Who Is Conning Whom?


Finloch, who is to say that Milne hasn’t told TRFC …

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Finloch, who is to say that Milne hasn’t told TRFC and McInnes exactly that – Once the money is available away you go and talk.
Seems to me that all that AFC can be held as being guilty of at the minute is not seeking the SMSM to do their dirty work for them, not spouting off through broadcasters and journalists and unbelievably behaving in something approaching a professional way. Something TRFC couldn’t even begin to imagine doing.
AFC supporters are most certainly being treated with contempt by the SMSM and by TRFC, and in all probability by McInnes but Milne…. in this case I think its too early to say. That said… it wouldn’t surprise me!
I have my problems with Milne, but in this case I think he can’t win regardless of how it ends. I only hope come the end of it all he will pay more attention to feelings of the AFC supporters than those of TRFC and their compliant media. 

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Stevie G – The Real Deal?
Dearie me folks. Why is it every time a topic relates to Celtic or "one of their own" the quality of debate here slides to the gutter. 


Surely we can agree that what happened at Tynecastle (and anywhere else where anything is thrown at players/management) is appalling.  All this talk of sectarianism is nonsense, it is just incredibly stupid, ignorant little boys. They couldn’t give a damn about religion, that just an excuse to behave like idiots. Same goes at all grounds where this kind of knuckle-dragging behaviour goes on.


I watched the Edinburgh derby on BT, it saddened me immensely. Why are Hearts fans waving Ulster flags? What's with the outbreak of Union Jacks? I thought Edinburgh was happy to rid itself of the "West coast" disease. Time the clubs spoke up.

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Gazza to enter the SFA hall of fame….. words continue to fail me.


We potentially have the most competitive league & cups for donkeys (no pun untended) years and yet the SFA/SPFL are absolutely determined to destroy everything. Permanent embarrassment as someone famously once said.

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Bill1903, I think the ball is burst – folk are finally drifting away thanks to the sheer bloody incompetence of the SPFL/SFA and the club boards. 

Now we have yet another anonymous disciplinary panel handing out, sorry "offering", a 2 match ban for a clumsy tackle by a young player. The same panel that has told us its perfectly fine for senior players to aim a kick at players off the ball, to stamp on players lying on the ground etc., but how very dare you make an attempt to play the ball young man!

Reading through club forums I am reading time after time "ach I just canna be arsed with this anymore". There is no discussion of a fight to save the game now,  just resignation that the sport we all love so much has been destroyed by a group of complete muppets. Once folk find other ways to spend their dwindling supplies of spare cash you won't get them back again, not a chance.

JPP: Perverting Justice?
Much gnashing of teeth that moving the Hearts v Celtic game to Murrayfield would amount to it being a home game for Hearts!! mail  I mean honestly, you couldn't make it up! Welcome to the world the rest of us populate.


However, I have to say there should be a ballot, fairest way to do it. 


JPP: Perverting Justice?
Utter lunacy! If this goes ahead, I really hope it does so peacefully, but the potential for disaster is huge.

Even going with standard risks – pouring rain leading to the pitch being destroyed, extra time & penalties for the first game leading to a rapid turnaround, etc it looks bad.


But consider the abilities of the human mind to cause mischief – how quickly can a stadium realistically be cleaned and re-stocked/readied for another game? Wouldn't take much to double or treble the time required should supporters decide to "make a statement". More worryingly I have seen on a couple of chat sites from both of the game 1 clubs the possibility of a peaceful sit-in a the end of that game. Just imagine the prospect of 25,000 TRFC fans, deciding to refuse to move and instead celebrate a victory over Aberdeen (unlikely I know, but still!). What happens then? Police move into clear them out? I don't think so! It doesn't even need 25,000 – 100 will have the same impact.


Honestly I believe both AFC and Hearts should withdraw from the competition, it would be nice if the two Glasgow clubs joined in, but I can't see that happening, alas I feel the fingerprints of the “old firm” all over this one – happy to be proved wrong. Both AFC and Hearts will have their support slashed as folks just can't make it down, won't make it home, or refuse to pander to such dangerous lunacy. If the clubs won't stand up for their fans, I really hope the fans will tell them to ram it. 


I did like one suggestion that both clubs withdraw, then decide to hold a training match against each other at Murrayfield on the same Sunday, a training match to which fans can buy tickets at knock-down prices. Maybe they could even rustle up a trophy… call it the Fans cup or something like that.

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