Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?

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As people are talking about the Ian Black situation I think it’s fairly obvious why the support are so annoyed. I would guess that the Hearts support are more annoyed than others.

75TUs for this post ?

As a Hearts fan here’s my take in Ian Black.
In his first two seasons at the club I seriously wondered why he had been signed.
As an anglo, I never saw him play for Inverness so i had no previous opinion. In those first two seasons at HMFC he was hopeless : couldn’t pass , tried to score ridiculously ambitious goals and seemed driven to get booked for reckless tackles at any given opportunity.
This season ? Looks like he decided to get on with what he was paid to do in the first place – play football to the best of his ability. If you knew anything about HMFC last season I expect you to know that. You might even know he has cleaned up his act. Despite the constant drivel printed in the media he had a good season , from memory.

Frankly , the rest of your post I couldn’t disagree more with.

If the obsessives on here want to drone on about Ian Black why not go to another , more relevant site ? Pie & Bovril anyone ?
Some of the paranoia on here surrounding Blacks selection for the national side has been almost hysterical. More “conspiracy” as the SFA lean on Levein- honestly.

Can we get back to what this site was originally intended please.

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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Can one of the small creditors not simply take Sevco to the small claims court ( don’t know if this is the correct title in Scotland) court and claim their money back ?

Surely this would be the acid test and settle once and for all whether this is a new company or not ?

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
So now we’re not going to watch Scotland because Levein is picking “Rangers” players ?
Reallly ? Picking Ian Black is the final straw for some folks on here ? It’s laughable.

How about NOT going to ANY games in Glasgow for any SFL/SFA cup ties ? How about a boycott of Hampden ?

In the meantime petty comments about Ian Black abound – a guy who is still in the junior leagues of viciousness & thuggery when compared to Lennon & Sutton.

And from my censored original post – may I add John Hartson.

I didn’t see Parkhead emptying when these guys were playing. Quite the reverse.

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Stunney…many thanks for the papers as always.

I notice that the oft-abused term “billionaire” is actually used in inverted commas, as if to doubt the financial status of Mr Ashley. Surely not an objective reference in the MSM?

Mr Ashley is certainly an astute businessman, when it comes to football…he displays this by appointing Mr Dennis Wise as his Director of Football…destroying the club, alienating the supporters and putting the club up for sale to the first bidder, shades of (-S)DM, only he got no bids, not even a measly Whyte pound!
I’m no city guru but I followed Mike Ashley’s takeover (if one can call it that) at Newcsatle.
From memory , Ashley made the best part of 31 billion when he flogged off his Sports Direct business. That pretty soon halved in value I believe. Around this time the city pages of various newspapers were awash with stories about Ashley’s conduct at Sports Direct after hitting the jackpot ie no strategy , continued failure to show up at critical business meetingd with major shareholders.

And then he bought NUFC : apparently “due dilligence” was cursory, he didn’t have a clue as to what was going on at the club and no idea how much debt there was. This reportedly cost him around £200 million to put right.

Sounds like just the kind of guy who will fit right in with Charlie Boy and the rest of his carpetbaggers.

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The Vice Closes
I’m struggling to see why the UK national anthem riles (some ) Scots. It isn’t anti Scottish, Scotland/the Scots don’t get a mention and as for a folk song , that dirge Scotland has adopted ? I don’t like it, never have but why people see what they do in itis beyond me.

But to the meat of the matter, that irresistible force : sectarian singing. The hypocracy that surrounds Celtic on this matter is staggering and the number of CFC fans that take the moral high ground on this matter equally so. CFC fan sing pro IRA songs – we all know it, we’ve all heard it. So let’s stop pretending otherwise. 

The clubs have voted to exempt themselves from punishment by the footballing authorities , so quite clearly they don’t care. The police cannot and never will deal with this effectively. Let’s stop pretending we are outrgaed by this – we are not because if we were we’d be shouting from the rooftops about it. So, it goes on, and on , as it ever will. That truly is “Scotland’s Shame”.

The Vice Closes
The Times/Michael Grant on Rangers (oldco) MG has a small section in his “Monday Briefing” section on Scottish football re the SFA under the sub-title “Time for the SFA to explain” in which he writes “It is time for the SFA to explain exactly why they will not support an independent review into the Rangers EBT case and other non-payment of taxes by clubs”
If he thinks Sevco are being victimised then why doesn’t he name the other clubs who haven’t paid their taxes. It seems a bit strange to me : if there were other clubs in this boat I’d expect we’d know by now – as they would have gone out of business. No ? Or is he wilfully and stupidly trying to create a perception amongst Sevco fans that there are other clubs out there – who are getting away with it ? And that the SFA are being asked to pick on Sevco only. 

The Vice Closes
There is also the possibilty, of course, that, just as Celtic, until now, have kept their silence on the matter, the rest, or a few of them, have agreed a strategy of tacit support for the stance Celtic are taking, allowing Regan and co a longer rope to hang themselves with before realising how little support they have.

Well I’d really like to think that is the case. The clubs cannot be under any illusion about how their fans feel – they spoke out 5 years ago and the clubs took heed (no doubt reluctantly). I have to say I have great admiration for the way Celtic have gone about this (for the record, I’m a Hearts man) and in maintaining secrecy around this. The club has been vilified and suffered some financial loss while all the while its been fighting for their fans. Lawell and co must have some patience !  But then as was said on RTC it would probably run for 5 or 6 years IIRC. 
Personally, I struggle to see why the SPFL are supporting a proposed review – what do they gain ? it was THEIR league (Premiership) that the SPFL/SFL tried to shoehorn Sevco into. The embarrassment starts right there. Is there a power struggle underway between the SPFL and the SFA (as we saw in England many years ago) or is Doncaster going with the flow and trying to mitigate the hsit storm that heads in his direction ? Any thoughts ?

PS Tom English – disgraceful, and not alone. The tide has turned- this is NOT about Celtic, and it NEVER was , no matter what the Glasgow media do to spin it. Celtic undoubtedly suffered more than most but every other club was also taking part in what was effectively a handicap  , not an equal competition. 

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
I haven’t followed the The Rangers/Rangers/Sevco – Hibs/Hibernian/HibsPLC/Whatever post cup final conflagration too closely but my take on things is that “The Edinburgh Club” decided that they weren’t going to be tried for a bad day out when the Scottish football “authorities” have acted like Pilate for the last 130 years a propos “The Glasgow Clubs”. If they did – well done them. 
So, can the Glasgow media please ask the Scottish football authorities why they convened this fiasco in the first place – when they KNEW the clubs could not possibly be held accountable ie no strict liability.
A face saving and embarrassing farce – Scottish football was dragged through the mud (not for the first time) but the SFA can’t take any action – because , as an organisation , it has already decided it does not want the powers to do so , as demonstrated by its member clubs. What a joke.

On a more topical point – 
as the late Brian Clough has been mentioned in this thread , a wee question for you : which Scottish club paid Cloughie a holdall full of money for bringing his team up north for  a testimonial ?
the manager of which Scottish club blocked the transfer of a player because he didn’t get a bung ? The manager in question is regarded with the utmost probity by the fans but I am assured is as corrupted as any of the current crop of managers being mentioned by The Telegraph.
Of course, these are merely allegations as I have no first hand knowledge of the events – but I can tell you the sources are impeccable.

The Offline Game
An utterly ridiculous post , nor worthy of this site .

Just for the record , I’m a fan of HMFC , my mother’s family are of Irish origin and I’ve seen Hibs in various finals through the 1970s as we wenr to games “en famille”. So no anti Hibs bias from me.

But to your post –

“There was 2 full minutes for someone to make a decision and deploy the extra cover”.
And what exactly were the police supposed to do in this two minutes. To suggest the police are somehow to blame for the shameful episode or somehow lacking  is ridiculous.

The term “Hibs’d it” – originates from the forums of Hearts fans and has been doing the rounds for a very , very long time. How you can take this to be “goading” of Hibs fans/players is incredible. I’m sure both have been subject to much worse over the years.

“That said, to approach the Rangers fans for a GIRUY is maybe understandable (but not excusable) in the face of weeks of very public goading.”
Really ? Public goading ? The trash that confronted the Rangers fans are just that- trash. They trashed the name of their club and their fellow fans. They trashed the stadium too. Stop making excuses for them.
Some of the bias on this site is very disappointing. Rangers will be (hopefully) punished for their transgressions yesterday but the behavour of a substantial element of the Hibs support is completely inexcusable. They went looking for trouble and they found it.  The club should be punished accordingly.

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