Two wrongs and a right

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The crooks, asset strippers and assorted spivs are squabbling over …

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The crooks, asset strippers and assorted spivs are squabbling over the carcass. Court appearances could go on ad nauseum. Hell mend them.
The switcheroo continues aided and abetted by the corrupt administration of our sport. All else is a sideshow. I could not give a toss about the spivs, save that justice prevails and the public purse is compensated.  
It is patently obvious that the entire sham has been the vehicle by which the SFA have preserved the position of the offending club. ONE CLUB has been treated as immortal to the detriment of the rest of the members. This has been the sole object of the entire pantomime. 
A new and impartial governing body must be the priority of the remaining clubs. 
The time for action is upon us. All means should be considered, including resignation en masse. What are the chances of such a mass withdrawal with a view to forming our own “sustainable business model” clubs only association?

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Two wrongs and a right
As we draw near to 2016 it seems it’s the same old problems in Scottish football emanating from a club, who in my view are populating our sporting association illegally. Their very membership of our association was allowed by stealth, by conspiracy(it seems to me) and by flagrant disregard of our rules.
It must by now be obvious by now that the governing body has done, or not done, it’s duty to the other member clubs. In fact they are fingering their noses at us. Much has been written recently about what “needs to be done” by…………………..enter appropriate entity SFA/SPFL/Police Scotland/Scottish Parliament etc.
None of these bodies are going to take the lead. Nothing WILL BE DONE. By them in any case.
Let us remember what our sport is. Football teams formed and agreed to play one another in a sporting contest(s). The clubs were formed because they had the backing of paying supporters. The sport would be administered by an elected body to ensure FAIR PLAY and all else that it entails.
The sport would be untenable without “THE FANS”. It is now the time for the fans to “DO SOMETHING” about our sport. It is our sport. Only action by the paying fans will achieve anything constructive.
I would like to hear other views and suggestions about what can or can’t BE DONE.
However, as a priority I would demand a DESTRUCTIVE action as the first port of call. And that being the nullifying of the licence of RTFC or whatever they are called. The removal of this club from our set up until such times it is prepared to operate within the rules of our sport is yes, destructive in the first instance but it is the only way that will bring about the required metamorphosis.
I will not be renewing my season ticket until I see justice to our sport.

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Staying On The Problem
The hour is upon us when a club, Club 12 has been allowed to compete in our Premier league. A club seen by the administrators of our sport as an institution without which our sport is doomed.
Armageddon anyone??? 

This will all end in tears.

You other clubs fans are more or less being told your clubs are meaningless.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
“Thur’s been a bawz-up wae the bawz”

The shambles that administers our sport has reached a new hellish depth(can it go any lower?)

Tonight’s Scottish Cup draw should be used as a case study in body language. The squirming and embarrassment was palpable, though they’ll doubtless apply their hide the truth hoses and gallons of whitewash along with a Level 5 St.Atement.

The looks on their faces from the beginning was of latent guilt. The entire sham was one of fear. Fear in case the audience spotted the trick. Like amateur magicians.

The sophistry used by Tanner was deplorable. He tried to turn it into big joke. “Let’s all laugh at……..”. This was not in the least funny. It was yet another embarrassment for us to endure. He tried to deflect with his question to Leigh Griffiths about his “hand ball”. What a twat. And our media is full of them.

I hope some club(s) have the good sense to start whatever action is necessary to  liquidate the current administration. There is surely growing  concern that there is no confidence in them.

LNS – A Summary
Re the slaverings of Dick (Mr.Custard) Gough…..

I laughed my head off at a remark on one fanzine site which observed..

“even their lies are lies”.

I am beginning to think that rangersitis is a loss of brain cells which increases exponentially
as the revelations of their cheating are exposed.

The Case for a New SFA.
Why do you think JJ would distort the figures? In the absence of Accounts it seems to me that sevco finances are conjured from the ether at the great magicians whim. I simply do not believe a word of any media generated guff. I accept YOUR figures are an honest estimate by someone who is savvy regarding financials. BUT I accept NOTHING stated by or on behalf of sevco. What would JJs motive be for distorting the figures?
This entire charade has gone way beyond farcical. It now seems that to survive the peepul are going to be told to dig deep….or else!!! What a bloody mess the administrators of our SPORT have made of this.

Redistribution of Football Income – The Human Dilemma
Have I got this right?
King has admitted they don’t have the money to last the season BUT will exist on loans until then. Or that’s the gist of it as I read it.

Is it not in the rules(no sniggering) that this kind of fiscal policy cannot be tolerated????

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