court cases for my liking. If PMG is correct and MA is getting the Febshire press to print the truth of the stories then it will be interesting to see how the lamb munchers deal with that – two contradictory stories on every day could be funny.

All I can do is wait though – get the Xmas lamb ready, put the bbq on and have a few refreshments in 38C warmth again. It is a hard life in the tropics at this time of year. 

Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year to all on SFM and this includes PMG amd the Clumpany before someone picks me up in this again.

Red Lichtie and I still hope for an improved and stronger Arbroath and East Fife in the coming fixtures. Oh and some transparent and consistent administrators for our game from Santa. 

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Two wrongs and a right
Wottpi, CO, and Smugas
I agree that facial recognition can be a problem and if 40,000 turn up with balaclavas will those in the stadium insist they all take them off to be captured before they then all swap seats and say it wisnae me.
Also like Smugas says a risk that towards the end of the season, should a points deduction be in the offing, fans could turn up in the opposition colours, or without colours, in the opposition end with all sorts of plans (singing, flares, coins etc) to cause a deduction. I remember back in the 70’s when Bertie Vogts was playing for Borussia Moenchengladbach they beat Inter Milan 7-1 in the European Cup only for UEFA to order a replay because an Inter Milan player got hit by a bottle from where the Germans were. Inter Milan duly won the replay 4-2 to progress. However some time later it came to light that the person who had thrown the bottle was an Inter Milan fan! Of course by then the next round had been played and UEFA could not overturn the result a second time – so what chance Regan and Doncaster doing anything worthwhile; don’t answer that!
As always in football the authorities come up with rules but never think them through enough and before they know it people have found a way around the system. Remember when keepers were only allowed 4 steps before releasing the ball and within the first week a number of imaginative ways of getting around the restriction were dreamt up (even bouncing the ball off the back of the centre half walking in front of the keeper from the 6 yard box until they got to the edge of the penalty area), leaving the administrators scrambling to change and refine the law to stop such abuses they had not thought through properly. The same will apply to any facial recognition.
If the authorities can’t (read won’t) do anything about abuses now then what chance this is just another squirrel to drive us nuts. All very well Celtic identifying a few idiots and correctly dealing with them, and quite another the Club or Police trying to arrest 40,000 and prove each and every one of them were signing the song they were accused of singing!

Two wrongs and a right
Bumble is an ardent and long time Accrington Stanley fan and so would be well annoyed at any shenanigans with regard their players.

At the moment he is between test matches and if not already very soon to be in Johannesburg near a recently emptied wine cellar and the Chairman of the club he is apparently annoyed about. I am sure Phil MGB could send him a copy of Downfall in between chapters of his new play, but it might be quicker for someone on Twitter or Facebook to contact him and point him in the direction of SFM, Downfall and PMGB’s blogs and also On Fields of Green and James’ part 1 and 2 summary on the destruction of Scottish football.

Just wonder how long it would be after his first comments on Twitter/Facebook/TV that someone at Sky might have a word in his shell like asking him not to mention the war! Then again Bumble taking the opportunity (having read the history) of being in Johannesburg to interview DCK could be compelling TV!

Scottish Football needs a Strong Arbroath and East Fife.

Two wrongs and a right
Well as we move into another year the same issues remain.  A company trading while insolvent and without a credit line from a bank. Rules for one club and another set for the 41 others. Unacceptable singing and still no action by anyone in “authority”.
The whole game in Scotland is a sham (I could use many other words but would get cited for it even when correct) and until the SFA and SPL get their act together and apply the right rules without fear or favour there is no hope. I do not expect the SMSM to change but the TV companies might be able to have an effect if they refuse to cover matches until singing stops and the offending team gets no TV revenue either until common sense and civility returns.
However one is not holding ones breath and I suspect it will take an outside force or UEFA intervention to bring about change but will that be 2016, 2017, 2020 or……………. .
Here’s wishing everyone involved in SFM and related blogs a very prosperous New Year.
Scottish Football still needs a strong Arbroath and East Fife in 2016.

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Small Price to Pay?
In respect of the Dundee United issue I do not think they could now simply apply as a new member.
At the time SEVCO applied for membership there was no promotion/relegation system in place from League 2 to the lower leagues. Somewhere in my memory is a thought that those at Hampden used this last year ability to let SEVCO apply and get into League 2 before promotion/relegation was introduced as leverage to get support from the clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 specifically – the rules might have even been changed so that promotion/relegation was delayed for a year? It was something like that with the added “bonus” of hoping for increased match revenues exceeding the costs of additional policing and related damage repair costs as a result of SEVCO supporters presence in their ground! 
That said if a new club/Club is allowed to apply for membership out of the ether, without 3 years accounts, without any financial plan, or even history (not forgetting 276 stiffed creditors left behind), then if my club, with a long history in Scottish Football, found itself needing to “re-apply” then at the very least I would insist on being included in play-offs with the Highland and Lowland League winners, plus bottom of League 2 joining my team in a semi-final and then final. I suspect, it my team were DUFC and the players had not all left by that time (obviously a risk but…), they would win the play-offs in a canter so worth thinking about for any team that finishes in any other position than bottom of League 2. What was good for SEVCO must be good enough for the other 41 clubs/Clubs and at least my club/Club could argue they did play-off for the right to be in League 2 rather than be given it under a dodgy agreement! Whether you could place a bet on DUFC relegation is an argument for another court!
Those at Hampden saw a chance to get SEVCO into the league structure but their short term aims to accommodate SEVCO have set various precedents and [5-way] agreements whereby the rules could be changed to suit SEVCO, so why can the rules not be changed for all of the other 41 clubs – I still laugh at that number being the same as the number of the DCK’s convictions for being a mendacious witness and a glib and shameless liar whose evidence should not be believed unless it is in writing!!!! How true that judgment is even today.

Journey’s End?

I am not saying the Fraudco case will not go ahead, just that even if it does the result could well end up the same as all the recent court cases with the “hoped for” result not being forthcoming. We all hope for some red flag to come up and wobble the establishment but recent events don’t make it an expectation worth backing.

On a separate subject I have just heard that Paul Lambert is resigning from Blackburn Rovers at the end of this season. Obviously he was unlikely to do so unless he has somewhere to go – like Celtic? Maybe not the high profile manager some would hope for but……………who knows?

Journey’s End?
The fact that SARS probably gave what was effectively a Tax Clearance Certificate is nothing new in RSA or elsewhere on that continent. All it means is that the person is currently up to date with their tax returns. What it does not say is that he previously had 41 convictions and if he had not paid the 40m fine he would have been in jail for 82 years. The SFA lawyer saying there was never any chance of DCK going to jail was talking out of his arsenal IMHO.
And I notice JD said the SFA Lawyer mentioned that SFA fit and Proper person criteria were confidential???? So basically they can, as they have done so many times, and no doubt did so in the case of DCK, make it up on a case by case basis and then tell everyone they did it properly without ever having to show such evidence to the clubs, fans, or general public, unless so directed by a court. The fact that MA’s lawyer did not challenge any of this convinces me that another deal has been struck, the SFA instructed DCK to provide the required information under threat of whatever, and the parties sorted it out between themselves and screw the lot of us.
So another day goes by and another case comes to nothing and expectation and enthusiasm drops through the five floors below again. The problem with Hillsborough was that fans in those days were treated like they didn’t matter and the police attempt to blame hooligans and drunk fans was just typical of what they and the establishment thought of us; and then they tried to use it as an excuse to cover up their own mistakes. Thankfully the Liverpool fans and families of the 96 got what they deserved after 27 years of battling the establishment and at least there is now an admission of the massive cover up with the police and media implicated, and no doubt people in Government as well. Let’s hope, like Kenny implied, those responsible are trembling about what might come down the tunnel in their general direction. I say might because I will only be convinced that proper corrective and disciplinary action has been taken when I see it. We can also dream that a similar fate will befall the SFA, SPFL and the MSM but I am not holding my breath. 
It also cannot be sufficient for a club like CFC to think a meeting with the odd shareholder/supporter here and there is sufficient – they have had AGM’s and other opportunities to send a clear unequivocal message out to all CFC fans, and the rest of the clubs, about what they have or are still doing about res 12 and yet have not done so. I suppose they are hoping the people they speak to will spread the message but in my view it is again symptomatic of CFC and other clubs taking the punters for a ride. I have seen many comments here and elsewhere by fans saying that if they give up ST’s then others (mainly Sevco) will benefit and win more trophies. Well that is their right but they should also accept that if they pay up then nothing will change and they might as well watch WWE because the game will remain fixed. Directors are only in it for the money and will not wake up until they are hurt in the pocket. If thousands of CFC fans do not renew ST’s then a clear message will be sent and if it levels the playing field, and more of our diddy clubs win trophies, then they get exactly what they deserve.
I can see the Fraudco trial going the same way as all the other cases this year, and SFA/UEFA letting Sevco into the Europa Cup if they beat Hibs in the final. The only disappointment is that after the final East Fife will not be the only club outside of Scotland’s top division to win the Scottish Cup 05. Nothing would surprise us and anything different will come as a surprise to the system. In the meantime there are still no compelling reasons to put any money into any club’s pockets, no matter how well they do, until they extract the digit and get rid of the administrators ruining the game for all of us.

Journey’s End?
Have been reading but not posted for a long time. I see even the Clumpany saw the need to come out of retirement and highlight the result of the Hillsborough verdict – justice for the 96 indeed. I am sure many of us can remember where we were that sad day.
I have seen the concerns about a drop in numbers on SFM and I think it is fair to say that with no court cases of late it has got a bit dull. Celtic have been extremely poor, Rangers have scraped past the joiners and plumbers to join the Premiership and at least Fife is represented in winning two titles this season! We have a strong Dunfermline and East Fife.
But the Hampden bunker remains filled with the same people hiding away from reality – it has taken the families of the 96 a total of 27 (twenty seven) years to get justice from the cover up of lies and self preservation of those in power. One can only hope that we do not have to wait that long for Scottish Football to rid itself of the curse of p*ss poor administrators. The clubs have to share some of the burden because they put them in place but sooner or later even the likes of Celtic find that their fans are walking away in numbers and their owner suddenly wants to know why?
I suppose it should not be a shock to anyone that the owner only notices if the cash starts reducing and wants to know why. I suspect many owners in the game today might just get a tad worried that what is happening to Celtic might just happen to them to if they keep their heads in the sand and hope it all goes away. As JC would say “hell mend em”.
I hope club owners are watching the Celtic situation and start waking up and smell the coffee because fans have had enough. There was no armageddon and whilst the cups have been shared around, some attendances risen, and most clubs on an even financial keel, one hopes they do not return to trying to bankrupt themselves because a new team has got to the Premiership. The clubs and SPFL/SFA should realize that nobody is going to stick around forever and watch a fraudulent game.
Here’s hoping for a stronger Arbroath and even stronger East Fife next season.


Look Back to Look Forward
Been busy but not commented for a while but have read plenty. Auldheid and team have done a great job and been persistent but the Board not being able to get to SFA or UEFA themselves and wanting others to do it is shameful.
I agree that all the clubs are at fault because, apart from the late Turnbull Hutton’s intervention, they have done nothing else and all seem intent on having the blue pound back (although this time maybe learning lessons and trying not to break the bank of every club trying to compete).
However there is always a twist in the tale of every good movie so as it is Friday I wondered what could possibly go wrong. Imagine if UEFA do take an interest and investigate and found out about the scale of the deceit and as a consequence:
a) Banned Sevco/Rangers for many years; as they did with Malaga, Galatasaray and others but probably for longer
b) Banned Celtic from Europe for a number of years for not reporting what they knew (and any implied involvement in the cover up); and
c) Banned the Scotland national team from Europe because of the SFA/SPFL ineptitude/license issue and everything else they find in the Hampden bunker?
I know it is far fetched and that all other Scottish clubs might also get banned (hopefully not though 03 which in itself would be ironic) but imagine the fall out of that. Where would the Celtic Board, SFA/SPFL and the shyster board (credit JJ) turn to cover their embarrassment? It might mean Scottish Football has to start again – armageddon – they would have called it right after all. Who would have thought it?
Then again with Dunblane being the world tennis champs and the rugby team slowly starting to improve, there is maybe an alternative on the horizon. Of course Andy losing to the Joker when they play Serbia in the next round and the inevitable media inquest on a 3-2 loss would probably be enough for him to tell them to stuff it as well, and relegation will follow quickly thereafter. It was only going to be short term anyway!
Onto cycling, …. Sir Chris….oh you retired………you on the bike……………………… hockey anyone??  TGIF

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