Two wrongs and a right


Have  a great time over the festive period and new …

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Have  a great time over the festive period and new year. Hopefully next year we will get our sporting game back but I fear we will have to again play our part as our gutless smsm and SFA will have the same new year resolutions as always. I also thank the mods for the work they put in. Thank you. 

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Two wrongs and a right
How much more of this SSB drivel can the public take.  This European League (nonsense) just lets the pundits talk Celtic and more important to to suit their agenda keep promoting the club they call  Rangers at their leisure.  Keep old firm  going, more importantly talk about Rangers as equal to Celtic as we speak. The biggest myth from 2012 is the club keeping the name of Rangers is the same club. 
I thought at first  I would not bother as I know the club RFC died as all the would be heroes at the smsm admitted it in the words of Bowie (just for one day).  But I have to say this myth is really annoying me now and the thing that is the most annoying aspect of it now is the power of smsm and them being able to just promote it daily (without question) and by doing so helps to support this absurd myth. I had to check the Collins dictionary and lo and behold the word liquidation does actually still exist. 

Two wrongs and a right
There is more court action these days than you would get during Wimbledon fortnight.
Is there a jester in the court? Are flares allowed in court or strictly suits and brogues only? Got a feeling these court cases will be serving longer than a Wimbledon fortnight.
 Any information on today’s event.

Two wrongs and a right
Ibrox club statement on inappropriate singing (note not sectarian songs) 
A statement, published on the club website, reads: “Rangers believes it is appropriate at this time to remind everyone of the club’s position on anti-social behaviour within football grounds.
“The club operates a zero tolerance policy and continues to work tirelessly via the Follow with Pride campaign while supporting all initiatives aimed at tackling this problem.  The football authorities and Police Scotland know the club is committed to eradicating all forms of unacceptable behaviour and it is disappointing that a minority engaged in inappropriate singing during the match against Hibernian at Ibrox Stadium on Monday, December 28.

The Ibrox club says it is doing all it can to prevent these songs, really?  Well during the Hibs game these songs were sung a few times and so why was there not an announcement made during the game over the sound/tannoy  system (not wifi I may add) to remind the fans of the offensive nature of the singing? If this was carried out I would have a bit more faith in the Ibrox club and it’s attitude towards this problem.

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Here we go again
So what is expected to happen now with SDI v Rangers (IL).
Will damages be paid out anytime soon. Is there another court date due. I only ask as I know this case will not be recorded/discussed by our msm.

Here we go again
I see RTC back on Twitter on same day as Sun comments on Mr McCann and his EBT bill of £700,000 having an effect on his divorce proceedings. Article actually states club went into administration followed by liquidation. Also stated Newco formed and had to enter third Div . Always good to here from RTC.

Moving On Time?
JC and Scotland's open Shame( The Big Lie ) is one of the main reasons I visit this blog. Change is most welcome but the continuing lie should always  take main stage imo.  This level of cheating with no punishment mocks every football fan in this country. To lose an EBT verdict at a SC (which confirmed that these payments were basically wages and these were not disclosed to SFA which meant roughly 55 players were registered illegally and the SFA to this day have not addressed this verdict in any way is absolutely disgraceful..More worrying is WHY they have not approached this level of cheating. Only in Scotland and only for one team. As mentioned at beginning thanks to John Clark and this blog.

Never forget the damage this club caused our game and still are imo.

Shame on our country  the SFA and smsm.

Sweet Little Lies
Great article Auldheid

This farce by RFC (IL) tribute act imo is to stop 9IAR even if it means bringing down our whole game and also to appease their raging  fans. That is it.

SC verdict (among several other issues concerning oldco) has never been dicussed by our smsm and the implications of the level of cheating by RFC ( IL) over a period of 13 years. Fact. They totally ignored this because simply they can. This is Scotland's open biased shame. 

Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?
I listened to BBCsportsound today and ND explained loans and advanced pre payments about 3 times.  ND in between the lines seemed a bit pissed of with this requisition and the EMG  taking place on 12 May (basically in his opinion wasting valuable time).  He really sounded convincing, and was really bemused of what case he had to answer to. I heard the SFA medical expert/doctor lay out the case that this season is vitually over. Now if on the 12 May the Ibrox club lose the  vote, which is very likely, then if I was ND I would state season over and award Celtic the title as soon as.   Ibrox club should not be delaying the planned future of our game. 

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