Two wrongs and a right

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Http:// JC I’ve tried 3 times today to uploathis. So hope it …

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I’ve tried 3 times today to uploathis. So hope it works. The annual report of ECA.
They do produce a wee bit beyond a talking shop it seems.
A talking point is no doubt the removal of fc Ari’s p 54 for disapplication of their European licences, you do wonder why then RIFC retain theirs?
Also for fans of “working” WiFi is Celtics award on P 67.
I know you love an annual report.

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Two wrongs and a right

I hear the sound of horse boxes pulling away from well gravelled drives.

Two wrongs and a right
Cluster One 24th January 2016 at 5:50 pm‘….Does this bond have to be lodged by tomorrow?And if it is not,what happens?’________  4.00 pm 25/01/16 is the time by which.——Don’t know what happens if an order is not complied with, but presumably it would be quite a serious matter.Whether it would cause the party simply to lose his case/claim?


My guess also.
Shurely 50k is just a saddle and accoutrements for a horse though?
I’m pretty sure he will find that somewhere and look forward to lugubrious expensive meetings and luncheons with counsel once its all approved.
After all the likes of Peter Smith wont be found lurking in the Scottish legal establishment , will they?21

Two wrongs and a right
Doubt the ECA could organise a schools sports day never mind a European competition.
I say this as a member club.

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