Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?


Fair point well made TSFM although I think many contributors …

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Fair point well made TSFM although I think many contributors saw their comments as justified – given the title of the blog.

In terms of the predicament that TRFC/Sevco find themselves in, together with undoubted MSM historical sympathy for (shall we say?) the old RFC supremacy agenda, we should not be surprised at the positive coverage, LOYALTY and support given to TRFC as they, against all odds (by that I mean integrity), fight their way back to the top(?) of Scottish Football.

Jock Stein, I’m sure, would have ignored all the hullabaloo/shenanigans, and focused on winning all that he could for CFC.

MSM have deemed RFCIASTBL more newsworthy than my team’s efforts to progress in Europe, but at least they have, by and large, desisted, at least for now, from spreading malicious gossip aimed at unsettling CFC in general, to concentrate on Ra Peepul.

So, I’ll keep the faith – the Comedy Road Show (Duffers, FTT, BDO etc etc) awaits me!

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Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?
Chancer67 says @2050

…and not one of those named by Roberts owes £134,000,000!

Come to think of it, perhaps the whole of the SPL doesn’t!

Whatever Happened to the Nimmo Smith Report?

On the next Scottish Manager, how about …

… thewestlight!

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Who Is Conning Whom?
I was pretty certain few weeks ago that Sevco amd SMSM would attempt to destabilise the situation re McInnes joining Sevco. That has happened
However, if the Dons Manager is as ‘riled’ and angered as he SEEMS to be at the speculation (remember, the SMSM media reputatation is nosediving in the face of the better informed ‘bampots), then maybe we’re doing him a disservices (although I agree he could clear any uncertainty up with a simple dismissive statement i.e that he was not going to Govania).
I agree with WOTTPI re his Michael Stewart comment. Something’s not right.
Finally, keeping an open mind,, if McInnes is in on some behind the scenes skulduggery, his treatment of Dons fans is despicable.

Enough is enough
Wrt Sevco taking there time on appointing a new manager, I believe that they’ll make their move (for McInnes) and try to have him in place before the upcoming double header v Aberdeen – assuming they raise the £800,000 to release the Dons management team.
You would then witness cheerleading on a hysterical scale from SMSM and former players on his appointment (this has already started through reports in our press that Dons are slipping up after a defeat from Celtic 2-2 draw away to Hamilton).
It’s quite simple in their eyes – first catch Aberdeen and then Celtic. No worries!

The Vice Closes
Big Pink. Sept 25 at 19.54
Wrt the JR, I’m reminded of the Barry McGuire song ‘ Four Wheels on my Wagon’.
The SFA, SPFL, RFC (in liquidation), and the SMSM can circle said wagons all they want, but I believe, as in the song, in which a wheel at a time come off as the Injuns (SFSA and Internet bampots?) keep chasing -with the inevitable result that poor Barry is ‘goosed’- the occupants will eventually be held to account.

The Vice Closes
How hard has Chris McLaughlin looked for support of other clubs calling for a review? Even if he can’t find it among them, may I suggest he contacts the SFSA (with its 70,000 members) for their views.
The power of CFC and the SFSA will, I believe will be enough to eventually see off further denial and deflection from SMSM, SFA SPFL etc. The review WILL happen, and …
ps in 2012, I posted that I thought Lawell was ‘playing a long game’. I didn’t honestly, think it would take five years to – but there ye go!

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
If that’s Club 1972’s response to DR coverage, what would it be like if DR ‘grew a pair’ and told the truth?!

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