Two wrongs and a right

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Do you think there’s a chance that someone in the …

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Do you think there’s a chance that someone in the media might ask one simple question of the SFA……”What have you learned from handling the “Rangers” issue since 2011?”

NB Yes I know ‘the “Rangers” issue’ started long before this, but I’d be happy to see their answer even if based only on the question I pose.

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Two wrongs and a right
What I don’t get is how they think they can loftily justify their decision on the basis that “We are quite rightly following our rules” when, as the last line of the article says, they’ve been more than happy to disregard those exact same rules in the recent past. And why do clubs (in this case EK) not call them out on that?
I know there are bigger rules they’ve disregarded, but I’m keeping it on topic.
Why doesn’t someone (anyone!) take them to task for disadvantaging EK when both they and presumably Celtic would want to play at a bigger venue. All it takes is for someone to say “But your ‘justification’ doesn’t make sense when you already allowed the rule to be circumvented in the recent past, so can you please justify your decision on this again…and sensibly this time please cos we’re watching!”
Gets on my bits what they are allowed to get away with.

Two wrongs and a right
“Faecal recognition”!! Brilliant FA – glad I wasn’t mid-drink or the screen would have got sprayed.

Two wrongs and a right
Roddybhoy, I think you (and others) are missing the point. Everyone knows that the suggestions on here would reduce and probably eradicate the problem of singing/pyros. The authorities know this; the clubs know this; the press know this. The problem isn’t in finding a solution – it’s in trying to get that simple solution in place!
It’s no use saying ‘Authorities out and get better authorities in to introduce the right, sensible solution’. The right solution can’t be put in place until the clubs agree it. Lawell, Budge, whoever are the ones refusing to accept their responsibility because they realise it might hurt them. Until they agree that it’s better to take the pain short term so as to have better behaved fans in the long term, it’ll never happen.
Of course, that kind of antagonistic display toward other teams is what ‘everyone’ wants to continue as it is part of the reason some fans continue to turn up – especially the dafter elements of some supports.
Don’t tilt at the SFA/SPFL – get onto your club.

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Enough is enough
EB, you state that the SFA’s rules allowed them discretion to transfer the membership. Just for clarity – is your reason for doing so purely to clarify for others on here that the SFA did not break their rules in allowing the transfer? I.e. a warning not to claim the SFA breached their rules?
Or is your reason for stating it an argument that the transfer of membership allows the current ‘Rangers’ to claim that it is the same entity as the ‘Rangers’ currently in liquidation?

Enough is enough
AS, you need to remember that as far as the SFA is concerned there’s no uncertainty ‘cos Dave said he would put the money in! So that’s awrite then.

Enough is enough
If Dorrans’ signing was after the accounts cut-off, then I can only see Cardoso, Pena, Herrera, Candeias and Morelos signing for a fee according to TransferMarket. Their fees listed there total only £7,380m not the c£10m shown in the accounts. Anyone any ideas?

Enough is enough
Given that Dave doesn’t have any control, I’m wondering who the nice person at NOAL is who keeps sending TRFC money out of the goodness of his heart?!?

Enough is enough
Tris, you say “Celtic wouldn’t be risking very much if some more equitable model was introducedThey’d still have more money than most.”
Of course they would………but only most in Scotland. That’s my point – why would they weaken themselves against the ‘big’ European clubs whom they have ambitions to better or at least compete with? You suggest they should because somewhere down the line they MIGHT need to improve due to increased competition from better domestic clubs. Seriously? “Let’s weaken ourselves against the clubs we’re aspiring to match in the hope that years ahead we MIGHT get better and they (keeping all their money) don’t”!?!?!?!
Let’s be realistic. You can’t expect a business/club to do that.
I want better competition and improving standards in Scottish football as much as anyone, but the more naïve comments I hear, the more I’m convinced that it can only be done by somehow forcing UEFA to drive it from the top down (or, as you say, the bubble bursts and we start from scratch).

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