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I attended the morning session of the UTT today ie …

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I attended the morning session of the UTT today ie up until 12:00 when other duties called.
I would like to say from the start that I have nothing but complete admiration for John Clarke and his dedication to the task of attending and reporting, in a magnificent fashion, on this process.
I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy it very much.
I was out of my depth and agree with JC that the lack of access to the scripts which were being used hindered my note taking and understanding of the bigger picture.

I will attempt to give a short summary of what happened. Please forgive any mistakes I make in this as it is a first attempt.

For most of the morning there were four members of the public in attendance: Mr and Mrs 7Brodie, one other TSFM follower and one young lady ( Law Student?) We were later joined by two young men.

The focus of the morning was on Ian McMillan Tax Manager with Murray International Holdings Ltd.

Mr Thomson, in his evidence, suggested that Mr McMillan :

Was Central to the Trust and the operation of it.

Was in place from day 1

Had denied on many occasions it was a Tax Avoidance Scheme even although the all of the other witnesses at FTT? had agreed it was Tax Avoidance eg Andrew Dickson, Mr Horn, Mr Wilson and Mr Morgan.

Had admitted that he had written an Internal Memo where he described it as a Tax Avoidance Scheme

Lord Doherty made the point that it had been accepted at the FTT that it was a Tax Avoidance Scheme.

At this point there was some discussion over Mr Thornhill not having access to unredacted documentation.

Lord Doherty stated that he was puzzled that Mr Thornhill had not asked to see the full version of the documents!!

Mr Thomson recalled that Mr Thornhill did see the full version. (I was getting excited at this point thinking we were going to see some action in the court, we didn’t!)

More evidence was given suggesting that Mr McMillan was untruthful to HMRC re his misrepresentation of the nature of the Scheme/Trust and correspondence regarding it.

Mr Baxendale- Walker was mentioned many times regarding his locus in drafting communications concerning the operation of the Trust.

Mr Thornhill protested that Mr Thomson’s evidence was, basically, irrelevant to the UTT .

Mr Thomson countered that his evidence and documentation went to the very heart of the case.

We then had a short break and it was great!!

Mr Thomson pursued yesterday’s point of proving that the Trust was operated in such a way that it operated only as a conduit for payments/loans to players, managers etc and that Mr McMillan knew that every sum of money lodged in the Trust would immediately be paid out to employees as loans.

Some considerable time was spent outlining the process of the regularity of paying the loans via Equity to Deepwater to Employee and the interest paid to Deepwater for these loans.

Mr Thomson then presented a number of situations where he stated that Mr McMillan ‘had not told the truth’ and had been ‘repeatedly untruthful’

These were concerning the links between Equity, Deepwater (a subsidiary of Deepwater) and Employees.
I left at this point .
I know you will all be bored rigid by now but Hey Ho that’s the UTT for you!!!

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UTT Thread
Thanks again John Clarke. I am eternally grateful to you for doing all of the reporting. You will get your rewards in Heaven 😀

UTT Thread
Castofthousands says:
March 5, 2014 at 9:06 pm
Great update and thanks very much for that CoT. You have obviously been there on a day that was busier than mine.
I agree that Lord D does look quite young and that Mr Thornhill sounds very knowledgable. However I think (and hope) that looks and sounds can be deceiving!!

UTT Thread
There must be someone on here very disgruntled at our reporting and even requests for info about the UTT 😉

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