Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?

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Seamus, smell the glove & danish pastry very little is happening …

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seamus, smell the glove & danish pastry

very little is happening in terms of anything meaningful or decisive in terms of moving events forward ie

Lord Hodge hasn’t determined yet on Duff & Phelps report on allegations of their conflict of interests nor when Administration should formally end and Liquidation officially begin.

BDO have yet to get their feet under the table and start asking some tough questions

The SPL enquiry proceeds or more likely doesn’t proceed at a snails pace.

the FTT(T) seems to proceed even more slowly than that in terms of returning it’s findings and declaring a result on the Big Tax Case.

basically all the meaningful stuff is on hold or waiting and thus it’s only the banal everyday stuff and annoyances that people are left to talk about.

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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
BlueSkies says:
August 16, 2012 at 12:36

My concern is that Rangers used tax-cheating to gain a financial and footballing advantage over their competitors and hence won trophies and had players that they couldn’t afford, the fact they then went bust and fiddled the nation out of the demand for unpaid tax owed is even more galling. Stripped of titles and trophies is the least that should happen – a period out of football wouldn’t be too strong a penalty either for deliberately deceiving the tax-payers AND the football authorities.

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Look we’ve all been getting this Ian Black stuff way wrong imo.

This young man is to be heartily congratulated for the following achievements.

1. On becoming The Rangers first ever capped player.

2. On simultaneously becoming The Rangers most ever capped player.

3. On becoming the first ever 4th Division player to be capped.


Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
To take the forum topic away from Sevco/The Rangers for a moment I see that the Match 4th Official scheduled for Tynecastle this Saturday is to be one Andrew Dallas (son of Hugh).

Iam not sure if this is his first season elevated to SPL level or not? Has anybody seen him before? Has he been promoted on the basis of merit or parentage?

To take up Auldheid’s themes greater transparency of the refeeing system and selection process would be beneficial to Scottish football.

Maybe young Andrew is there on merit? but there seems to be a disproportionate number of officials from Dad Hugh’s neck of the woods compared to the rest of Scotland? Is such apparent local nepotism and favouritism a genuine concern or just the paranoia of fans from outwith the west of Scotland?

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Everything Has Changed
Like the initial FTT result this fudge is simply baffling and morally wrong. Every human being with an ounce of integrity knows judgement is simply wrong and no justice has been served by Lord Nimmo-Smith.

A disgrace it really is.

The Real Battle Begins?
Radio Clyde SSB? Can’t believe we are still debating that shows ‘merits’ ffs it’s car crash radio, imo there is nothing about that show that isn’t moronic, listen at your peril but if you get annoyed by it then basically it’s your own fault for listening, change the dial!

The Real Battle Begins?
Since you asked the current situation at Tynecastle is i believe as follows;
1. Hearts have agreed an extension and 2 part payment plan on the 450k small tax bill due. This is due to be paid by 3rd december and is dependant on guaranteed income Hearts will receive from 300k still due from Rangers as payment for David Templeton, i hope we have an arrestment order ready to secure these funds as obviously any delays could have critical impact, and also the gate share money and split of TV money that Hearts will receive from this weekends live Scottish Cup derby with Hibs.
2. At last reports over 600k funds had been raised by fans in shares, merchandising and match tickets.
3. The players and staff have agreed a temporary deferment of wages, whether this will trigger further SPL sanctions or censure remains to be seen.
4. I believe there has been some hearing thus far of the Tax Tribunal for the disputed 1.75M Big Tax Case, i don’t know if the hearing is ongoing, delayed or being negotiated/settled however I was informed that a small but important breakthrough had been established and this would improve Hearts prospects.
Forgive me if any of this is inaccurate but it is my summary of current events as best i understand them. 🙂

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
what kind of society are we living in where rtc blog has to be erased from existance?
Will this blog be next?
Will the vested monied interests and their legal and media whores seek to suppress all attempts of those seeking to uncover truth?

Why the Beast of Armageddon Failed to Show?
who decides the editorial content of radio scotland sport fooball productions? It seems that latterly Stuart and Tam are the anti-dote to Jabba and Chick however Jabba is still given far more airtime to proffer his sermons. Who decides such things?
Regards Tom English he’d do better starting his own blog and trying to find some audience and relevance as newspapers like his own are dying and the churnalist propaganda they promote so easily exposed as lies or mistruths by blogs like this one and previously RTC.

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