Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?


Campsiejoe says: August 16, 2012 at 16:19 Seamus @ 15:55 In fairness, RTC …

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campsiejoe says:
August 16, 2012 at 16:19

Seamus @ 15:55

In fairness, RTC was always going to be a hard act to follow, as it was so unique
Without access to the information that RTC was/is privy to, the best that TSFM can do is monitor, and try to keep people informed on what is going on out there
There will be a time, when this site will come into its own, so until then we all need to keep watching and listening


The MSM will never ask the questions that are asked on this site. Right now they are in a state of total confusion, especially the BBC and other stations, and most of the newspapers.

The use the following terms, often in the same article, but they haven’t a baldy who they are talking about:-

(The) Rangers
The Club
Charles Green’s Club
Sevco 5088 Ltd
Sevco Scotland Ltd
the oldco. oldclub
the newco, new club
oldco Rangers
newco Rangers

They have the media totally flummoxed, especially the likes of Chris McLaughlin of the BBC (though I don’t like to single out one, but he is typical of the BBC), in spite of several letters that I wrote to their news programmes asking for clarity.

I believe that some broadcasters like Stuart Cosgrove and Jim Spence are paying attention to this blog, and they are raising issues as best they can. The one thing that SFM seems to lack is a formal route to question the main characters, such as enjoyed by the MSM. This may come in the future.

What we do have is a lot of people, many professional, who are able and willing to spend time to do the investigation, read the rules, look back at past statements and dig out the facts needed to get the real information behind the tripe that is fed to the media. Its a skill that the mainstream media seems to have lost.

There is plenty work left to do.

redetin Also Commented

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Clients of Pritchard Stockbrokers (Co Secretary Craig Whyte) are to get an interim payment via the special administrators.


“Glasgow Rangers owner Craig Whyte was company secretary of Pritchard and is also director of Liberty Capital, a British Virgin Islands-based company which owns 10.8 per cent of Merchant House Group.”

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
paul martin says:
August 10, 2012 at 18:06
What possible explanation could there be for the delay in ally’s charge?


The delay allows the deception to be completed by SFA by treating the two as working for the same Club. At the time of his offence Ally worked for RFC PLC (IA) while Green committed his offence while owner of Sevco 5088 Ltd or Sevco Scotland Ltd, whichever owned the club/team, although having said that Green may still be in his an unpaid position with RFC (IA).

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Scotland Behave says:
August 10, 2012 at 16:30

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
It seems clear to me that any employed person will consider any offer of a new job. So is it any surprise that?:
“Derek McInnes will give full consideration to any offers he may receive in the future…” [Herald]
But in the Herald case this becomes some kind of “admission” with the headline: “Derek McInnes admits he will consider offers in future”
The Sunday Herald goes one better than its sister rag: “McInnes open to offers” screams the front page. “After Rangers snub, Dons boss won’t rule out quitting club”. A snub? He might quit? There’s hope here yet for the scribblers. And the Sport pages offer readers the contorted “McInnes open to listening to offers”.
Now how did we get from this simple statement, that any prudent person would adopt, namely, considering the merits of any future job offer, to this mangled Herald version of events?

Enough is enough
Contrary to the CVA Proposal of 29th May 2012, the “business and assets” were sold to Sevco Scotland, as noted by Homunculus & others. The assets were listed as follows.

4.11 The assets of the Company, listed at Schedule 6, currently consist of:

Ibrox; Murray Park; The other heritable properties and leasehold interests of the Company; The Player Contracts; The SFA Membership; The Company‘s share in the SPL; The Goodwill and intellectual property rights; Stock, plant and equipment and cash at bank; Amounts owed to the Company (other than the Player Transfer Fees); The High Court Proceedings; and The Player Transfer Fees.

Nowhere in the CVA are the terms trophies and titles mentioned.

How is it that:

(1) The silverware and other artifacts in the trophy room were sold without any value being considered.

(2) I would imagine that the selling of “titles” would be forbidden. How is it that footballing authorities have allowed their titles to be sold or passed on to another entity.

Consulting my Wee Red Book, I see that the re-named Airdrieonians honours only start in 2003. Airdrie United didn’t claim the titles and trophies of the 1878-2002 club, nor of Clydebank. I wonder where the trophies of the two defunct clubs ended up?

Has there been any official comment or discussion on the selling of titles to Sevco Scotland, or is this buried in the 5-way agreement?

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
zerotolerance1903October 29, 2017 at 12:56
“McInnes is not daft. He’s onto a good thing at Aberdeen and he surely knows that Sevco is a basket case.”

To which I would add that if MacInnes turns down a Sevco approach, the latter is going to take it as a serious slap in the face cos no-one turns down The Rangers. Watch the media spin that one!

McInnes will surely ponder on the near certainty of European football, hopefully for the next few seasons; on the uncertainty of life in the The Rangers seat, following “fill yer boots” McCoist, McDowall, McCall, Warburton, Murty, Caixinha, Murty; and on the debt-ridden state of “the club”.

Unless McInnes is totally blind to the The Rangers financial position, then he’d want a pretty tightly written contract. He’ll also want to know what transfer money is available. Success with the current fractured squad is unlikely.

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Scotland v Netherlands at Pittodrie. And another slap in the face for Dons fans when not one Aberdeen player is picked for the team?

The Vice Closes
For those not on twitter————- SPFL News Now@SPFLNewsNow9hWho will get to 55 league titles first?—————SPFL News Now@SPFLNewsNow1hReplying to @hoop1888The oldco is still going through the liquidation process, newco was formed and granted Status and was allowed to transfer history etc, fact.—————-Apparently you can transfer history now.
And, incidentally, there is a body somewhere who can “allow” history, which seems to include titles & trophies to be transferred.
The transfer of titles needs explanation by the authority who is custodian of those titles, either the league (now SPFL) or the association (SFA).

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