Two wrongs and a right

ByBig Pink

Two wrongs and a right

The John James blog has of late thrown up many hooks to hang our theories on and provided much food for thought on the Rangers issue.

His casual invective against individuals, particularly Dave King, and often members of the Bench is not particularly SFM-like in its approach, but despite the industrial nature of much of the discourse, the value of his work cannot be denied.

On the subject of revisiting LNS, I find myself in agreement with his conclusions. His argument about Celtic’s attitude to Resolution 12 is to my mind compelling insofar as it serves as a barometer for Celtic’s disposition towards rocking the SPL/SFA boat. Like him, I cannot see any real evidence, (despite the recent statement by the club) that they are disposed to move in the direction of a revisited LNS (although it should be noted that besides Celtic there are another 40 clubs who may have an opinion on this).

His conclusions though should not be confused with his opinion on the rights and wrongs of LNS. Like most of us, he appears to be of the opinion that LNS was seriously flawed on multiple counts.

I saw Bill McMurdo’s remarks too in reference to the same topic. He alleges that the whole SFA house of cards would come down if information he has at his fingertips, information that off-book payments in Scottish football was much more widespread that the RFC EBTs, was made public.

UnderTableIf what he says is true, and he has evidence, he should be expanding on the innuendo.

If he chooses not to, then he is as complicit as those he accuses.

In any event, to say that no action should be taken because others have done it is not the same as saying that no action WILL be taken.

If he means the former, then he is wrong. By the logic of that argument it follows that burglars for example should not be prosecuted because other people burgle houses but didn’t get caught.

I suspect he knows himself that by any objective standard, this view is in error, because when he is called out on it, he reverts to ad hominem attacks on those who called him on it. No defence, just withering, dismissive sarcasm – in the manner of former pundit Jim Traynor when he refers to those who speak of sporting integrity.

If he means the latter, then he should do what he can do prevent it and make his information public. I believe he knows that the £3 note fraternity runs through Scottish football like lettering on a stick of seaside rock, but I suspect he doesn’t actually have evidence.

If there is evidence, then McMurdo is in a unique position to get it out in the open and make life difficult for those he alleges are corrupt.

Then we should go back in time as far as possible to investigate those who participated in “black money” schemes, whether they are EBTs, other forms of tax dodge, or just money in a brown paper bag.

I do not believe that any of us participating in the Scottish Football Monitor would fear exposure of any of our clubs. I think we all know that this is far more important than club loyalties.

If McMurdo’s information is correct, then we also have the opportunity to show that the clamour for revisiting LNS is not an anti-Rangers with-hunt. Instead of reconvening LNS, let’s have Bill’s info, and constitute a wider enquiry. If the info was made public, and it will now be difficult for him to put his genie back into the bottle, could the SFA and the clubs resist the pressure for such an enquiry?

handsMaybe McMurdo’s intervention/revelation may yet be seen as a seminal moment in the campaign to rid ourselves of corruption and incompetence in football.

Our position has always been clear. Corruption is counter to sporting integrity. Therefore it must be rooted out.

John James and Merlin are probably correct in that the clubs will seek to thwart any move for a new enquiry; and there could easily have been a deal done with King last week.

However there was also a deal done with Charles Green about the new club being parachuted into the SPL. How did that one turn out?

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Big Pink is John Cole; a former schoolteacher based in the West of Scotland, He is also a print and broadcast journalist who is engaged in the running of SFM . Former gigs include Newstalk 106, the Celtic View, and Channel67. A Celtic fan, he is also the voice of our podcast initiative.

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scottcPosted on11:08 am - Dec 31, 2015

tykebhoy 31st December 2015 at 10:53 am #@ Homuculus yes but isn’t the TRFC shirt deal tied up with RRL and I seem to remember an option on the shirt sponsors too. 

The SD shirt sponsorship deal was part of the loan arrangement, so if that has been satisfactorily dealt with then SD would no longer have any dibs on the name on the shirts

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Paulmac2Posted on11:12 am - Dec 31, 2015

Where in the Western world would a Democratically elected Government continually allow a mass gathering in a single location to sing about their support for religious and racist hatred, without consequences?
Should we consider seeking legal redress against the Scottish Government or the Scottish Football Association or both? for continually allowing and it would appear condoning religious and racist hatred to be expressed and promoted at the same location on a regular basis? without any legal threat towards this criminal and poisonous behaviour.
The SFA and the Scottish Government in their lack of action gives rise to the belief they support and condone this criminal behaviour.
Sadly I doubt either body will take any action on this, the fact is when the SFA can ignore Her Majesty’s Police Force from Northumbria who reported religious hatred being sung by the new clubs fans, which was also caught on live TV 3 years ago, then one has to assume the SFA in their support of the new club at Ibrox will provide their continued support by ignoring this criminal behaviour, because the Scottish media are also in support of this criminal behaviour by allowing it to go unchallenged, with 1 or 2 exceptions.
Scotland…the North Korea of Europe!

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bluPosted on11:18 am - Dec 31, 2015

neepheid 31st December 2015 at 10:30 am #

The loans to TRFC are from MASH Holdings and Sportsdirect.Com Retail Limited as distinct from Sports Direct International PLC, which is listed on the LSE. Looks to me like no RNS required.  
TRFC can choose to, but isn’t required to submit MR04 forms to Companies House when loan charges are satisfied although this was done pretty quickly under Llambias/Leach management when Laxeys and Sandy Easdale loans were repaid. 

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ParadisebhoyPosted on11:43 am - Dec 31, 2015

Latest from John James
” . If Je Suis Graham had led the choir and we replaced fenian with muslim blood, the club would be closed down within days. ”
Says it all really .

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wottpiPosted on11:48 am - Dec 31, 2015

Just as well the club from Govan didn’t get to play in the English Leagues.

The FA down there don’t appear to take the festive holidays nor hide in caves.

Allegations of racist chanting by a group of Sheffield United fans during their League One fixture against Bradford on Monday are to be investigated by the Football Association.
United’s 3-1 win was tarnished by claims of racist chanting towards the away supporters at Bramall Lane after travelling fans reported abuse from a small minority.
Sheffield United to investigate ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by fansThe Blades announced they had launched an investigation into allegations of “inappropriate behaviour” and on Thursday the FA confirmed it would look into the matter too.
The FA said it would ask both clubs for their observations on the matter and study video footage before deciding if punishment was necessary.
United are also understood to have taken steps to identify the alleged offenders. Anyone who is deemed to have taken part in the chanting could face criminal proceedings.

So here we are on the verge of 2016 and folk still think singing a song about being up to your knees in someone else’s blood is just a jolly wheeze. The song of course relates to a violent time in Glasgow’s past where folk were getting razored. Once again, how we all laughed at the fun to be had in that kind of larking about.

What the hell does any of this have to do with 22 guys kicking a ball around the park in the 21st Century.

How exactly does a parent explain that song to the Bears’ fans of tomorrow when they ask “Dad, what all that singing about”

Much is said about RC schools being the causes behind a divided society but I doubt being up to your knees in someone else’s blood is on the Curriculum for Excellence at RC, non denominational and private schools throughout the country.

The hate and the bile comes from the home, the personal views of the individual and in the acceptance of a ‘safety in numbers approach’ when spouting such abhorrent claptrap in public.

Frankly the whole thing is a disgrace and a shame on the country.

This is of course comes out of the club that Scottish Football is supposed to ‘need’. 

What sponsors and broadcasters in their right mind would want to pay any more than bare minimum to have such filth represent their products and be filmed and put out for this nation and others to see. If Ashley had any sense I would take whatever money is being offered and head for the hills to let them stew in their own juice.

The footballing authorities, as usual, need to nip this in the bud now.

Especially with the addition of the verbal gymnastics of the claim from some that the line being sung now was ‘being up to our knees in EBT’s.

That means that the EBT cheating is now a badge of honour for some and of course they (if you follow the eternal club argument) did nothing wrong because the fine for that offense is still unpaid and being contested. 

Far from trying to resolve these combined matters the club from Govan is pissing itself laughing at ineptitude and cowardice from the footballing authorities and indeed the other member clubs.

Time for everyone else to grow a pair and sort this once and for all.

While I am sure there would be legal arguments and processes to stop it happening (and not least the political fallout from Govan being First Minister’s constituency)  my suggestion would be for the Government, supported by Police Scotland, to determine that on the grounds of public safety and common decency in a progressive forward thinking country that the next game at Ibrox played behind closed doors.

Maybe then, they would start to get the message that it is not just a football matter.

I have long said a reconstructed T’Rangers would be welcome in Scottish Football but there is little evidence that those in charge have the intelligence, common sense, decency and courage to move into a modern contemporary and tolerant society that most decent minded people want.

As the bells ring out tonight just remember that come October 2016 it will be forty years on and the Ian Archer quote still stands

“This has to be said about Rangers…as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist”.

Despite all the doom and gloom above I hope we all keep looking forward in a positive manner, keep our chin’s up and continue fighting the good fight.

Best wishes to all and hope you have a prosperous New Year when it comes.

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yourhavingalaughPosted on12:12 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I wonder what last hour announcement we can expect today before 2015 drops into the history calendar , will Dave      
produce a list of New Year resolution’s for the gulibiles to swallow ,a different type of transparency than before,a more focused version ,now that the loan has been paid back,in full,the club,company,organisation,firm,business can now go forward as the way forward has never been more clearer,there are no debts for this cash rich club and the war chest has no lock on it the only way now,is up,we will challenge strongly in the Scottish Cup giving us an early return into Europe,our friends at the SFA will smooth this passage for us but we will be expected to do our bit in this,certain obstacles will be arranged for any difficult opponent’s we may come across,the future is bright,the future is O????e.
Wild imagination or what,after the shenanigans of this year nothing is beyond belief ,the up and coming court cases will certainly be entertaining ,a chance perhaps to introduce some sleight of hand tactics ,2016 is going to be an interesting year for all in Scotland ,at all levels.
Long may your lum reek.

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bfbpuzzledPosted on12:33 pm - Dec 31, 2015

i am encouraged that there has been more coverage of the mass aggravated breach of the peace at Ibrox than would normally be expected.
There is a large proportion of the TRFC fanbase which regards such behaviour as an expression of their victimhood. I would fear that should they reach the top division that pent up hatred will explode against the other Clubs and that what happened the other day will be remembered as only a warming up exercise.
If this was anti black racism in the east of Europe strong measures would be taken- the only difference between the two situations is skin colour. The Irish people and their offspring has contributed mightily to civic society in Scotland over the last 100 plus years and the anthems of hate say more about the singers lack of position in society than that of the anathematised.
I was surprised at my own response to the singing normally it does not create such an impact on me but I believe that a breaking point has been reached within me-and in others as well it would appear. This  may be to do with the pan European political climate and recent events over refugees and sectarianism. The sense of impotism in the face of such events might have highlighted the local issues about which something can be done.

enough rambling from me

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HomunculusPosted on12:35 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I remember back in 2011, when David Murray was desperately trying to sell his share in the old club, thinking after a particularly unenlightened league cup final that he must be crying into his corn flakes. Who in their right mind would want to buy into that. It turned out he was left with Craig Whyte or …

I am left with a similar thought with regards Dave King trying to raise money for the new club. Money which it desperately needs. Who in their right mind would want to put money into that, or even be associated with it.

It’s like Messrs Houston and Chugg attacking Mike Ashley and his Sports Direct shops. How they were praised for that, what a wizard wheeze that was. No matter that ultimately it did more harm than good.

The support really don’t help the people trying to run a business.

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bfbpuzzledPosted on12:45 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Messrs Doncaster and Regan used the sentiments of the Fenian Blood song to try to leverTRFC into the top echelons of Scottish Football for what else is their Armageddon line than “Surrender or you’ll die” and that epitomises all that is wrong and all that is right with the response to them.

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smartie1947Posted on1:39 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I am not one for writing to politicians, but took the opportunity today to send a missive to Nicola Sturgeon on her personal website. Being the constituency MP for Ibrox, I stressed the need for her to take a personal stance on this matter and provide the political will to ensure that something is done about this blight on society, WITH OR IN SPITE OF any action that may be taken by the SFA,SPFL or Police Scotland.  
No guarantee of any success, but if enough of us genuine fans of Scottish football did the same, who knows? Nothing else has worked to date.

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yourhavingalaughPosted on2:10 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Dear Nicola
It is quite possible that in the next 12 months,probably in the latter end if cup draws are avoided that a team from your constituency will play a league match,in your constituency ,against a team from the parkhead constituency of Glasgow,now to forewarn you,the team from your constituency recently played a team from the Easter Road constituency of Edinburgh and this game was beamed out live to the watching world,the game itself was entertaining with good end to end stuff,armchair neutrals across the globe would have enjoyed this,unfortunately there was a down side to this ,the BT sports commentator apologised for bad language been heard over the air,fair do’s to him,subsequently and unfortunately sectarian chants where also heard against one religion in particular ,now in case you are not aware this is not the first time the supporters that follow the club from your constituency have been heard over the airwaves and again globally to be singing these sectarian chants,in fact some people in prominent positions praised one cup game between said two Glasgow clubs as a great spectacle,in the same game where this tribal chanting was at one of its highest levels,at that time others where declaring and probably even at NASA,Houston we have a problem,well to fast forward a few years ,there was a chance that this problem could have been eradicated when the club from Govan imploded ,in any other country this would have been quietly accepted as another business failing to manage itself but the bonus being that it was a blight on its society,not ,unfortunately in the small nation that you are in charge of,in fact your mentor was appalled at the very thought and asked what he could do to possibly help,ask him the next time you meet,anyway you seem to be a feet on the ground type of person and like to meet problems head on, you would make a lot of this countries inhabitants very happy and also no doubt viewers from across the globe if you can take time out to have a chat with individuals that run your Government depts ,Scottish Football ,Police Scotland,Scottish Media and the club itself to update you on what has happened in the past and what lengths they have went to to deal with this blight to Scottish society ,this Nicola will save you a lot of local and Global embarrassment when this issue comes up in your constituency in the not too distant future,I hope you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

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yourhavingalaughPosted on2:14 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Smartie 1947
Was posting above just after you had posted.

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boywithoutanaitchPosted on2:58 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Should all offensive singing and behaviour, by all fan groups be condemned or just one team’s?

“So here we are on the verge of 2016 and folk still think singing a song about being up to your knees in someone else’s blood is just a jolly wheeze.”

Killie, Hibbee, Arab to name but 3…….never questioned??

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incredibleadamsparkPosted on3:13 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I didn’t watch the game the other night so have not heard the singing and I have no idea if any of the offensive words were substituted for something else. That is a whole different can of worms. 

It does seem like quite an easy problem to fix though. There doesn’t even need to be a fine involved. Start with a very public warning and if it happens again a points deduction. If it continues then the next game is played in an empty stadium. Some arrests would be nice too. 

The time has come for a zero tolerance approach to sectarian singing; it has simply been ignored for too long. It appears some of the papers have mentioned it and Rangers statement is hopefully a sign of things to come from them. Enough already. 

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pau1mart1nPosted on3:45 pm - Dec 31, 2015

a points deduction might work, but only if they can find a way to deduct points from hibs too (and Falkirk, just to be on the safe side).

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Corrupt officialPosted on3:52 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Just a quick popping in of the heid, to wish each and every one of you. posters and lurkers alike, a very happy new year. A special big thank you to all the folk who keep the site running, and the very best of luck wrt the new ventures. 
      All the best in 16, to you and yours. x

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ChristyboyPosted on4:15 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Before the festivities start, can I wish all of you, from a dry but cold Vienna, the very best for the coming year. 

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Jingso.JimsiePosted on4:28 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I note that TRFC’s next home game is against Cowdenbeath in the Scottish Cup on the 10th of January.

Could we see the vice-chairman of RIFC/TRFC & the chairman of the Blue Brazil standing shoulder to shoulder in the centre-circle before the kick-off warning spectators about the negative outcomes surrounding the singing of ‘unsuitable’ songs?

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PhilMacGiollaBhainPosted on4:37 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I hope that 2016 is good to all of the guid folk who frequent this fine place.
Stay well and stay focused in the year ahead.
Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh.

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HomunculusPosted on4:57 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Jingso.Jimsie 31st December 2015 at 4:28 pm

I think you are just being a bit mischievous there JJ.

Maybe said chairman could tell a few wee jokes as well.

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HomunculusPosted on5:12 pm - Dec 31, 2015

PhilMacGiollaBhain 31st December 2015 at 4:37 pm

If you do choose to stop blogging, and I sincerely hope you don’t, thanks for everything.

Not just the insights into what was happening to Rangers up to the point of their demise, and the information in regards to Sevco and their short but fraught journey. Equally importantly your pivotal role in the efforts against things like the hideous mocking of An Gorta Mór, and those who disgustingly excused it as “football banter”.

Again thanks for everything and good luck with your future endeavours, whatever they may be. You really have shone light in some dark places.

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PhilMacGiollaBhainPosted on5:33 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Homunculus 31st December 2015 at 5:12 pm #
Go raibh míle maith agat 

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StevieBCPosted on5:36 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Here’s hoping that in 2016 Scottish football coverage is not dominated by negative, embarrassing, pathetic headlines about just 1 of 42 senior clubs – again.
There are many positive stories out there about the other 41 clubs!
(God loves a trier…  😉 )

Happy New Year to Internet Bampots everywhere.

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Big PinkPosted on5:39 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Well here is something positive. We have pledges for around £270 for Yorkhill which I think we can make up to £300 ??

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goosygoosyPosted on6:38 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Get Serious Celtic
The New Year brings the prospect of at least two hate fests matches in 2016 that police and families can well do without.
Few citizens want a return to the days where bigotry, abuse and violence were part and parcel of the match day “excitement”. We have got by without the vile and unlawful behaviour of both sets of fans. Something the dying media think adds “spice” and “commercial significance” to a football match.  
On the upside, many families in the west of Scotland Glasgow have benefited from less anti-social behaviour since April 2012. It would not be outrageous to say that at least one person is alive today who would otherwise be dead. Likewise, a large number haven`t been assaulted or put into hospital. Police overtime will have been reduced and convictions for football related crimes are down.
As we look forward to 2016 perhaps Celtic should take stock of whether the price they paid in lost income for that benefit was money well spent then and would be money well spent in the future
For irrespective of the views of the fans and Directors of TRFC. Celtic have a one off opportunity to view the future from the standpoint of a clean slate.
I would like them to re-affirm the basis on which the club was founded.
 In  particular to take the lead in promoting new SFA rules applying zero tolerance in the fight against bigotry, racism and sectarianism in football.
While they are seeking the support of the governing bodies they should apply zero tolerance in those areas currently under CFC control.
 Any Celtic ST holders who offend should get a life ban for a first offence. Where away fans offend they should withhold away tickets for a minimum of 12 months and refuse to sell tickets for the next away match against that club. They should make their support for TV contracts conditional on a zero tolerance clause. Something that enables CFC to suspend their involvement in the contract following an offensive behaviour incident.
As I said
Get serious Celtic
Treat the death of your oldest rival as an opportunity to clean house and help their successors dump the baggage
They`ll never do it themselves
And a corrupt governing bodies can`t do it for them

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roddybhoyPosted on7:17 pm - Dec 31, 2015

goosygoosy@ 6.38
While I agree in just about everything you say , Celtic need help here . It has to come from all clubs. Rangers need to be told by ALL CLUBS to start playing by the rules. The SFA need to be told by ALL CLUBS to start applying rules to every club no exceptions. The SFA need to be told BY ALL CLUBS if they dont get the finger out ( IMHO its too late in the game now, they should kicked out the door) they will be chased off the premises…….I could go on Goosy but if celtic go alone it just wont happen. If Celtic want to get serious they should be trying to get ALL CLUBS round a table and sort this sham out 

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DenPosted on7:38 pm - Dec 31, 2015



In attempting to give a thumbs up to your post, i gave you TD. It was a great post.

Thick fingers, short sight and a wee phone is m excuse.


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smartie1947Posted on7:52 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I wrote @1.39pm of my comment on Nicola Sturgeon’s personal website re sectarian singing. It reminded me of a similar problem viz corruption in FIFA, which has also been around for decades, but at last seems to be heading in the right direction, principally due to 2 initiatives:-
a) The decision by the US Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, to follow the money and issue indictments, begin extradition proceedings against any official where the paper trail led. A tackety-boot approach maybe, but by God, mightily effective. A trawl of cctv images from Ibrox on Monday might result in a few dozen arrest warrants but the civil rights lawyers would soon be all over it.
b) Perhaps less well documented was the financial pressures exerted by FIFA’s major sponsors to reform the organisation from top to bottom. Money talks and when McDonalds, Addidas, Coca-Cola etc threatened to withdraw their financial backing then matters accelerated swiftly.
That I think is where we the average fan in the street can do our bit. If we take William Hill, BT Sport and Sky as the main sponsors, then how difficult would it be to start placing bets anywhere bar Hills. To switch off either broadcaster whenever a match was shown live from Ibrox, there are plenty of other games available. It’s always a case of money-deprive them of their publicity and watch matters change. There are far more fans of other Scottish teams than those of Rangers. Tell BT,Sky, Wm Hill that you wont be watching games from Ibrox in future and could they please show matches from other grounds. They might soon get the message.

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jean7brodiePosted on7:54 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year and all the best for 201604

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roddybhoyPosted on8:39 pm - Dec 31, 2015

time to sign off for the New Year, Have a nice one everybody …….my wish for 2016…….we get our game back

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goosygoosyPosted on8:45 pm - Dec 31, 2015

roddybhoy 31st December 2015 at 7:17 pm # goosygoosy@ 6.38 While I agree in just about everything you say , Celtic need help here .
I agree the end game MUST be driven by ALL clubs
All I`m saying is that in the real world the easiest thing to do is that which is under your control
It is entirely within CFC`s control to advise their customers and shareholder agreement of a change in policy to put zero tolerance of offensive behaviour ahead of income 
Thereafter what they do internally is what they are able to do within the current SFA rule book
Acceptance by Shareholders gives the Board a mandate to take the lead in kick starting the initiative. This would force the corrupt governing authorities to assess the degree of support from other clubs. 
We are long past the stage where this sort of behaviour can be corruptly swept under the carpet
If this abuse had been directed at Jewish or Muslim scots the UK Government and UEFA would have been all over it within a week
Happy New Year to all supporters of fair play in sport

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AllyjamboPosted on8:59 pm - Dec 31, 2015

A Happy New Year to all our contributors and readers, with special thanks to our hard working mods at SFM Central 02

Here’s to a better, more peaceful world in 2016.

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parnnoyedPosted on9:27 pm - Dec 31, 2015

As we draw near to 2016 it seems it’s the same old problems in Scottish football emanating from a club, who in my view are populating our sporting association illegally. Their very membership of our association was allowed by stealth, by conspiracy(it seems to me) and by flagrant disregard of our rules.
It must by now be obvious by now that the governing body has done, or not done, it’s duty to the other member clubs. In fact they are fingering their noses at us. Much has been written recently about what “needs to be done” by…………………..enter appropriate entity SFA/SPFL/Police Scotland/Scottish Parliament etc.
None of these bodies are going to take the lead. Nothing WILL BE DONE. By them in any case.
Let us remember what our sport is. Football teams formed and agreed to play one another in a sporting contest(s). The clubs were formed because they had the backing of paying supporters. The sport would be administered by an elected body to ensure FAIR PLAY and all else that it entails.
The sport would be untenable without “THE FANS”. It is now the time for the fans to “DO SOMETHING” about our sport. It is our sport. Only action by the paying fans will achieve anything constructive.
I would like to hear other views and suggestions about what can or can’t BE DONE.
However, as a priority I would demand a DESTRUCTIVE action as the first port of call. And that being the nullifying of the licence of RTFC or whatever they are called. The removal of this club from our set up until such times it is prepared to operate within the rules of our sport is yes, destructive in the first instance but it is the only way that will bring about the required metamorphosis.
I will not be renewing my season ticket until I see justice to our sport.

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jimboPosted on9:36 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Best wishes to all the mods, posters and readers of this, the best football site on the net.  030209121421 (with the best smileys too.) 19

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John ClarkPosted on9:36 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Well, that’s me back from a visit to our older boy in Pennsylvania.
I only had that stupid ,fiddly wee tablet thingy with me, my son uses his phone for internet stuff so there was no pc in the hoose, and in any event I think the long-suffering Mrs C would have chucked me into the Lackawanna River if I so much as looked at a keyboard.
Happily,   I was able  surreptitiously to risk a quick sneak every now and then to keep me kind of up to date.
Just as a bit of fun, I have sent this email to the New York Times.

Happy Hogmanay from Edinburgh, and may your ‘New Year’s’ be a good one.
I happened to pick up the NY Times in Newark Airport yesterday, on my way back to Edinburgh from a family Christmas visit to Elmhurst Township, Pa.
As the plane raced down the runway, and my grip on page B10 turned my knuckles white, my eye fell on the few paragraphs given over to ‘Soccer’ in the Sports Briefing (on page B10).
There was no mention of any Scottish ‘soccer’ team , of course, but there was a mention of the ESPN invite to the FIFA presidential candidates to participate in a televised debate.( Brilliant idea, by the way).We all know the dark suspicion with which that organisation is viewed, in light of the recent, and staggering, allegations of corruption made against it.
This made me wonder whether the NY Times is aware of the embarrassing little difficulty that the Scottish Football Association ( founded 1873) has found itself in over the last three/four years?
The difficulty stems from the ‘sports-cheating’ of one of the oldest soccer clubs in Scotland.The cheating related to the deliberate withholding by the club, over many years up till about 2011, of information relating to all and any payments being made by the club to its registered players for their football services, and required under severe penalty to be disclosed.
The difficulty was compounded by the fact that the club , in consequence of the cheating by its majority shareholder(= de facto owner) became insolvent. It went into ‘Administration’.
The court-appointed Administrators were Paul Clark and David Whitehouse, operating under the Duff and Phelps umbrella.
Sadly, the Administrators were unable to find a buyer for the distressed club. They were able, however, to give a consortium fronted by Charles Green exclusivity to the rights to purchase the assets of the club should a CVA not be reached with the creditors.
Sadly, a CVA was NOT reached, and the club went into liquidation.The Charles Green consortium then founded a new club, and bought the assets of the liquidated club.Note: the consortium did not buy the club, but only the assets of the liquidated club.
Now, new football clubs have to APPLY for membership of a league, in order to obtain membership of the SFA.
However, the Scottish FA got themselves into an unholy mess by trying to create and maintain the fiction that the new club is really the self-same old club that is in Liquidation, and continues to allow it to claim the honours and sporting titles and achievements that were won by the old club- as if all that had happened was not death-by-liquidation and the foundation of a new club,but merely a change in ownership of one and the same club! ‘Res inaudita.’
This nonsense has , naturally, allowed some not inconsiderable number of soccer fans of most of the Scottish clubs to allege that the game is ‘rigged’, and that the Football Authorities have abandoned any notion of Sporting Integrity, in pretty much the same way ( although for different reasons and on a much ‘smaller’ scale’) as FIFA is alleged to have done.
Further to compound the problems, Messrs Clark and Whitehouse-along with Charles Green and others- will appear in Edinburgh High Court on Tuesday next on a continuation of hearings on Indictment on charges of fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud, in relation to the ‘purchase’ of the assets of the liquidated club, and other matters.
Our Scottish Football Authorities do not presently have their troubles to seek. Because in addition to the foregoing, there is the fear that the new club, unable to raise money in the market place and dependent on loans from its directors to cover basic running costs, may, according to some, find itself running perilously close to trading while insolvent.
The average Scottish Football supporter looks on in amazement that this whole pantomime should not only have happened, but to have happened as a result of the Authorities’ failure to discharge their proper duty, as Guardians of the Sport, to deal effectively with a cheating club and uphold the principle of Sporting Integrity..Some say that they will reap a bitter harvest, as more and more paying fans of the game wonder if they are being played like suckers, as the Authorities look after guilty cheats.
I myself look on, and ponder these things.
I write to you, not in any hope that the great NY Times would give space to the defects and deficiencies of the Scottish FA when there is FIFA and UEFA and the Blatters and Platinis of the world to be discussed.No, I write because of a conviction that big or small as the stage may be, a governing body that appears to condone the cheating, or aids and assist in the cheating, of a ‘competitor’ needs to be reckoned as helping to destroy the very meaning of ‘Sport’, and has zilch in the way of moral authority.
And also because I believe that the journalists on the NY Times would not for a second behave as the majority of the Scottish mainstream journalists have done in relation to what I have been describing, that is, acting as partisan propagandists for the Football authorities and the ‘Big Lie’ that a liquidated club is alive and well!
Have a good New Year!
Yours in Sport,

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StevieBCPosted on10:19 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Good effort there JC and hope you get a NYT response, ( I’ve only ever received auto-reply emails in the past).

And out of curiosity I checked the SFA site to see if there was any mention of recent dodgy singing (of course not), or mibbees some New Year Resolutions like;
– the SFA resolves to apply and enforce its rules, without fear or favour
– the SFA resolves to listen to – and engage with – all its Scottish football customers 
– the SFA resolves to govern in 2016.
No such 2016 resolutions communicated on the SFA website, (I know and I haven’t had a drink yet! )
But what do you get when trying to enter thethe SFA site?
A blocking page inviting you to renew your Scottish supporters membership, for 45 quid plus 3 quid postage.

The SFA  continues into the new year unchanged: shut up, we’re not interested…but keep giving us your money… for the good of the Scottish national team…and to fund the cozy boys’ club for incompetent blazers at Hampden.

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jean7brodiePosted on10:19 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Excellent John Clark, excellent.

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HirsutePursuitPosted on10:44 pm - Dec 31, 2015

May the New Year bring to you, all the best things you wish for others.
Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!

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ProhibbyPosted on11:45 pm - Dec 31, 2015

Happy New Year to all.  Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2016.  
Scotland needs a strong Arbroath, East Fife – and Hibs!05

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John ClarkPosted on11:55 pm - Dec 31, 2015

I suppose most of us, with or without drink taken, find ourselves, at some point at this time of Hogmanay, looking into ourselves a little.
My hope is that our football governance people, and our club chairwomen and men, and our sports journalists, will likewise be having a wee look into their hearts (not into Hearts!) asking themselves whether what they see there in relation to the whole saga leaves them feeling at ease with themselves.
Even the directors of TRFC and/or RIFC may not be so hopelessly lost in the mire of myth and half-truths and outright falsehood as to feel no twinge of conscience.
They may find their way back. And we will help them find their way back.If they only will it.
Happy New Year.

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StevieBCPosted on12:04 am - Jan 1, 2016

This is relevant re: perpetuating a myth and continuous manipulation of a compliant media.

Extracted from ET article today;
A spokeswoman for the Glasgow-born peer said last night: “The story in today’s Daily Mail was 100 per cent false and Lady Mone has appointed top London firm Harbottle and Lewis.
“2015 was Lady Mone’s biggest year in business and financially with her world tour and already 2016 business is bigger than 2015.”
“…has appointed top London firm Harbottle and Lewis.”
when she could have said
“…has instructed her lawyers.”
Less hyperbolic, and slightly more believable.

And that last sentence of painfully mangled grammar would have earned me the belt in primary school!
Just like a football club/company we know…you can only fool some of the gullible only for some of the time… 

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jimboPosted on1:51 am - Jan 1, 2016

  Wont let you start the new Year with that sad smiley.  It’ts only the 1st of Januarry and your second fron the top. 0204 (sorry for the spellin)

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jimboPosted on2:05 am - Jan 1, 2016

Sorry, a bit off top topic.  Feeling a bit nostaligic.   One of the greatest singers the world has ever known.
Joan Sutherland.

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DonegaltimPosted on2:34 am - Jan 1, 2016

I yearn for the day when the TV companies hold honour above profit and tell our authorities enough is enough. The vile tones emanating from the supporters of the new club are unacceptable and will not be aired for the consumption of our viewers, resulting in no cash for the new club. The authorities would then grow a pair, admit they messed up, admit rangers died, any entity is a new club and will not have a name similar to the old one and any honours won are consigned to the dusty almanacs of time. If the fans of the new club don’t like this, too bad. The game is bigger than any one club.
2016 will see court cases involving the actors from this panto. Any decent football fan will hope sine die banning orders are issued to ALL participants of this sorrry saga. Especially David Murray who should then be stripped of any personal honours bestowed on him during this period of cheating. The current incumbent of the hot chair down Ibrox way namely DCK, should be told to do one and never in a month of Sunday’s would he ever be classed fit and proper.
Gut the whole place from top to to bottom and if clubs have to sign players at £50,000 max, then so be it. That will be our level instead of this fallacy bestowed mainly by an egotistical chairman who wanted it all his own way. With FIFA being forced to cleanse its soul, it’s a common wish that any dodgy dealings within our main body should be looked at. Open the five way agreement for all to see and if it’s all above board, then there shouldn’t be any secrecy. If not, jail the people who signed off on it, if proved to be corrupt.
DCK has bitten off more than he can chew by having a go at Ashley but this extends to our Assosication who must have squeaky bums, as we speak. Craig Whyte has still to have his day in court and who isn’t waiting for Charles Green to take the stand. Comedy gold with serious repercussions. Until the whole truth has been aired in public, we cannot move on and we cannot apportion definitive blame on any particular person until we know the whole story.
Can 2016 be the year where we actually rid ourselves of unwanted charlatans and incompetent administrators. A true level playing field isn’t too much to ask and in due course, amendments can be made to enhance and prosper the game in all its forms of advertising, stadia and quality of play and players. Start again with a clean slate. If the fans of the new club do not wish to embrace this new concept, then fine. The bloo pound is not the be all and end all.
Happy new year to everybody and I hope it’s a safe and prosperous one for all.

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upthehoopsPosted on9:22 am - Jan 1, 2016

A very happy and healthy 2016 to everyone.

Will this year finally bring the chance to ‘move on’ as the media keep demanding? Perhaps it will but not in the way they envisage.  The various court cases may finally bring closure on a number of questions we have been denied answers to. We can only wait and see, but any moving on would surely require a complete dismantling of how football in Scotland is governed. 

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TartanwulverPosted on9:40 am - Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year to all.
Thanks to all who run this site for keeping it as a sane place for informed discussion, something of a rarity on the internet. Thanks to all the posters who have helped to shine light into the dark places of Scottish football, and kept us amused along the way. Best wishes to you all for the coming year, and may we be one year closer to the most interesting and exciting clashes in Scottish football being on a (level) playing field, and not in the boardrooms and courts.

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DeldonPosted on10:27 am - Jan 1, 2016

All the best for 2016 to all the contributors on here and thanks for making this blog so informative and educational. Well done to John ,Tris and the Mods. I’m pledging my support to SFM for 2016. Perhaps the way ahead could be to tighten existing and extend relationships with the fan bases that represent their respective clubs which may form a ‘pathway’ to informing their clubs of the fans’ view on issues which are dissected and discussed on here?
I’m looking forward to the new Radio station medium of communication which I hope will inform and bring a wider audience to be involved in SFM. Keep up the great work all! ?????????? 

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EddiegoldtopPosted on10:54 am - Jan 1, 2016

John Clark 31st December 2015 at 9:36 pm #

James Montague sports writer from the NYT has ALL the info regarding LNS and Res 12 and has had for over 6 months now .
I had occasion to have dinner with him at a conference a while back and didn’t miss the opportunity to pass it on to him via e mail in the following days .
He done a joint piece recently in the NYT on the Dutch team that was thrown out of Europe for falsely filling in their European licence application .
I Immediately ( and politely ) e mailed him to ask why he had run with the Dutch story but not the Scottish story !
To be fair to him he replied and admitted he had not got round to reading through the information and had been dealing on other stories as well as the birth of his son.
He has promised to look at the information and get back to me . That was around 3 weeks ago .
As of yet I have still not heard anything.
All the same , well done for taking the time to send your well put letter to the NYT and it will be Interesting if you get a reply and what that reply might be ? I’m sure you will keep us posted.

A happy new year to every one and especially to Big Pink and Trisidium ( whatever that is ) ( a trio of some sorts ? But not salt ? ) and also to all the contributors , court correspondents , legal eagles etc . Let’s hope this is the year that the shit hits the SFA fan and if rumours are true let’s hope David Murray is made to take the oath and face the cross examination by the respective QC’s of the other accused ? ! 

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valentinesclownPosted on11:14 am - Jan 1, 2016

Happy new year to all
Thank you to all at sfm I could not do without you.  This site is growing in strength all the time and the reason why is we all just want the truth and we  care about our game and WE do not care of the repercussions that may befall on any sporting perpetrators, as you just need to look at the number of clubs over the Armageddon years forecast that are now DEBT free.  IMO the truth will prevail and these court cases may lead the way.
We all want a challenge in football and Aberdeen and Hearts are providing this . I want the challenge but my problem goes back to smsm and most pundits, they will not IMO praise Aberdeen or Hearts challenge (which I praise)  to the same level as they condemn Celtic and the manager’s performances.  The smsm and sfa just want one club to challenge Celtic and will do anything to achieve this. We on the other hand just want sporting integrity and it to include this one club.

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scottcPosted on11:29 am - Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year everyone. 
I’m looking forward to another meet-up in February. Hopefully we will have loads to talk about with court cases getting underway and, who knows, maybe the NYT will pick up the baton… Nice letter, JC. Maybe we should be writing similar to papers in the European countries where other teams suffered from the cheating?

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TrisidiumPosted on12:29 pm - Jan 1, 2016

A Happy New Year to everyone – authors, mods, contributors and readers – at SFM.

And a happy birthday to Big Pink who has passed a very special milestone today, entering into a rather darker decade 07


Trisidium is a planet in the Andromeda galaxy who fight wars with games of football instead of guns and bombs.

Now there’s an idea  18

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HomunculusPosted on12:39 pm - Jan 1, 2016

The Trisidians can be a confrontational lot.

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TrisidiumPosted on12:40 pm - Jan 1, 2016

I have been passed information – as yet uncorroborated – that a certain entitled individual was interviewed under caution last week in connection with the sale of a football club, and that an indictment will possibly follow.

If we can corroborate the story, we will be able to tell you the identity of the individual and the football club.

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motor redPosted on12:47 pm - Jan 1, 2016

happy new year everyone. mr john clark ,what a great post to the NYT as well as eddie pushing the envelope.moving on, i want to see the end of this orwellian totalitarian soundbits from the scottish press  that continually slaps the face of most scottish fans time and again. again thanks to john ,eddie’s posts as well as parnnoyds no compromise position that reminds us of the massive injustice inflicted upon our game.i ,like many  love the game but how can i maintain this love when those in control of the game hold nothing but contempt towards us the average fan. like many of you,i will continue to be pro active as best i can until i draw my last dying breath if that is what it takes. the authorities think we can be subdued,well, not on my watch or anyone else’s on this site from what i can gather. 

RIP to lemmy. a man who didn’t suffer fools gladly.
j clark. can you play bass?22. all the best to so many fine contributors in the new year. 

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Big PinkPosted on12:52 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year to everyone.

Love this …

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weejoePosted on1:12 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Happy  new year to all on SFM .
Trisidium @12:40. Who can you possibly mean? Got me on that one.

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HomunculusPosted on1:43 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Trisidium 1st January 2016 at 12:40 pm

Just to follow up on a post someone made earlier. It is important to remember that no-one can be compelled to give evidence which would implicate themselves. They can choose to if they want but they cannot be compelled to.

So anyone who appears in the dock in any upcoming Court case will only also appear in the witness box if they decide that is in their best interest.

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AuldheidPosted on1:50 pm - Jan 1, 2016

A Happy New Year to all SFM participants.
Looking forward to the court cases getting underway not just because of what it might reveal but because they will remove one of the excuses/reasons used by MSM not to use the material that Charlotte Fakeovers released which was it’s provenance.

The provenance defense is that because of uncertainty around how that material was obtained MSM could not use it. It probably slowed down Res12 progress by a year.
Now there will be arguments that this was an excuse (bullshit) rather than reason (the truth) but I do know that Ch4 legal advisers stopped Alex Thomson broadcasting some of what CF made public in 2013 and that advice is still lurking in the background.
So it will be interesting to see how those who were supplied with what CF has revealed will respond as the trials unfold and thereafter.
As a reminder these are the football and media organisations who have been provided either the LNS material or Res12 material or both from  2014 onwards  and not acted on it.
The SFA (the wee tax bill that they said was not in their files) Aug 2014. Res12.
The SPFL via Harper MacLeod with wee tax case letters not provided to them by RFC Administrators re LNS
The SFA in 2015 when SPFL lawyers passed on the missing papers on LNS  not provided.
The BBC in 2014 where up to 4 journos were sent by SFM the  same material as SPL on LNS
STV on LNS  where 1 journo has at least taken an interest but not so far made any headway .
The DR in 2014 (2 journos) and more recently one in 2015 have the LNS material and are sitting on it.
The Herald 2? journos in 2014 on LNS from SFM. No action.
Clyde SSB at least one in 2014 on LNS . No action indeed public reluctance on Twitter to look into the matter.
The Scotsman in 2015 who at least did engage, did not refute but did not publish.
The Guardian in 2015 on both LNS and Res12 who have taken an interest but not as yet followed up.
Ch4  provided with updated narrative in late 2015 but for reason already provided are waiting for the court cases to avoid any prejudice risk.
The Times in 2015 who were supplied with LNS material by SFM but so far with no public reaction.
In a sense there is a media time bomb waiting on the provenance fuse to burn out.
I’d be looking to do some bomb proofing if I were those outlets/journos in terms of getting their excuses or reasons ready.
The latter should be very interesting.
Yup it could be an interesting New Year as long as we keep our eyes on the ball.
The truth that will let us all move on.
Ps Forgot to mention the NYT , 442 and When Saturday Comes who were also contacted.

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John ClarkPosted on1:53 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Eddiegoldtop 1st January 2016 at 10:54 am
“‘.James Montague sports writer from the NYT has ALL the info regarding LNS and Res 12 and has had for over 6 months now .”
That’s brilliant, Egt.
Maybe he’ll get the digit out, and do a wee piece relating even just to the D&P connection. (Maybe I should have copied to the Wall St Journal!)02

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yourhavingalaughPosted on2:03 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Hmmm ,now let’s see,firstly we need to check how many entitled people owned a football club,and it was there’s to sell?,secondly,how many of these entitled owners have sold their clubs,let’s say in the past 20 years,well there you are,a little puzzle on this quiet day,should keep us busy for a while.
Happy New Year to one and all,I think this year we are going to learn a lot about our Judicial system ,JC and his team reporting in their brilliant breakdown way .

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upthehoopsPosted on2:22 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Trisidium 1st January 2016 at 12:40 pm #

A Twitter user claiming to be an ex-pro player with some inside info made a similar statement last week, although he did name the individual. 

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neepheidPosted on2:25 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Friday, 01 January 2016, 14:00by Rangers Football ClubRangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) is pleased to announce new loan facilities totalling £6.5m have been made available to the company over the past month.
The facilities have been provided by existing lenders New Oasis Asset Limited (Dave King), Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor and by three new lenders, RIFC Director John Bennett and two additional Hong Kong based supporters, Barry Scott and Andy Ross.
RIFC’s board is delighted to welcome the new lenders who, as long-standing supporters of the Club, fit exactly into the profile of investors that RIFC has encouraged during this ongoing rebuilding phase. The new funding has all been provided on the same basis as other recent loans to RIFC.
The loans to RIFC were primarily utilised to fund repayment of the Sports Direct facility with the balance going towards the Group’s working capital requirements.

A statement from Ibrox- somebody is working today!
A good new year to one and all on here. Let’s hope for some resolution for 2016.

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andyPosted on2:33 pm - Jan 1, 2016

still at least a million short then 

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HomunculusPosted on2:37 pm - Jan 1, 2016

andy 1st January 2016 at 2:33 pm

As you say “at least”.

It really depends how much they had to give to Sports Direct.

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Ex LudoPosted on2:43 pm - Jan 1, 2016

The blog has begun 2016 where it left off in 2015. The narrative is utterly compelling and the standard of reporting par excellence. If John Clark requires bass guitar lessons I am available. Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath and a winning hand with or without the ace of spades. Happy New Year.

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goosygoosyPosted on2:49 pm - Jan 1, 2016

neepheid 1st January 2016 at 2:25 pm #Friday, 01 January 2016, 14:00by Rangers Football ClubRangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) is pleased to announce new loan facilities totalling £6.5m have been made available to the company over the past month.
The loans to RIFC were primarily utilised to fund repayment of the Sports Direct facility with the balance going towards the Group’s working capital requirements
More spin
A loan facility is not a loan. It is a mutually agreed intention to legally draw down a loan under legally agreed conditions
“primarily utilised to fund repayment of the Sports Direct facility” does not mean the SD loan has been repaid.
It means the funds are earmarked to meet mutually agreed monies due to SD as of 31 Dec 2015 
arising from the legally agreed loan of Jan 2015
I`m beginning to think these SD Loan PR statements are being made for other reasons possibly the resumed FPP hearing on 16 Jan or to fend off  auditor concern about a Jan insolvency
Either way
I`ll believe the SD loan has been cleared whenI read it on a  reliable  source

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Carfins FinestPosted on2:50 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Statement re new investors… …

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HomunculusPosted on3:11 pm - Jan 1, 2016

goosygoosy 1st January 2016 at 2:49 pm

I’m not with you regards whether the loan has been repaid or not. You missed the word “were”, which puts the statement into the past tense.

“The loans to RIFC were primarily utilised to fund repayment of the Sports Direct facility with the balance going towards the Group’s working capital requirements.”

To me that is an unequivocal statement that the Sports Direct facility has been repaid, at least in part.

Whether you believe it or not is another thing, however that is my reading of the statement.

What is interesting is that the loans were made to RIFC.

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The Cat NR1Posted on3:18 pm - Jan 1, 2016

neepheid 1st January 2016 at 2:25 pm #Friday, 01 January 2016, 14:00by Rangers Football ClubRangers International Football Club PLC (RIFC) is pleased to announce new loan facilities totalling £6.5m have been made available to the company over the past month. The facilities have been provided by existing lenders New Oasis Asset Limited (Dave King), Douglas Park, George Letham and George Taylor and by three new lenders, RIFC Director John Bennett and two additional Hong Kong based supporters, Barry Scott and Andy Ross. RIFC’s board is delighted to welcome the new lenders who, as long-standing supporters of the Club, fit exactly into the profile of investors that RIFC has encouraged during this ongoing rebuilding phase. The new funding has all been provided on the same basis as other recent loans to RIFC. The loans to RIFC were primarily utilised to fund repayment of the Sports Direct facility with the balance going towards the Group’s working capital requirements.A statement from Ibrox- somebody is working today! A good new year to one and all on here. Let’s hope for some resolution for 2016.
Good grief.
So they’ve borrowed £5M to repay SD and a further £1.5M to keep the lights on (to simplify their wording), thus increasing borrowing of the debt-free club by an additional £1.5M. That’s debt-free in DK speak, not in the normally accepted sense. Nothing unexpected there, although the £1.5M won’t last long unless the SFA can gerrymander a warm ball cold ball cup tie at Ibrox to generate a gate and tv money bonanza for their sponsored club.
Can we expect further messages of good news on Valentines Day and on Good Friday announcing even larger loans to repay those loans and to allow the debt-free franchise to continue to the end of the season?
Castle built on sand, house of cards, Ponzi scheme. Take your pick.
Someone’s going to be left standing holding the UXB when the music finally stops, or it will carry on ad infinitum until all the world’s finance has been drawn into teh black hole.
I assume that the money in New Oasis Asset Ltd is not DK’s, but that of a trust?

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ThomTheThimPosted on3:21 pm - Jan 1, 2016

Am I correct in assuming that an unlisted company can issue a statemen which is untrue? Whereas  a listed company cannot.

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HirsutePursuitPosted on3:27 pm - Jan 1, 2016

The new funding has all been provided on the same basis as other recent loans to RIFC.

On the same basis as the SD loan? 
Do the loanees take ownership of the club’s IP and security over the heritable property? Do they take 25% of Rangers Retail?
If so, the new lenders are probably able to make a reasonable ROI.

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tonyPosted on3:30 pm - Jan 1, 2016

i think they can tell you the sky is green and grass is blue,it’s up to you to believe it,just my opinion mind you

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HomunculusPosted on4:02 pm - Jan 1, 2016

HirsutePursuit 1st January 2016 at 3:27 pm

It will be interesting to see if any new charges are registered at Companies House.

I’m assuming that has to be done, so that there is a public record for potential investors or lenders can see the up to date position.

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The Cat NR1Posted on4:05 pm - Jan 1, 2016

HirsutePursuit 1st January 2016 at 3:27 pm #The new funding has all been provided on the same basis as other recent loans to RIFC.On the same basis as the SD loan?  Do the loanees take ownership of the club’s IP and security over the heritable property? Do they take 25% of Rangers Retail? If so, the new lenders are probably able to make a reasonable ROI. Interesting.  
Was the SD loan to RIFC PLC or TRFC Ltd?
It appeared as a liability on the consolidated group accounts and I think it was to TRFC Ltd as they are fellow shareholders in RR Ltd.
Any money lent to the PLC would be loaned on to the Ltd Co anyway to increase the intercompany debt (sorry, investment in subsidiary). I don’t think that a loan to the PLC would have any impact on the RR holdings though, as that is a TRFC Ltd related company. The “shareholder loans” were to RIFC PLC, but the wording in the group accounts makes it difficult to follow with 100% certainty on a quick read with the words company and club seemingly interchangeable.
I hadn’t realised that both DK and MA are directors of RR Ltd. The board meetings must be fun.
By the way, the RIFC PLC group accounts have been filed at Companies House(phew, just made it on time) and are now available for viewing. The TRFC Ltd accounts are not due for filing until 31 March.

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HomunculusPosted on4:16 pm - Jan 1, 2016

The Cat NR1 1st January 2016 at 4:05 pm

Like I said earlier, I think it is interesting that the loans are to RIFC. As I understand it the SD loan (facility) was to TRFC.

So I suspect the “internal” debt from TRFC to RIFC is now around £25m.

The attached extract tends to suggest it was TRFC who borrowed the money initially.

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