Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?


The selection of Black appears on the face of it..a …

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The selection of Black appears on the face of it..a rather clumsy attempt by the SFA to give credibility to the claim that SEVCO UTD are in fact Rangers….otherwise Black’s inclusion is almost impossible to fathom?

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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
stevensanph says:
August 15, 2012 at 09:33

The art of PR is to word play in such a way as to make a statement that if challenged could be viewed in different ways, but essentially make it appear the most obvious for fools to believe.

Now when Charlie says Rangers do not owe a penny…does he mean SEVCO or Rangers (IA)?

Charlie has admitted that the Hearts debt cannot be cleared until July 2013? All debts have been paid? £800k and they need a year to clear it? What funds are they working with?

The Scottish media will continue to listen and print without question or challenge…I believe CW is still working the strings..it has his MO all over it!

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
I had the misfortune to listen to talksport on Monday lunchtime….Keys..Gray and BFDJ where disussing SEVCO UTD in a lovefest sort of a way…it was giving me the dry boak!

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Lord Wobbly says:
August 15, 2012 at 00:39
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incredibleadamspark says:
August 15, 2012 at 00:31
I’ve known lots of Rangers fans down the years. I could count the bad ones on one hand.

The question is, if the decent fans are in the majority, why do they allow the knuckledraggers to set the agenda?

Why not try to do something about it?

My cousin was a Rangers fan…I say was…because the very knucklegraggers drove him away…he married a girl I went to school with….and believe it or not the guys he went to school with refused to socialise with him or enter his house if she was at with him because she was of a certain faith…

It upset and angered him so much…he gave up football and emigrated to Australia…

We all lose when the good guys give up…

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Take a bow BRTH!

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davis58 says:
September 22, 2012 at 06:06

Paulmac says:
September 22, 2012 at 03:35

“I mean “Debt free” in terms that the new Company does not have any liability to the debts incurred by Rangers PLC, the former owner of the club.”
Firstly…I agree any debts incurred by Rangers Football Club PLC should not carry over…as The Rangers Football Club Limited are legally a seperate and unrelated Football club even though they are working hard to convince all they are the same club….

Secondly….calling Rangers PLC the owner does not seperate them…the shareholders where/are the owners…and as we know Rangers Football club PLC was the consequence of the football club requiring to float shares and thus converting the Football Club that was incorporated as a Company in 1899 from a Limited to a PLC

Thirdly…if you are basing your opinion on debt free from what Charlie is feeding you…I would suggest you take a serious look at the situation without our imput…

“The new owner of the Club, states we are debt free, and as circa 35k season tickets have been sold, I see no reason to doubt him.”

You see no reason to doubt him…not the strongest case to defend…it would be helpful to understand his definition of debt free….35k season tickets at £260 each, equates to a reducing debt of just over £9 million…as an example…so his glib throw away ‘debt free’ comment..I believe was comfort comment to fans..

“The Club and the Company are separate entities, though only the Company requires registration and vat, audited accounts etc.”

How are they seperate entities? please explain? as we have already established the club created in 1872..was incorporated as a Company in 1899 and converted to a PLC to float shares so yes there would only be one set of accounts and VAT registration..

“The club and company are considered to be separate entities by HMRC, D&P, the SPL, and the SFA. And most importantly it is held as being the same club, Rangers FC by the supporters of the club and that is really all that matters.”

HMRC do not…please show where they have stated that they are 2 seperate legal entities? As legally they would be incorrect..

D&P are being investigated for their part in this whole affair…their opinion is not worth a dime…

The SPL and the SFA again…again if you are basing legal opinion/fact on these 2…then you are struggling…

Rangers supporters are free to believe what they wish…they can believe Father Christmas really does exist if they wish…I have no issue with that…however I also have the right to state the club is being liquidated based on the facts..

Ps. I wish I was Paul McConville 🙂 …Sadly I’m not…

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davis58 says:
September 22, 2012 at 02:06

Only if you rearrange the words to fit that assertion.

The term Oldco in the correspondance was further qualified by referring to it by name Rangers FC…as no assets were purchased from a Club/Company by the name Oldco.

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davis58 says:
September 22, 2012 at 01:42

As we are on a roll…could you expand on the comment…and what your definition of ‘debt free’ means in the world of The Rangers Football Club Limited?

Make our Mind Up Time
davis58 says:
September 22, 2012 at 01:42

I welcome your efforts to engage…

Rangers Football Club was founded in 1872 as an association football club. The Football club founded in 1872 was incorporated as the company in 1899 as the Rangers football club limited. In recent years the clubs name was changed to The Rangers Football Club PLC in order to float shares and allow fans like yourself the opportunity to purchase shares and to have a minor ownership of the Football club. The club has recently changed its name again and it is now called RFC 2012 plc…

Can you clarify where in that sequence the club and the Company remain 2 seperate identifiable entities?…with seperate VAT and comapny registration numbers…with seperate audited accounts?

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