Two wrongs and a right

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As Smallchange hints –  “You will comply. Resistance is futile” apologies to …

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As Smallchange hints – 
“You will comply. Resistance is futile”
apologies to non trekkies out there

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Two wrongs and a right
Jimbo – how about Miller and McLeish? Same era of course

Two wrongs and a right
Some musings to help me fend off the feeling of impending doom. Its helpful I’m told. As Mike Wazowski might say “Think therapeutical thoughts!”
(In gruff Churchillian tones…mixed with a little bit of Samuel Jackson)
“I am speaking to you from the Eisenhower Rooms in Culzean Castle. Hmmph. We are living in turbulent times, beset on all sides by dark forces that wish to overthrow our fair game. Hmmpf. I am minded to consider how those with greatttt power and responsibility would deal with such evil intent. Those generals such as Eisenhower, with vaaaast resources and unemcumbered power would have been able to marshall his staff, his troops, and his will to strategies that would DEFEAT those who dare try to impune sporting integrity and allow HEINOUS financial and regulatory jiggerypokery to flourish unchallenged to threaten our dear soccerball game.”
I, however, am on a Groupon deal in those same Eisenhower apartments, with no power to marshal the forces of right to deal devastating blows to those who offend our values. I will however spout off on t’internet (when i get to the one room in this place with wifi).
We are indeed seeing a softening up campaign to do everything necessary to support TRFC getting into some kind of top league asap. Its probably been put firmly to the SFA beaks (love that phrase) that another year out of the top income stream will be the death of TRFC (or won’t generate enough cash for the “investors” to stick around).
Bampots such as ourselves, if i can actually call myself one, will of course be immune to the suggestions that it’s all for the “good of the game”, but we are not the target of those promoting the Big Lie and succulent lamb dinners. The hope is that us bampots will not be able to rouse the fans’ ire enough this time.
Following the fans successful pressure on the SPL clubs in 2012, we can surmise that deals had to be done, probably out of earshot of Mr Hutton, to give all the other leagues a year of the blue pound visiting their grounds as the “punishment” for RFC, not the actual consequence of their own actions, and that nothing more was to be said..ever. IIRC only Annan FC openly supported Turnbull – who I think were also newcomers, or was the chairman there a new chairman?
The SFA knew the LNS thing wouldn’t rock the boat and any fine would never be paid.
Anyhoo, this is partly why the clubs now have to keep schtum. They agreed to forego / forget / sacrifice sporting integrity, which if you recall was often described in derogatory terms in the SMSM at the time, for the duration of the uninterrupted march through the leagues. Ha Ha, eternal thanks to Motherwell FC who cheered most of us up at the end of last season and probably had a significant impact on TRFC’s chances of survival. Mind you, that last minute foul on our goalie to get a goal that put us third is still a hard one for us Dons fans to take, so you are not totally forgiven. Maybe I should blaming the ref though. See? …we do talk about football sometimes, but back to the matter in hand.
Nobody but those ensconced in the blue room probably suspected just how much asset stripping / lack of financial planning for stability would actually take place following TRFC/RIFC getting the go ahead to promote the big lie and raise millions on the market. This probably gave some pause for thought amongst the other chairmen & the beaks ( or regular purchases of brown trousers) , but they are too far down the road to admit guilt. They thought all would be well. Hell mend them. The monster is alive and well, is back again, and is terrorising the village – again.
The nature of the new league setup will likely be kept quiet as long as possible in order to maximise TRFCs chances if there is an insolvency event.
Remember the talk of an invited league? – nothing will be kept off the table when push comes to shove. Money talks, as it did in 2012. They are thinking- well we had to do it then, so if we have to do it again, well just this one more time, it’s no biggie, we can pretend its a fair game later on when things calm down. Our SFA chaps will also have calculated that UEFA and FIFA will be too busy to have any interest in Res 12 issues for the foreseeable future.
I think it was Frank Zappa that said politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex. In the SFA, democracy and pretendy boards / committees are the fig leaves to hide the commercial – regulatory complex which is populated by the establishment. Disagree? Show me some evidence to the contrary.
The flies in the ointment of course are the finances of TRFC and the various court cases. Expect early payments for TRFC, more home games in cups, special Ibrox fixtures, etc as the things the SFA can do outwith league reconstruction.
My predictions? Tea leaf patterns today suggested that despite some best efforts not enough fans will persuade their clubs to do the right thing, Mr Milne’s hope that TRFC use “the right approach” will be sadly dashed and they continue as is, that court cases continue with little implication for continued asset stripping at TFRC/RIFC despite some of the individuals maybe not faring so well, but the Govan team will struggle on -on the pitch and off -in whatever top league is cobbled together if TRFC aren’t promoted, until sadly for their fans, including those in positions of power, there is just not enough money left or to be found.
Not even the most brotherly type of support will “square” up the books or prevent other non football regulatory risks or actions. At the end of the day there needs to be someone putting in millions of cash for no return, regularly. The flow of dough will stop.
When that happens is anyone’s guess, but a certain Mr Ashley’s guess might be closer than most.
We will not see sporting integrity rear its shiny head, no Luke Skywalker hero, no wise Yoda, just the harsh realities of business when this Trade Federation says farewell to one of it’s newest members that couldn’t keep up the payments.
As a certain Irish writer keeps reminding us, TRFC are a loss making business with no credit line at a bank.
As many contributors here remind us, the main problem is not TRFC however, its the ability of the sporting authorities to govern correctly, and we will have to live with that awful truth.
Most of us will continue to watch, finance and support our clubs and watch tv showings of football. Its all our faults, but some more than others.
Jeezy peeps, I read that back so now I’m off to top myself, – razor blade and hot bath? Or maybe just more of my unhealthy lifestyle…that should do it. When’s the next Dons game on Alba? Get the wine, pringles and condensed milk ready!
Or, Santa is very good to bampots and early in the new year many TRFC decision makers are suddenly no longer around, the bills don’t get paid, no new money comes in, and TRFC is liquidated. Assets are still in dispute, so no immediate new newco. SFA resignations abound, clubs reorganise the SFA and eventually a new and well run community club is formed which is successful in getting SFA membership according to normal rules. It does march through the leagues with a large number of sane and well behaved fans. What’s not to like?

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Homunculus –
where’s your Xmas spirit?
Personally I’m waiting for the MSM commenting that poor Mr King has suffered enough so the TOP, the courts and the rest of us should all just move on.
We all know that:-
1 coals should not be raked over and 
2 everyone needs a strong “rangers” – else the sky might fall on our heads (is this the first Asterix reference on the site?)

Who Is Conning Whom?
Sorry for straying into club territory here, but as a dons fan, I think DM has been seriously damaged by all this and that’s why I think a disrepute charge against TRFC is appropriate.
However – if he has no intention of leaving, as he and the chairman have said, then he’s been seen to fail under the pressure. When he could have used the same attacking tactics against TRFC as other teams have and succeeded, instead he’s looked like a rabbit in headlights, minimising our strengths. Constant selection changes also seem to weaken the team, and DM now appears damaged goods not able to deliver when really necessary against our main rivals. 
Given these failings, why would TRFC want him?
I feel sorry for the guy but he should have overtly said he’s not interested during the lifetime of his contract – or until AFC sack him. At least one dons fan site has rumours that the players think he’ll leave (and take some with him later- McLean?) and he’s lost the dressing room. 
If he does stay he has work to do to regain trust. 
If he goes, well the trust was obviously misplaced, and DM will be seen in the same light as Ryan Jack, or worse.
If this was a cunning plan by an opposition team, then a disrepute charge it is, or should be – and bad show DM for falling for it and not commiting to AFC more strongly much earlier.

Who Is Conning Whom?
Well said JC,
If he does leave to a club he’s spectacularly lost two back to back games to, after weeks of media / pr pressure, then questions should indeed be asked, but of whom?
The SFA will never charge TRFC with bringing the game into disrepute over this, although it should.
AFC could have put him on leave but that could have led to DM claiming constructive dismissal, and left AFC with no compensation. It’s all very murky.
There’s no point complaining to the media about their constant bias.
What are the rules about “tapping up” managers? I’m sure if there are any, there willl be considerable scope for discretion by the SFA and burden of proof issues.
Us dons fans however are rightly suspicious that something ain’t right, and although we can like every other team blow it on occasion and often against glasgow teams, the recent selections and tactics dont show DM in a good light if he does leave – “suspicious” will then not be the appropriate word we’ll be using though…

Who Is Conning Whom?
good analysis, can I add that the timing of the Brechin game in the cup possibly helped rush through this rotten deal.
Who played Brechin indeed. If they had taken more time to consult and negotiate their wheeze it might have worked out better but in my view it was all about keeping up the pretence that Sevco were indeed RFC and this couldnt have held up if the cup game didnt happen.
What was required therefore was the invention of the ‘conditional membership’ to allow a non football club to play in the cup, thereby giving them access to the leagues. Cue the renaming of the club and hey presto! IT IS RANGERS AFTER ALL!

Enough is enough
Hirsute has just nailed the name of the next & subsequent teams out of Ibrox – Metaphysical Rangers FC.
Also wonder about the timing of Ernest’s appearance and arguments – setting the scene / rehearsing arguments for the next transformation? Well done JC & Auldheid etc for your patient replies.

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