Two wrongs and a right


I may have missed it but, can anybody tell me …

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I may have missed it but, can anybody tell me if the Govan win bonuses from December have now been paid. I would like to make such information available in the MOH transfer thread on Saints site if they haven’t. (or indeed if they have)

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Two wrongs and a right
Aye indeed, I expect the compliance officer will be getting in touch with Accies in the not too distant future. 14 

Two wrongs and a right
parttimearab 16th January 2016 at 8:40 pm #
The only “pressure” on St Johnstone is whether or not to monetize a players registration……same “pressure” that any (and in Scotland that means most) clubs who rely on cup runs and player sales to make ends meet.It might be worth wondering where Rangers are getting the money from (though it may simply be that tales of impending financial doom have been driven by wishful thinking….yet again) but overall this is a non story….Saints can happily knock back this approach….unless they want to cash in….and if they do its as a result of their reading of the best result for them and not due to any external “pressure” imo.
There’s not a lot that I would disagree with there. Probably didn’t make my point too well but the pressure I was referring to was that which comes from the relentless hype from the media which generates expectation in the fans in one camp and resentment in the other. Of course clubs can deal with it, as has the St Johnstone manager, he reiterated the club’s stance to BBC Sport this evening. (See my previous link).

I guess what is really annoying has been all the talk about them not having the wherewithall to make such bids but whether the money is available or not, and surely it must be otherwise the governing bodies would be all over this 14 it is the players themselves that become affected by the constant media speculation in the press and eventually the manager has to omit him from the team sheet, as happened again today. We saw the same earlier in the season when the same club tabled what were regarded as derisory bids for Scott Alan.

I suppose it’s something we have to live with as the clubs (41) have had ample opportunities to put a stop to the nonsense but appear to be reluctant to act as a united body.

Two wrongs and a right
As it’s a quiet evening on here an update to my last.

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Look Back to Look Forward
Oh my …
BBC Television 2200 – National News – Broadcast to the UK tonight.

“Glasgow Rangers celebrate a win AND a return to the Scottish premiership”.

The item is yet to be broadcast in full you might want to switch off before the sports section is transmitted – unbelievable a Scottish football story appears on national news facilitated no doubt by BBC Scotland.

Getting the message across to all south of the border that they are the same club. There will be worse to come I’m sure.

Look Back to Look Forward
Homunculus 27th February 2016 at 12:05 pm #
JJ may well have attributed that to allyj however, was it not in fact posted by ‘easyjambo’?

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Next round according to Paddy Power.

LNS – A Summary
tony 23rd November 2015 at 2:07 pm #
Whilst being a wee bit pedantic I contend that there is already enough material for a number of movies with the probability of sequels continuing well beyond my lifetime.
I trust somebody somewhere is already working on the screenplay(s).

LNS – A Summary
Regarding the skewed view portrayed by the media that it’s only one club…
268 pages, 6,689 comments, viewed some 256,510 times. The ‘Ibrox Latest’ thread has been running on WAP (We Are Perth) since February 2012.
St Johnstone fans clearly don’t monitor nor care about governance issues within Scottish football either.
I’m sure this situation also manifests itself on many other diddy club forums. Easily verifiable if any MSM journo cares to do a bit of research.

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