Two wrongs and a right

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Surely if any of the custodians of our football in …

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Surely if any of the custodians of our football in Scotland are found to be involved with the chicanery that attaches them to the club from Govan in any form that a court would deem to have been totally against the rules of their position,a judge would suggest that they should be chased to pay back the salaries they have taken for that role and any other punishment that the law might see fit to charge them with.
Now that would be nice.

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Two wrongs and a right
Interesting re a will not being left,going through this with solicitors for just over a year now,one thing after another it seems,the insurance only was raised in October and has still not been agreed by the solicitor .

Two wrongs and a right
So definitely a 12 team top tier,no skullduggery.

Two wrongs and a right
The media up here are far more dense than the media down south.
Fixed that for Warbs

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Look Back to Look Forward
I wonder how long this new phone in has been scheduled to run,there must be a very limited list of questions before the biggest issue to hit Scottish football has to be debated,seriously,do the BBC think they can stage manage this and if they do they will be guilty of wasting public money.I can imagine the first few stage managed shows
Hi first caller is from Govan,Billy what’s your question to the panel
   2nd caller is from Bridgeton,Billy etc etc
   3rd caller is from Larkhall,Billy etc etc
   4th caller is from Coatbridge ,Liam what’s your question to the panel,Liam,Liam are you there,oh dear it seems he has hung up,next.

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I see my post of this morning has been pulled,why.

That WAS me so I can answer. You were having a go with a broad brush at Hearts fans. SFM isn’t a vehicle for that. Your comment was unnecessary, provocative, and untrue – as were your subsequent remarks (which have been deleted).

Look Back to Look Forward
Great fight ,both sides put differences aside,lesson for all to be learned,if only the rest of sport can box intelligently ,well maybe not in Scotland ,not with what we have now,sad.

Look Back to Look Forward
what bar was this interview conducted in and was it just before closing time ,we demand to know.

Look Back to Look Forward
It must be hard for MW,you go into your work everyday and all around you are shuffling about ready to fire the myths at you again but in a different format,no genuine conversation takes place because there are none,living the lie day in day out must take its toll hence the drivel that he has come out with lately,next week and the weeks after that who knows what pish he will spout because that’s all we are going to have to listen too,at least MW,try and make it some interesting pish .

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